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DOD gun penetration

By Angry Beaver

This article goes over the gun penetration statistics in Day of Defeat 1.0. It lists the thickness (in units) of a brush that each gun can shoot through. The information in this article is relevant as of the 1.0 release. It might change not only the way you make your maps, but also how you play the game.

Below is a full list of the guns and their penetration values, followed by some useful notes on what this information can mean.

The table of penetrations lists the team name, followed by the units for the values, then the gun names and the values themselves. The values used are:

  • U
  •    This refers to game units
  • FT
  •    This refers to an approximation in feet*
  • CM
  •    This refers to an approximation in centimeters*
    * These figures are estimates, included for convenience.

American Guns (U) (FT) (CM)
M1 Garand 16 1.33 40.64
M1 Carbine 5 0.42 12.7
M1A1 Thompson 5 0.42 12.7
M3 Grease Gun 5 0.42 12.7
19O3A4 Sniper Rifle 21 1.75 53.34
Browning Automatic Rifle 11 0.92 27.94
.30 Caliber Machine Gun 11 0.92 27.94

British Guns (U) (FT) (CM)
Enfield 21 1.75 53.34
Enfield Scoped 21 1.75 53.34
Sten 5 0.42 12.7
Bren 11 0.92 27.94

Axis Guns (U) (FT) (CM)
Karabiner 98 21 1.75 53.34
Karabiner 43 16 1.33 40.64
Karabiner 98 High Turret 21 1.75 53.34
Machinen Pistole 40 5 0.42 12.7
Stumgewre 44 6 0.5 15.24
Fallschirmj?gergewehr(FG) 42 11 0.92 27.94
MachinenGewehr 34 11 0.92 27.94
MachinenGewehr 42 11 0.92 27.94

OK, now that we've seen the values, there are some important notes to take into account.

  • First, as soon as the bullet has gone though the above mentioned value, it cannot go through anything else. This means a Bren couldn't go through 11.01 units in-game.
  • Along the same note is the fact a bullet cannot go through any more than 1 brush. This means if you had 1 brush 1 unit thick followed by another brush 1 unit thick, a Kar98 couldn't hurt the guy on the other side. The brush thickness and gap between them doesn't matter, the bullet will only travel through 1 brush.
  • Another point would be the fact that what the bullet is shot at doesn't matter. Any brush will have exactly the same stats, whether your shooting into metal or shooting into wood, it's all the same to the bullet.
  • Another noteworthy item is the fact pistols and knives cannot even go through 1 unit. A knife you would expect, but the pistol surprisingly cannot go through anything.
  • Grenades and rockets use lots of special factors to determine; their damage, their radius, their power etc. This makes it impossible to determine without stating at least 5 variables for each value. This means that I consider their physics too complex to be written out in this simplistic way.

Knowing this, a player can statistically judge when to shoot through corners to get rid of that pesky MG you know the location of, but just can't take down. It also allows mappers to proof their map against problems like being shot through sandbags. I hope this information helps everyone out there.