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Valve Predictions 2017

What's the most likely thing Valve will release this year?



A new game


More overpriced hardware


Source 2 SDK


An army of evil killer cyborgs


The hounds



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Kurosaki Ichigo

12 mins


24 mins

Dr. Orange

39 mins


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Welcome to TWHL Competitions! Here's where we post new challenges for you to try. Once you've completed your entry, all you need to do is send it in. There are great prizes to be won (icons on your profile page)! There's nothing to lose - you can only gain experience from trying, and if you win... well... just enter!

Remember not to leave submitting an entry to the last second, because contests close at around 2400 GMT-8:00.

Current Competitions

Name Type Opened On
Half-Life Re-imagined Full Map 1st December, 2016

Past Competitions

Take a look at the past briefs for our competitions, as well as the winners.

Name Type Closed On
Floating Island Full Map 18th October, 2013
Re-Invent a CS Classic Full Map 20th February, 2012
Texture Pack - Industrial Full Map 25th November, 2011
30 Brushes Full Map 10th April, 2011
Map Something Historical Full Map 23rd December, 2010
Map a Dream Full Map 30th August, 2010
Map From Another Layout Map from Base 19th July, 2009
Map a Puzzle Full Map 2nd November, 2008
Remake a Game! Full Map 26th April, 2008
Map From Layout Map from Base 6th November, 2007
Water Full Map 14th March, 2007
Funny Mapping Full Map 18th November, 2006
Reconstructification! Map from Base 4th August, 2006
Destructification! Map from Base 12th May, 2006
HLDM Server Map Full Map 21st February, 2006
Transport Hub Full Map 11th January, 2006
The Test Chamber Full Map 3rd November, 2005
Deathmatch from Plan Map from Base 30th September, 2005
Xen Transportation Full Map 28th September, 2005
Casa del Administrator Full Map 13th August, 2005
Map Something Unique Full Map 12th April, 2005
Real World Reconstruction Full Map 17th November, 2004
Glass! Full Map 5th September, 2004
Build a Machine Full Map 11th July, 2004
Talking Scientists Full Map 27th May, 2004
Map a Movie Full Map 25th October, 2003
Trapped Full Map 16th August, 2003
Scripted! Full Map 21st June, 2003
Laser Fun Full Map 19th April, 2003
Up Top Map from Base 22nd March, 2003
Chopper Challenge Full Map 13th February, 2003
Texture It, Light It, Play It Map from Base 8th February, 2003