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Competition 10 - Build a Machine

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Name: Build a Machine
Opened: 19th June 2004
Closed: 11th July 2004
Type: Full Map
Game: Half-Life
Judged: Normally

Competition 10 - Build a Machine Brief


The original Half-Life had some wonderful machines. Some small, some big. Generators, compactors, Gear driven giants. Squashers, crushers, furnaces, rotors and rollers. Not all these machines actually did anything, some were just their for ambience and feel.

Create a room with a machine and make the machine belong. It doesn't have to do be a "functional" part of the map, but it must look as though it is meant to be there. Enhance it with lasers, func_rotating, func_platforms, moving gears and lights and whatever else you can think of. Stuck for ideas? Have a look in the opening maps in HL... remember that welding robot? The small electricity generators in the corridor?
1st place goes to the most impressive machine that fits the surrounding map.

TWHL Competition Rules and Regulations

The usual... you can use HL material, with your own textures or sounds or models (just remember to include them in your entry!) If you use stuff that isn't yours or from HL, you must acknowledge it somewhere, so you aren't credited with it.