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A gaming and technology blog by TWHL admins Penguinboy and Ant. A music blog by TWHL users Ant and Hugh.


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avatar UrbaNebula 5 comments | 25th May 2018, 13:41 PM

I remember once, when I was young, my Grandfather was telling me stories about the war. He told me one story that always stuck with me.

One day, in the midst of the European invasion, he had leapt into a Spitfire and flown over enemy lines. He had then jumped out of his plane and parachuted down to a flag held by the Germans. He took out the four man squad single handed and then defended the flag is it gradually crept down the flagpole, turned into a British Union Jack and then started to climb slowly back up.

Unfortunately, he was then shot and killed by a German sniper who had run up to him, jumped into the air, span around and shot him without looking down his scope.

When my Grandfather respawned, he was surprised to find that he was now figthing for the Germans, as the battle had been pretty unbalanced up to that point. He leapt into a German Tiger tank and got back into the fray.

I'm sure by this point you have figured out that this is not a true story. However, a couple of days ago, EA and DICE released the Battlefield V trailer. The trailer features, most notably, a British female soldier, with a prosthetic arm, fighting on the front lines. Naturally, everyone reacted to this in a perfectly reasonable and level headed manner.


The amount of bile I have seen surrounding the content of the trailer almost makes me ashamed to be a gamer... Countless people have slated the footage for not being historically accurate, which is what the Battlefield franchise is known for (There is a game in the series that includes bipedal robo tanks... but let's gloss over that for now)

There are literally zero videogames that offer an authentic World War One/Two experience because it would be fucking MISERABLE. But the idea that including female soldiers with prosthetic limbs fighting on the front lines is offensive and disrespectful is a fucking joke! It's a VIDEOGAME for fuck's sake, not a DOCUMENTARY! It's supposed to be entertaining! Not historically accurate.

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- - - - -

For those that are genuinely interested by the way, my Grandfather was an engineer in WWII and while he didn't see a lot of combat he worked on Spitfires primarily, and did a damn good job of keeping them in the air. :D

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avatar Admer456 4 comments | 17th May 2018, 19:56 PM

Discovered an ancient gem: 3D Studio 4.0 (DOS, 1994)

User Posted Image
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User Posted Image
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User Posted Image
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One of the pre-rendered images that came with it:

User Posted Image
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Now I'm getting a sudden urge to move from 3DS Max 2016 to 3D Studio 4. Lol.

avatar olograph 2 comments | 15th May 2018, 21:47 PM

Realizing My Childhood Dream : Forgotten Bunker 2 - Part I

tl;dr version: I'm a dude that fulfilled his childhood dream through his not bad at all second map.


This is my first journal. It's about my experience of making the Forgotten Bunker 2 map (currently in the vault) for Half-Life: Deathmatch.

Forgotten Bunker 2 is the sequel of a map I made back in 2003, when I was 15 years old. The first version, for which I don't have a copy anymore was rudimentary, wasn't lagging, but was violating pretty much all performance principles. Still, it featured an entrance with a shaft just long enough so that thrown grenade explode in the main room, automatic doors, a room with pillars which inspired the high-impact zone, some kind of lab and a long diagonal corridor leading to a small engine room where there was a crossfire-like button. People complained it was too cramped to play, but still I (pretty far from) mastered the use of trigger entities. I was happy. R.I.P.

At 30 years old, I was still playing the game once in a while. I was playing with a small community of remaining Half-Life: Deathmatch players, which I won't name. Kind of a love and hate relationship. I've always been unpopular among gamers which contrasts about my surprisingly active social life. I digress. After having played for so many years, I was bored and it just happened that we were playing a very dull map (to my opinion). So I messaged a vulgar version of: 'this map is boring' to all players (as douchebag I like to anonymously be) which a 40-ish years old admin, most certainly father and in a 'giving the christian example'-mode spoke through its mic. : 'Have YOU ever tried to make a map?'. I replied: 'Yes I actually did!' and replied further: 'It's called Forgotten Bunker'. To which he spoke back: 'Oh yes? Where can I get it?' So yeah, my next line was a miserable 'You can't. It lost it...'. At this moment, two things happened. First, 'F*** this guy, who the f*** he thinks he is?' in some sort of mis-placed ego driven rage. Second, I realized I could never be at peace not leaving a tangible legacy for this game. Not being able to show anything was torture. I had to fulfill this newly discovered childhood dream.

'F*** the competition!', I said for myself, as I say for myself at the beginning of every projects. Hatred driven projects are the way to go. Excessive pressure is a must too! Let's build upon an as inflated than fragile ego. I still digress. No seriously, I've grown up ... still... I still said 'F*** the competition!'. No, seriously, I always try to push things further in all I do. I'm a real enthusiast at what things can become... and you know, I thought there was room to explore for maps in this game. I started to lay out axioms of my disdain towards the entire world (joke): 1-Maps are mostly static space in which players can fight 2-Elevators are often the most complex feature of maps. I need to give credit to all genius inspired maps which have proven to be successful by their layout and architecture alone. These are exempt of my unequivocal hatred (wonder about how many 'joke' I can put before you really think I'm a narcissistic demon).

Back in the days, PCs and network resources couldn't handle the load of coop kind of content in multiplayer maps... and I suppose that by the time they actually became fast enough, no one cared about making feature-rich deathmatch maps. So basically, making a feature-rich Half-Life: Deathmatch map is like punching a little kid in the face (thus winning I guess?) but a little kid no one cares you to beat... like your young self... digressing again.

Having played many HLDM maps in the past years, I was filled with a recurring sense of dullness and the idea of making a standard map seemed lazy and infinitely boring. Of course there were more dynamic maps like Rats, but it was more of an exception. I needed something more articulated and imaginative so I cranked up the heat from the get go.

Axiom 3: I suck at layout, architecture and lighting. This, I defined later in the process. I actually found myself a talent at the gameplay level. If things are ugly, make them fun. Hopefully, I had help for the aesthetic part through Windawz, which probably don't want me to mention his name in this text. Too bad friend, I'm mentioning verifiable facts anyways ; ).

Ideas soon started popping in my head like crazy. I started getting the worst version of Valve Hammer and without any idea of doing things right, I started mapping the first prototype of Forgotten Bunker 2. I flooded TWHL forums like a vile greedy beast, until there was no more thread to bump. Sorry for that BTW, this was maniac. I spend time at work searching on entities, making plans for layout, portal locations. Except for practice, this step was mostly pointless, except for the ambitious 4 crossfire-like events I decided to include. Being an analyst programmer myself, entities wiring was relatively easy so I put a thick coating of butter on the toast.

Because yeah. This was the plan: Feature 4 crossfire-like events that will be chosen at random at firing. The layout and choice of the different rooms was also part of the plan. All the rest was born mid-flight... mostly through binge learning on all kind of goldsrc map making subjects. I was hooked. Add this, add that. It's enough. Add this, add that. Stoppp! I wasn't sleeping at night. Even skipped work few times so much I was passionned with realizing this dream of mine.

avatar UrbaNebula 11 comments | 12th May 2018, 17:30 PM

Got myself a new motor! My trusty old Kia Rio from 2009 packed up and I've been using my wife's car for three months. Not great. Ordered a new one in February, but was told the second week of May would likely be the earliest I would get it.

User Posted Image
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Welp, the second week of May has arrived, and so has my new Kia Rio 2018. The difference is pretty incredible. Central locking, electric windows, bluetooth connection for my phone. I know none of this is particularly impressive by today's standards, but consider that this is moving over from a car that had wind-down windows and no air-con.

User Posted Image
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Yeah, pretty happy bunny today.

avatar Snehk 5 comments | 5th May 2018, 20:46 PM

I will become a godfather tomorrow!

avatar Jessie 14 comments | 3rd May 2018, 22:01 PM

The number of gargantuas in Half-Life
number of ostensibly friendly apaches in Half-Life
the number of tentacles in Half-Life
the number of living scientists in the Xen chapters of Half-Life
the number of Ospreys in Half-Life


I mean, there's no real way to cloak the purpose of these journals, but hopefully I can at least give some maths that needs to be pondered rather than just looked up. (I hope I got the right numbers!)

avatar Loulimi 8 comments | 3rd May 2018, 00:59 AM

Finally finished with my BSc!!! :D (Well, apart from a demo that I need to give tomorrow.)

Time for me to log back in to and see how's everyone doing.

Is the Core finally released??? Is TWHL v4 finally ready??? (My computer is still displaying the old version but I guess that's a cache problem... right?)

avatar satchmo 6 comments | 24th April 2018, 18:59 PM

Has anyone seen "Ready Player One"?

Why does the end credit mention "Valve Corporation"? I didn't spot a single character from any of the Valve games in the film.

avatar Snehk 1 comment | 21st April 2018, 11:10 AM

Shameless advertisement time!

BlackRite Interactive

I had set up a development and publishing studio about two weeks ago. Only four people account for it so far, but there's time for recruitation.

If anyone wants to join us or ask for our help, feel free to message me on ModDB.

avatar Admer456 8 comments | 19th April 2018, 18:24 PM

For the first time in my life, I won a competition. =D

User Posted Image
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"Regional Spelling Bee champion is Admer [...]"

(darn, I smile in such an ugly way :/)

Either way, that explains why I was holding a GoPro Hero 5 Session in one of the recent images in the ShoutBOX.
My English professor told me that my victory was like a perfect retirement gift to her. And now the entire Stolac is talking about me. Lol.

avatar Striker 14 comments | 15th April 2018, 08:48 AM

User Posted Image
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He is kicked out of the idyllic multi-potentiality land and forced by the unmerciful laws of physics to evolve towards a chosen essence.
All voices scream: you've tasted existence, now you must become, or else!

He'd rather have a third option... though life is interesting and solving the problems of becoming life-giving and life-enhancing seems an impossible yet achievable task. And it waters his mouth and makes him enthusiastic.

avatar Suparsonik 3 comments | 12th April 2018, 22:24 PM

The project I've been working on for the past 3 years is released as a game on Steam! Check it out!

avatar Rimrook 3 comments | 6th April 2018, 10:35 AM

Flying out to California to work on a movie called Tryptic: Journey Through Cancer.
I’ll be shooting the interviews for the behind the scenes. I won’t be editing anything, that’s up to other people. So yeah, gonna be some work. Gonna see a bunch of friends out there as well.

avatar Admer456 6 comments | 31st March 2018, 10:13 AM

So, my 3ds Max 6 DVD is no longer usable as my DVD drive seems to be dying. :/
I could use my 2005 HP Compaq to make an image of the DVD, so there's still hope.

Looks like I'll try out 3ds Max 2012 and 2016 soon. It really makes me wonder if either of them will run. :)

avatar Tetsu0 8 comments | 18th March 2018, 01:14 AM

As an American, I don't know a lot about the other cultures of this world. But what I do know, is that during the weekend of Saint Patrick's Day, in the United States, everybody is Irish.

This holiday might not make sense to a lot of people, but in the United States, the idea is to get drunk with Irish whiskey and beer, eat Irish food, and have a lot of fun.

Quite frankly, it's my favorite holiday.

Everybody wears green, everybody gets together and Cooks good food, brings good beer, and we all have a lot of fun drinking for no reason, other than some silly holiday that says hey... We should all drink and have fun.

Anyway, TWHL, all of you have been great to me, and I wish you a happy Saint Patrick's day, and I hope you all have enjoyed some delicious beverages, enjoyed some delicious food, and I have had a fantastic night/ weekend.

avatar DiscoStu 15 comments | 15th March 2018, 18:54 PM

I had been considering the acquisition of new computer equipment.

But there's one thing I had completely forgotten: Windows 7 will refuse to run on Skylake processors or newer. Seeing as I'll be forced to go to Windows 10 (or, okay, Linux) and I can only find negative opinions online, I figured I'd ask those who have more experience with it: Is it still an awful mess of half-assed design? Has it seen any improvement?

Stojke is not welcome to post here. Everybody else, your experiences or comments are welcome.

avatar The Mad Carrot 9 comments | 8th March 2018, 22:53 PM

For frick sake, life, quit taking people that I care for away from me!

avatar DiscoStu 7 comments | 8th March 2018, 06:28 AM

This is a followup to an older journal post.

I decided to finally do something and got me a 1TB WD Blue.

I knew I didn't want to lose several days of work doing a clean Windows install followed by hunting down drivers and installing all the stuff I already had, so I decided to take a different route - cloning the old drive into the new one.

I looked into the suggestions posted and also had a look out there in the vastness of the internet. It looked like dd was an easy enough option.

I borrowed my dad's desktop and plugged both drives to it (and unplugged his because it didn't have any more SATA cables). Booted up a Linux Mint live disc and thought, why not use GParted? So that's what I did instead. I copied all the partitions into the new drive with GParted, set the same boot flags, put the disk back in the laptop and... nothing. A measly blinking cursor welcomed me.

Five hours of messing with it later, turns out it was failing because I didn't copy the MBR. So I copied it using dd and NOW I FINALLY HAVE A WORKING DRIVE.

So if anybody finds themselves in need of doing this too*, here's a summary of the process:

1. Plug both drives into the same computer
2. If said computer doesn't have Linux on it already, boot a live disc.
3. Run GParted, triple check which drive is your original drive and which drive is your target drive.
4. Copy every single partition from the original drive into the new drive.
5. Make sure the boot flag is set in the exact same partition (and any other flags the original drive may have). This still won't boot yet because the MBR hasn't been copied.
6. The MBR is located at the first 512 bytes of the drive. Assuming your original drive is /dev/sda and your target drive is /dev/sdb (otherwise replace accordingly), fire up the console and copy it with this command: dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb bs=512 count=1
7. Put the new drive back in the target computer and leave the old drive in the back of a drawer until the end of time.

After this I only booted up Windows from the new drive and created a new partition in the unused space. Now the most I have to do is move some files over to balance the free space. The great thing is that the new drive is a lot quieter than the old one! Noise drives me mad.

As a side bonus, I now have a complete backup of the entirety of my files on this computer including Windows up until today.

I may also move my Steam installation to the other partition. Haven't decided yet.

*I'm also writing it here to save myself a future search.

avatar Snehk 8 comments | 5th March 2018, 17:14 PM

My grandma had died last Saturday night, the funeral was yesterday. Being a hard case of stoicism, I'd mostly emotionally coped with the loss, even though just yestrday I was about to break down and cry. Yet still, memories and thoughts remain and seemingly start to haunt me.

Three weeks ago when she was taken to hospital, I had decided to stop working on anything related with writing or development for some time, to let the steam off. But the more I tried to suppress creative processes ongoing in my mind, the more painful thoughts I received. In effect, I started writing a book, greatly changed and improved lore and setting of my game project and thought over concept arts and OST for it, and came up with numerous ideas for my Darkmod fan mission.

I've never been so moved, brooding and nostalgic, yet so motivated and ready to act in my entire life. As if creativity was the best way for me to cope with anything bad coming my way.

avatar Striker 7 comments | 1st March 2018, 20:46 PM

User Posted Image
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From Romania, with love.

avatar SourceSkyBoxer 12 comments | 28th February 2018, 19:13 PM

Hello my dear friends and beknowns,

I am sorry for that. I leave Steam network now.

Because Valve Software was not original cowboy - just is relative of Russians because they love hackers - If I report and tell to stop hacking everything..

Than bad moderator from steam community didn't say me. Thanks! I caught that bad.

Thanks for everything - I cancelled mapping with Half-Life and Source Engine. I really don't like they hurt me.

I am sorry for consternation.

avatar DiscoStu 13 comments | 26th February 2018, 02:59 AM


avatar Admer456 12 comments | 23rd February 2018, 21:16 PM

0010 0011 . 0000 0010 . 0010 0000 0000 0010
0010 0011 . 0000 0010 . 0010 0000 0001 1000



or if you will


10 (used to be 0F until today)

(have some respect, I did the conversions mostly in my head, rest in Notepad :P)

avatar DiscoStu 4 comments | 21st February 2018, 19:08 PM

As a follow up to my recent journal, here's what I'm arriving at.

I decided I will acquire new equipment soon. Some people suggested I go for AMD setup but it appears to be less available than Intel gear. So after considering my options and seeing what's available near me, I am considering the following setup:

Processor: Intel i5-7400 3.0GHz (7th gen/Kaby Lake) socket 1151
I might go for an i7-7700/4.2GHz but I believe I read somewhere it's generally not worth it. I don't remember what how where or why, so if anyone can point me in the right direction that'd be great because I couldn't find it.

Mobo: ASRock B250M Pro4
(I was offered the other two, but from what I read on several sites this appears to be a better option and it's also available)
Downside: Neither seem to be compatible with 8th gen processors.

RAM: 2x ADATA U-Dimm DDR4 8GB 2400 (for a total of 16GB)
I kept getting offered fancy "gamer" models that cost twice as much just because they're red and have speed stripes and wings and headlights. Thank you, it's a computer not a race car.

Storage: Probably a 1TB WD Blue + a 250GB SSD. "Possibly" a second 1TB drive.

GPU: I haven't yet decided. Suggestions more than welcome. I am also considering dual screens, so anything with two outputs sounds like a good idea. Considering. Depending on whether I can afford it on top of the already crazy number I'm going to spend.
EDIT! I'm leaning towards a GTX1050 because it's the least stupidly-expensive card. FFS graphics cards didn't cost this much the last time I got one!

Power supply: From what I've read this setup should do well with 450-600W.

Case, while I'm at it: Whatever that doesn't have windows and neon lights inside. It's a computer not a strip club FFS

For those knowledged enough in the subject: Does this setup look right? Is there anything that looks blaringly wrong and I should change course ASAP? Do you have any suggestions or alternatives I might have overlooked? Can you help fill in the blanks where I don't know what to get yet?

avatar satchmo 0 comments | 15th February 2018, 08:11 AM

Please help me spread the word for this crowd funding project.

Thank you!

avatar Snehk 2 comments | 14th February 2018, 16:59 PM

The beginning of next semester is getting closer, my break ends at upcoming Monday. I need to vent...

I've been working my ass off as usually when getting back home. I always helped my parents and family overall as much as I could. I'm one of the rare cases of college students that instead of taking money, bring it back home to help out family. It's been tough after my father's surgical operation, but I'm used to much more work, I'm only a bit tired.

However, my gradnma had an effusion today, several hours ago, and it was a really heavy blow. Thank God I'm still on break and was there to help before an ambulance arrived. It was only a weak effusion, but it really scared the shit out of us, especially that my grandma is 86 years old. She's much better now, most of examination turned out great results for her age (which is not weird, she was always active, never needed any medicine and never even stayed in hospital!), but it's not certain whether she'll be alright.

Overtly worrying is really bad for my health (especially stomach), but sometimes it feels like the whole house would fall apart without me...

avatar Instant Mix 3 comments | 6th February 2018, 14:08 PM

Got roped into being the sound operator for an amdram show about 3 days before the dress run, I'm only doing it to save face for the society putting the show on but sorta regretting having to do a mediocre job for the next week and getting paid a sweet, phat sum of £0

At what point does one consider themself good enough at a certain thing to start charging a decent amount of money without being overbearing? I've exactly this same issue when doing posters / graphic for folk, as well as DJing. I know enough to gauge that I'm absolutely not the best at a certain field, so continuously undersell myself because I'm completely unaware of the limit of my abilities and what I'm actually worth / valued at

avatar satchmo 3 comments | 6th February 2018, 12:44 PM

This was Scott eliminating the entire team the other day playing Overwatch.

That makes me a proud daddy!

avatar rufee 3 comments | 5th February 2018, 12:57 PM

Hey guys, remember the good ol' web designs from the 2000's? Yeah me neither or at least not in the way I would like to anyway.

Flashy gifs and horrible color matching aside what I like about the old way of doing things is that everything was small, font, buttons etc... I don't know if that was a result of low resolution 4:3 CRT's that everyone had those days or what, but it somehow leaves me something to desire in today's web designs where everything is blown out of proportion. I understand that mobile exists today and that sort of requires that everything is big.

TWHL is probably the only website I know and visit that still rocks the old design style, but that will change with v4. It's all fine and dandy I'm not here to cry over that :) times change and you need to as well.

Sooo whats this all about then?! I have a little personal/work project I'm working on that could benefit from the "old style" web design, specifically an admin page where you could fit a lot of information w/o having the need to scroll down as much for more. I've seen people using CRM software that looked like it was made in the 90's, tree menus, 12px font everywhere etc.. And it struck me that you can fit a lot of data on a 1080p resolution screen. And you can probably see where I am going with this, if not here's a little hint:

User Posted Image
[Open in new window]

I'm having a hard time finding inspiration for it and hoping some of you could help me? (pretty please :) )

This also serves as a discussion on web design. Now vs then, likes and dislikes.

avatar sample vodka 1 comment | 5th February 2018, 10:18 AM

Everything have got solution in life, less two things:

The death and download cs_canbunk ;(