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avatar rufee 15th June 2014, 20:00 PM

Update to my datacenter, so with space running out in the first basement with the help of my father i moved all of the machines to the other room further in the basement.
Here are some pics:

User Posted Image
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Finally redid all my networking, its now all vlan based and ready for a second ISP when i get the funds for it. First time punching down a patch panel, this one has strange wiring schemes so had to use ports 1 and 3 since i couldn't figure out how the 2nd is wired (just didn't work, weird).

User Posted Image
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The red box is a Mikrotik RouterBOARD, it has all the features of highend Cisco gear except way way cheaper, run a bunch of them at work too. In short such reliable, much recommend. Also grew fond of D-Link switches got a similar one with less ports in the apartment upstairs, this one is quite cheap, but still packs quite a lot of features, at some point i also want to try running fiber optic so with the 4 sfp ports and 1 sfp in the router i have some options.

User Posted Image
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Yeah, i know what ur thinking - nasty. Well it works, but i really want to get an APC unit to replace this crap which keeps overcharging the battery and killing it.

User Posted Image
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Scored the rack and patch panel from an uncle who once ran an ISP.

User Posted Image
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So much space now :)

And now some eyecandy for those who love some older server gear :)

User Posted Image
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Always dreamed of getting a dual/quad socket motherboard and there you go.
Custom case and cooling too :)

User Posted Image
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User Posted Image
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User Posted Image
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User Posted Image
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Got 4 dual core Opteron cpu's and 32gigs of ECC ram. I can get quad or even six core cpu's if i wish later.

User Posted Image
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The whole thing is destined for another purpose and will probably not be in the basement datacenter any time soon, though some other new machines will :)


avatar Stojke says: 16th June 2014, 06:48 AM
Pimp my data-center :D
Awesome stuff, i love that switch rack, and that power supply is pretty good.

Do you have dust problems down there / humidity?
avatar Striker says: 16th June 2014, 09:48 AM
Can you recap what you're using this awesome DIY datacenter for?
avatar rufee says: 16th June 2014, 10:55 AM
@Stojke: As with any basement there is dust, but not that much that the machines would need cleaning everytime i visit it. As far as humidity goes did not experience any, the room is warm during winter and summer so that dries all the air out, i have more of a cooling problem then a wet problem :)
If i could id just put those annoying "screamer" server fans on all of them and be done with it, but i don't want to attract any unwanted guests, since technically the whole building is paying for the electricity this uses and i don't think people would be happy about it. I rigged silent fans in all of them to keep them quiet.

I can use it for anything i want, im now running some cs servers, one box runs and all the secret web services inside :P and one runs a cs server i use for occasional 5x5 with a management bot i wrote myself.

Planning to turn one into a VMware server for more flexibility, once i test out some RAID setups. Right now the boxes are running WinXP, Win Server 2012 R2 and Debian linux.
avatar Captain Terror says: 16th June 2014, 13:08 PM
Bozhe moi this is awesome! I want one =P
avatar Stojke says: 16th June 2014, 14:27 PM
^ Since when do you speak Serbian? :D

@ rfe

Awesome, humidity and dust are a huge killer, they kill the fans easily. More than a few times i had to scrub motherboards under a shower to remove all the hardened bitch dirt.
I can understand your concern about that, some would definitely be pissed to find out they have more expenses than they need to :D
Maybe install larger paddle fans that compensate low rotation with high air current?
Also copper coolers that conduct heat better.

Whats the total storage space now?
avatar rufee says: 16th June 2014, 15:01 PM
2x80gb on IDE drives, 2x1tb + 250gb boot for future VM the two terabytes will go into RAID1, web server has a 64gb ssd.
avatar Jessie says: 16th June 2014, 15:01 PM
I can confidently say I don't have a clue what most of this journal is talking about.
Almost make you wonder why I'm commenting.
avatar rufee says: 16th June 2014, 15:15 PM
If you ever had a peak inside a computer then you know whats going on :D
avatar Suparsonik says: 16th June 2014, 18:13 PM
avatar Stojke says: 16th June 2014, 21:28 PM
Very nice, much data :D
User Posted Image

Does the SSD do a lot of Read/Write?
avatar Bruce says: 17th June 2014, 04:33 AM
Do I see some of my old poor hardware there? I hope you soon put more purpose and life into these machines.
avatar rufee says: 17th June 2014, 08:25 AM
Oh yes Mr. Bruce here has kindly provided this project a machine which im very thankful for :)

@Stojke: Not much, its more read rather then write and whatever the Linux kernel pagefile uses.
avatar ciba43 says: 18th June 2014, 18:28 PM
Is it just me, or the condenser on the 8. pic is blown??? Looks dead to me.
avatar rufee says: 18th June 2014, 18:42 PM
Which one ? I don't see any bad ones.
avatar Stojke says: 18th June 2014, 19:12 PM
On 8th picture are all solid cap electrolytes, you probably meant 9th picture, but it looks healthy.
avatar ciba43 says: 19th June 2014, 11:19 AM
Oops, my bad. The 9th:
Looks bad to me.
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