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A gaming and technology blog by TWHL admins Penguinboy and Ant. A music blog by TWHL users Ant and Hugh.

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avatar UrbaNebula 29th February 2016, 12:06 PM


So last night I had a pretty horrific dream. I figured I would write it all down as best as I can recall so anyone who cares can look over it, say "meh" and move on.

The dream starts with me waking, face down in a bed, not my own and in a room I don't recognise. I immediately feel uneasy, as if somebody is watching me. I roll over and sure enough, my heart skips a beat as I see a ghostly white woman standing at the foot of the bed, who looks unsettlingly similar to my wife. She is draped in rags that flow as if she is underwater and her eyes are completely blacked out. She raises her arm, pointing to a nearby window and whispers; "The tractor is coming"

Within seconds I can hear a distance sound, an engine, drawing closer. It continues to get louder and louder until everything goes black.

Suddenly, I am driving along a country road in the dead of night, sure enough on an old fashioned tractor. The lights barely light the road ahead and I can just make out that there are thorn bushes either side of the road, about six feet tall. I hit a bump and realise that something is shifting behind me. It turns out that I am pulling a heavily loaded trailer. I turn to see if everything is still in place and to my horror, the trailer is piled high with dismembered and disfigured human corpses. Another jolt sends the heap tumbling off the trailer with a sickening wet sound as they fall onto the road. I keep driving.

Up ahead now, maybe 150 metres, I can see a single street lamp on a wooden pylon. Below it, standing on the grassy curb just in front of it are two figures, silhouetted by the bright light. On of them stood firm, like a stone while holding the other by the back of the neck. They are clearly distressed, thrashing and trying to break free of their grip. I hit another bump and the motionless figure looses it, brutally hacking at the squirming figure with a cleaver or hatchet, eventually beheading them. Their body remains upright, blood shooting up like a fountain. I hit the breaks, stopping the tractor instantly. Both figures stop, motionless, the beheaded figure still standing and squirting blood from it's neck... then they both take off, sprinting straight for me, screaming and gurgling. They vanish into the darkness between myself and the lonely street light. I put the tractor in reverse, look over my shoulder and see all of the disfigured and mutilated bodies from my trailer are now standing behind me, staring right at me.

The engine cuts out, the lights click off... and I wake up.


avatar sample vodka says: 29th February 2016, 12:46 PM
Me sometimes I have got nightmares with dead theme
avatar Jessie says: 29th February 2016, 13:11 PM
But why was the tractor?
avatar Striker says: 29th February 2016, 14:26 PM
What the fuck. Last night I dreamed of corpses too and told a friend which said "what a coincidence".
avatar Tetsu0 says: 29th February 2016, 15:01 PM
Dude that's messed up!
Thanks for sharing though
avatar Strider says: 29th February 2016, 15:54 PM
That's amazingly creepy. I want to see it on film.
avatar JeffMOD says: 29th February 2016, 18:24 PM
Well at least it was a tractor and not a cheese lorry.
avatar Ghost129er says: 29th February 2016, 19:39 PM
@Urby, @Striker: You guys weren't the only one. Stay safe and stay careful, look around and think twice.. I've got a terrible sixth sense today and like today everything seemed bad...
avatar DiscoStu says: 29th February 2016, 19:57 PM
Ditto Strider.

Quite detailed. You have a horrific imagination.

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avatar 2muchvideogames says: 29th February 2016, 20:24 PM

Surprisingly, I know a HL map with a tractor too
avatar Shepard62700FR says: 29th February 2016, 21:06 PM
That was a very weird dream.

Something that I always ask myself : why can't I remember any of my dreams ? The only one that I remember was when my house was on fire and I was like 8 years old (I'm now 20).
avatar Half-Rats says: 1st March 2016, 06:19 AM
My girlfriend was in a rollover accident the other day. Scared the piss out of me, but she's well. As verified by the hospital.
avatar Strider says: 1st March 2016, 06:36 AM
Good to hear. She wasn't hit by a guy sleep-driving a tractor, was she?

*eyes Urby suspiciously*
avatar UrbaNebula says: 1st March 2016, 11:44 AM
Hmmm, seems the extra day we got this year is actually nightmare fuel. That explains so much...

*eyes Ant suspiciously*
avatar Half-Rats says: 1st March 2016, 18:26 PM
You're only having those dreams because you never reviewed HRAFD! Bwahah! It seems like the end of February really carried a lot of bad/weird shite along with it. Thankfully it wasn't Urby, because my drummer and I had ended up reenacting "Taken" IRL looking for her. It's a long story. Ant is merely a victim of circumstance, as is the rest of us.
avatar UrbaNebula says: 1st March 2016, 18:45 PM
I've drafted a review for HRaFD many times. Tell you what, I'm going to get it done tonight. (At least the writing and recording part)
avatar Half-Rats says: 2nd March 2016, 05:04 AM
Look at me, making this about AFD...seriously, I would pay attention to dreams like this. Not saying I believe in the supernatural...but I totally do.
avatar Jessie says: 2nd March 2016, 10:37 AM
That's a contradiction and you know it.
avatar Crollo says: 4th March 2016, 19:33 PM
Ah, sorry to hear you have such graphic dreams.
If it makes you feel any better, my nightmares aren't in the least bit graphic, so my nightmares generally are where I will look at something until it scares me or a tree turns into a car or something stupid like that. :P

Makes me feel incredibly silly when I wake up and calm down afterwards, haha.
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