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avatar DiscoStu 3rd July 2016, 06:23 AM

Fuck me, not this agai-- waiiiit a minute...
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Is that...?

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avatar Ghost129er says: 3rd July 2016, 08:01 AM
avatar Stojke says: 3rd July 2016, 09:33 AM
Some win with their own hand, some when others did all the work.
avatar Admer456 says: 3rd July 2016, 13:44 PM
I'd totally have the same reaction. In fact, I was going to install XP in a virtual machine a few days ago. I didn't install it, but I did install Windows 98 and Half-Life on it.

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avatar Shepard62700FR says: 3rd July 2016, 14:32 PM
Purpose of a Win98 VM for HL WON ?
avatar Admer456 says: 3rd July 2016, 17:56 PM
To re-play it as if it was year 1999, even though I was born in 2002. I'm simply that old-school kid who would play these games, simply because I didn't play these games in the appropriate time.

To be honest, I think that less than 100 people even play Half-Life Deathmatch, on servers.
avatar Stojke says: 3rd July 2016, 18:33 PM
VM? Ha, lame. Current setup:

Asus A7V333
1GB Samsung PC3200U-30331-Z CL3
3DFX Voodoo 5 5500
Sound Blaster Live CT4620 + CT4660
Windows 98SE

Future setup:

3DFX Voodoo 5 5500
Diamond Monster SOund MX300
Windows 98SE
avatar Shepard62700FR says: 3rd July 2016, 20:28 PM
HL WON works perfectly under Windows 7, 8 and even 10.
avatar Admer456 says: 3rd July 2016, 21:33 PM

I installed the WON version because I was too lazy to make the cswarzone non-Steam version, install properly. It needs C++ 2005 Runtimes, I think...

Afterall the weapon bobbing is SO MUCH better in the WON Half-Life, so it won that round. I hate the weapon bobbing in Steam Half-Life, Quake II is better than that, especially with that "free-style" swing-it-around bobbing when you move the cursor.

Plus, I want to have the hardware limitations. I mean, a Voodoo 3 + Pentium 2 setup would perform nicely at buttery-smooth 25 fps. Explosions + gibs would drop the framerates to 15 fps.

Contradictory, my Intel GMA X3100 would be the holy grail of GPUs back then, in 1999. It would even handle Crytek's demos from 2001 very well. That's why, I decided to do some VMery, even though I could just set fps_max to 24.
avatar Stojke says: 3rd July 2016, 22:17 PM
So instead of installing c++ runtimes that take like 3 minutes to do you spent hours on getting the vm to work? Genius @work.
avatar Admer456 says: 4th July 2016, 09:53 AM
No, the runtimes were for the VM, my host OS already had them. How do you think I made my maps on GameBanana (?), if I hadn't installed the games?

And it took me 3 days to get the VM working, mostly because it took forever to download the ISO file, and then to install VirtualBox itself and get that working.
Everything else went well in a couple of hours: the installation, the drivers, installing WON Half-Life etc.
avatar Ghost129er says: 4th July 2016, 10:00 AM
I still have my Win 98 PC in the storage room somewhere and it still runs well.

*Insert not bad meme here*
Also, stop the warez. Buy the games.
avatar Admer456 says: 4th July 2016, 11:47 AM
"Also, stop the warez. Buy the games."

Just go here. You'll soon find out that all this piracy of mine will stop. I have the will to buy, but my parents never, never, but would never buy me a game on Steam. Sadly, even the Steam wallet codes are hard to find.

In fact, I'm opening it by the middle of July.
avatar Ghost129er says: 4th July 2016, 14:20 PM
Stop the warez. Buy the games.
avatar Admer456 says: 4th July 2016, 17:37 PM
I will, I will, i.G.a.
avatar NineTnine says: 15th July 2016, 11:20 AM
Disco, what beef do you have against Windows? Prefer Mac do you?
avatar DiscoStu says: 18th July 2016, 23:17 PM
I don't have a problem with Windows. I like Windows 7. I just don't like Microsoft so aggressively trying to push Windows 10 down my throat.
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