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avatar SourceSkyBoxer 8th October 2016, 17:48 PM

Hello dear guys wow that is awesome solution with Java
Github: https://github.com/flibitijibibo/LWJake2
If you have problem with unsupported architecture of 64Bit than you need to download LWJGL 2.8.4 from Sourceforge.net https://sourceforge.net/projects/java-game-lib/files/O

I have goal of Quake 2 under Java LWJGL - That is proof - I have played it.
Open eclipse and import to new project and click lwjake2/lwjake2.java and run and it shows error message - don't worry!
Export to runnable jar! make sure lwjgl.jar and other jars to Quake 2 root directory and copy lwjake2.jar to root directory of Quake 2 and

If you have copy of Quake 2 than you make sure lwjgl.jar and other jars to Quake 2 root directory and copy lwjake2.jar to root directory of Quake 2 and open command
"cd ../to/Quake2"
"java -jar lwjake2.jar"
Just wait for openning lwjgl window!
That is truth! Wow! Quake 2 Engine is same to Goldsource Engine!!! Hehe I will replace to Goldsource Engine.... :P

I found GameFunc.java and it can parse to entities. That is awesome!
I know now how does mirror like func_mirror - it is flip from real 3D
env_fog was output from glFog()
env_sky is like 3D Camera.
env_model or item_generic or cycler like "place_model" or "misc_static"
func_door same to Quuake 2 func_door
func_door_rotating same to Quake 2 func_door_rotating
func_ladder same to Quake 2 func_ladder
light same to Quake 2 light
and more...

I show proof like same directories of Quake 2 and Half-Life:

User Posted Image
[Open in new window]

If I kill body than body will divide like Half-Life. I have proof.

User Posted Image
[Open in new window]

Yeah that is why can with Java gaming how is performance?
no laggy no slow.. It is very soft like "normal" gaming :)

If you want build into Android than you need to detect with "OpenGL ES" example LibGDX

Thanks for playing and getting your brains :) For good game like Half-Life into. I am developing LWHL = "Lightweigh Half-Life" 12 % coding....
Just I create all defines and globals for Half-Life Engine.
If I have help than I will ask you. Okay...


avatar Instant Mix says: 9th October 2016, 15:10 PM
I'm not really sure what you're saying, are you attempting to port Quake to Java or trying to write a tutorial for it?
avatar Shepard62700FR says: 9th October 2016, 23:15 PM
As far as I have understood, he tries to run Half-Life within a Java port of Quake 2 (or make his own port).
avatar SourceSkyBoxer says: 11th October 2016, 14:05 PM
Yeah @Shepard, correct I want make own port for Goldsource Engine. But Russians said me it is like crazy. I don't think because Russians have played port-like Java game example Quake 1 or Quake 2 into Java and they work fine with Java.

But Russians said Half-Life is very harder than Quake 1/2.
I found qfile.java just md2, sp2, pcx, tga, wal and bsp and they extensions have not problem to load into Java. I have played port of Quake 2 and it accelerates fine like high level game. I thought Goldsource Engine has not problem like Quake 2's bsp. I know they say Goldsource's bsp is more than Quake 2's bsp, right?

I have found and I have readden Quakeworld or Quakeone websites about he said Quake 1's bsp and Quake 1's model are very different to Goldsource's bsp and Goldsource's model. I don't believe other have to convert from Goldsource's assets to Quake 1's assets. Because both engines are same 1:1 size like -/+16384 : -/+16384 and Quake 1 has changelevel, monster and more features...

I have watched about that. Quake 1 loads original Half-Life maps and it sees so close to Sven Coop. Thanks for talk! I will continue my own port for Goldsource Engine...
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