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avatar Admer456 3rd December 2016, 23:22 PM

Turkish. Why Turkish?

I know, it's good to know as many as possible, but seriously, Turkish!? Here's the short story: (HEY! TL;DR at the bottom!)

Back in 6th grade, my classmates and I had to vote. We chose our 2nd foreign language. We could choose between Arabic, German and Turkish. 80% of them chose Turkish because they thought it was cool and good to know. The other 20% knew what's really good for us: German.

As it turned out, it was only good to know, nothing else. It's not cool, I don't like it that much.
It's quite limited sometimes, due to the lack of prepositions, and:

- It's SOV.
English is SVO, and verbs always go last in Turkish. Very inconvenient.
I'm not saying it's bad, I actually met a friend because of it.

I'm just saying it was a mistake. I mean, there are Turks in Germany, a lot of them.

Just like every other class did, my class should've chosen German. It's so much more useful, and easier than Turkish. Deutsch ist leicht :) Ich liebe.

And then, oh my God! Awful, it was just awful. I was rounding up C's and B's and sometimes an F in Turkish. I barely got it concluded with a B in 6th grade.

In 7th grade, I started out terribly, with an F. The old teacher was replaced by a new one. So, we were walking down the stairs, and us 2 had a discussion about my success in school. Darn, what a plot twist right there!

I was actually becoming better over time. Not just in Turkish, but every other subject. My GPA in 6th grade was 4.15, and in 7th grade it was 4.75. Massive plot twist.

Of course, that was my ex-crush's fault. I loved her so much I changed myself from the ground-up.

But I still didn't know the basics in Turkish. Especially numbers, colours, days and months. I was hiding that from everyone. I had A's in Turkish, but I was hiding my lack of knowledge.

Fast-forward to 9th grade, I am still getting A's in Turkish.
Since this is my last year in elementary school, I'll say goodbye to Turkish.

Why? Because we have German in high-school! :D
Yup, this last school year, and then I'm over with elementary school. Finally. Next stop: a gymnasium in Stolac

Ending words

About the part with my former love, I actually danced waltz with her on Wednesday. I couldn't believe I was so close to her.

I am no more in love with her, because I have a beautiful, tall, imaginary girlfriend who is a fox-girl (therefore, she's literally furry). Better than nothing, I guess.
(I think I got the name right, waltz, we just say "valcer" (vaal-tser))

Regarding her (not the imaginary GF), I think we just need to hang out a little bit, because she is still "held back" by the 6th-grader me. I have changed ever since, she should know.

I ramble about how choosing Turkish (as a 2nd foreign) was a mistake. In high school I will have to learn German from start, although I can read it, and I know a bit of it.

And, here are the other ones I know:
Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, Russian (malo i ploho) and Spanish (Y no hablo espanol). Turkish and German are already mentioned, and English is just so obvious.

And for you Turkish-speakers! I really apologize if I hurt you. Your language is really fun and interesting to learn. In Bosnian we have many Turkish words: karpuz - karpuza, yastik - jastuk (I know, it's the "soft I") and so on...

I just think it's not that useful in the EU countries as German. But hey, Turkish found me a friend (who is a mapper), so...


avatar Archie says: 4th December 2016, 02:37 AM
English is already a second language to you, though, right? So Turkish & German would be a third and fourth? That's mighty impressive, young lad. Mighty impressive.

Cut a few inches off your fox, though. Tall girlfriends are the worst. :)
avatar Admer456 says: 4th December 2016, 08:27 AM
English is my 4th language, somehow. I also know some of Russian and Spanish.

Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian differ by 5%. Only. And so I learned the differences, and now I speak all 3. And as soon as Stojke reads that, he will be angry.

And, Jody (that's her name) is merely 20 centimeters taller than me, and I'm 1.75 meters. So her height is 6.3 feet, I guess? Not that tall, IMO.
And what's really long about her is the tail, don't get me started on that, please.
avatar Highlander says: 4th December 2016, 09:05 AM
I always considered learning a second foreign language, I even wanted to sign up for german when I went to high school, but the school I went to was on it's way out, closed up 1 year later, and in the one we were transferred to, they didn't bother with any of that. They didn't bother much with anything, come to think of it...

Speaking of foreign languages. You know, I use english so much in my life, I mostly think in english now, and I barely do in hungarian. Do you also have that sometimes?
avatar Admer456 says: 4th December 2016, 10:06 AM
Always considered? We were forced to do that in 6th grade :P

I use every language I know when possible. I think in English mostly. I only use Bosnian when I'm thinking/talking directly to myself. I'll give my experiences with some languages, briefly:

When I chat with Germans, I understand them sometimes (oh, immer diese Deutschen). Hallo :)

And especially the Russians! Oh my God, they write everything phonetically:
Source engine - sors motor
Half-Life - half lajf
Russians rule, man :D
"Write how you speak, and read how it's written." - Slavic #1 rule
Zdravstvujte :D

And the Turks. I played HL:DM on a Turkish server. They complained about my ping. I had around 400ms. Still got 40 kills, with a low framerate.
Merhaba :)

Edit: The rule above applies to all Slavic languages. And I didn't use Cyrillic because, well, of this website, you know...
avatar Loulimi says: 4th December 2016, 10:48 AM
German and Arabic are two languages I really like. I really find them pleasant to hear, especially Arabic. I'm actually learning it!
They're two very useful languages as well.
avatar Striker says: 4th December 2016, 12:45 PM
Learning a new language while you're young is faster and you should try it. There's a saying that you get a new soul for each language you learn ^^(or so I remember, don't know where I heard/read this).

"Sors motor" sounds really funny :).

I myself really want to learn German, and I've been listening on my commutes to some german conversations but it hardly sticks to me because I'm focusing on other activities.
I'd also like to improve my french, which I was never good at. I can't understand how, I learned it at school but meh...
Then a bit of some other languages, like spanish, russian, japanese and/or chinese.
And Hungarian! I've grown with and know people who speak hungarian, and it's so damn hard to learn.

I guess these languages will be a life-long goal :)).
avatar hfc says: 16th December 2016, 23:29 PM
hmm interesting, i did a search yesterday found about what you get when learning turkish.

-useful if you gonna search about some history
-brand new area of language, for most people. it is different branch than arabic, german, english, french , latin or another like theese.
-looking languages from different aspect
-learning a language dont have any drawback i guess and got least little and even high advantages to brain

but german is got more practical advantages i guess
-such as second source of science and intellectuel things.
-language for europe
-and more i dont know about.

at highschool i have german lessons but i dont know anything about german i just barely pass exams. but today i wishing to learned german well. i heard it is usefull if you gonna be medical doctor or engineer. im gonna be engineer but i think it isnt necessary for a normal engineer.

im poor at language learning because i didnt care at right time. and i guess i was thinking im too wise and knows most of the english back then, so didnt tried to learn. so even now i neded to learn some more english vocabulary and grammar.

and if i could manage learn more languages in some * of mylife, i will love to learn all languages.

("sign*" usually i write long comment for brief ideas cause i dont manage to arrange my idea in english usually i change my comment for give what im thought. but im not gonna make this time. there must be a word for "sign*" i should remember it to give what im thinking. ill left "sign*" and when i remember that word ill say it. so im not gonna trim my comment this time to make it useless boring plain text.) :D

i geuss phonetically means what you write what you hear exactly. i wanted to say sometihng about it, i guess turkish is little phonetically written language compared others but not fully it is. there are foreign loanwords and turkish words most part of them written phonetically. but there is way more phonetically written languages than turkish.

a turkish example of pronouncing different than writing a word.
-degil(soft g) -> pronouncing i guess something like diil. :)

but i dont remind :D any phonetically writing example of turkish at the moment

-pronouncing in english "degil" -> "day ill"
-"diil" -> "d ill"

i think its something simliar transformation of english letter E's own english pronounciation. :d
avatar Admer456 says: 17th December 2016, 07:15 AM
Not really. The 'soft G' only prolongs the vowel behind it, or blends the 2.
In degil's case, it blends the E and I.

Turkish, like Slavic languages and some other ones, is always pronounced phonetically (unless you have a heavy accent).

A great example is:
'Ben eve gidiyorum.'
'I am going home.'
That's also the example behind its SOV structure (but I already mentioned that). The subject goes first, then the object, and lastly, the verb.
'Ben' is 'I', 'ev' is 'home' (eve is towards/to home), 'gidiyorum' is 'am going'.
avatar Cd5ssmffan says: 18th December 2016, 20:01 PM
Stop dancing waltz and get laid lol
avatar Admer456 says: 19th December 2016, 11:19 AM
I'm 14 years old, dummy.
Why on Earth would I get laid? I don't need children :P
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