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avatar Rimrook 27th April 2017, 12:14 PM


Been lurking around here because I like to see the screenshots thread. Anyway, Super Matt Jordan is beginning to shape up. It's been the toughest thing to develop a game as the software itself is developing. It made for some troubling and practically crippling experiences. Lately, Stencyl released a particularity stable version and I will likely use it to finish things up. My progress still seems minimal, as in I have no scenes or new artwork to show. What I have been working on is all of the underlying systems that essentially run the game's primary features. It's not fun work but it's provided a lot of experience. When all of the systems are set, it'll be fun and easy to work on with everything in its place, kinda like mapping.

For those that have opted into the project, you're still in it. The cast of people hasn't changed in the five years that I've been working on it, so still expect to see yourself when the day comes. Other than that, I'm just working and doing my thing.

So what's everyone else up to lately?


avatar UrbaNebula says: 27th April 2017, 13:04 PM
Anything other than mapping it seems... I was completely burned out when the rebuild a classic competition dropped. I attempted to rekindle my love for mapping with that, which just killed the little inspiration I had left.

Been gaming and dadding more lately, rather than creating.

Glad to hear SMJ is still going. I honestly would love to get hands on and make my own little title, outside of Goldsource, but I have neither the time or the ability sadly.
avatar Tetsu0 says: 27th April 2017, 13:17 PM
Rim! It's great to hear from you! Hope all is well,How's the wife? I've been playing a crapload of World of Tanks...joined up in a really fun clan that isn't too competitive. I've also been flexing my Source mapping/modeling muscles lately with Tuesday night and Sunday morning Twitch streams. I'm working on some pretty cool stuff that is pushing me outside of my comfort Zone so that's fun.
Other than that I'm moving to Florida in a few weeks! Woo no more snow ever!
avatar Archie says: 27th April 2017, 13:31 PM
Rimmy! <3
avatar JeffMOD says: 27th April 2017, 13:57 PM
Oh, sweet, Rimrook's back! :D

I've been mostly trying to finish up my undergrad degree, and been chipping away at a map for Black Mesa when time and inspiration allows - now that I'm down to one final course over the summer I should hopefully have it in some state to show off bits of soonish. (Actually now that I think about it, we have a perfectly good WIP thread I could have been posting stuff into for about a year now)

Other than that it's been pretty quiet on my end.
avatar Jessie says: 27th April 2017, 14:25 PM
Rimmy! <3
avatar rufee says: 27th April 2017, 20:06 PM
Rimmey! :)
avatar Rimrook says: 28th April 2017, 01:16 AM
@urby - awesome, I've been taking care of my fam as well. Is The Core still going on? I haven't kept track of anything.

@tetsu0 - modeling is always a good skill to have. For years my 3DS Max hasn't worked, and only recently I learned blender. I'll have to find your Twitch channel, Sunday mornings are dull for me.

@Archie - sup.

@JeffMOD - inspiration is a weird thing. I've been jobesing for some good old fashioned Goldsource mapping lately. I don't have the time, but it made me think of you guys. Would love to see screens of your map.

@Jessie - sup.

@rufee - sup.
avatar UrbaNebula says: 3rd May 2017, 15:41 PM
"Is The Core still going on? I haven't kept track of anything."

If by "still going on" you mean "sitting on a hard drive and being largely ignored for half a year" then yes. Yes it is.
avatar Striker says: 5th May 2017, 20:56 PM
Sup dude. Lurking around too. Good luck with Super Matt Jordan!
avatar zeeba-G says: 17th June 2017, 03:26 AM
Dude glad you're still working on it, so persistent!
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