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A gaming and technology blog by TWHL admins Penguinboy and Ant. A music blog by TWHL users Ant and Hugh.

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avatar Rimrook 3rd August 2017, 20:02 PM

Checklist for SMJ.
(Doesn't include everything, only the things I write down.)

[ ] Bonus Room Doors
[X] Enemy Memory
[X] Coin Memory
[X] Aiming system for gamepads
[X] Camera control for cutscenes and secrets
[X] Destructible blocks for terrain
[X] Navigation Minimap
[X] Options - Cursor size
[X] Options - Crosshair Follow speed
[X] Options - Number of crosshairs
[X] Options - Preview Cursor mode
[X] Number keys equip or use items
[X] Item drop system for enemies
[ ] Controls and game setup on launch
[X] Controls Setup in Options
[X] Keyboard Config
[X] Controller Support
[X] Physics for Coins
[X] Coins of increased value like 10, 25, and 100
[X] Item Shop interface for buying
[X] Drops for enemies
[X] Coin Bank Screen Graphics
[X] Coin Bank Screen Mechanics
[X] Item stash in van for excess items
[ ] Picking up blocks objects

[X] Chest Blocks that spawn items and whatnot
[ ] Timer Switches
[ ] Lever Switches
[X] Switch Blocks
[X] switches
[X] General Phys Block (like a crate but indestructible)
[ ] Water system
[p] Water Graphics
[ ] Swimming for player with ability upgrade
[ ] Wayne riding and pickup
[ ] Format All Sounds to OGG's
[X] Optimized one-way platforms
[X] Pressure plates

[X] World Map Screen Mechanics
[ ] Map Screen Graphics
[X] Bus Stops
[X] New Ladder System

[X] Enemies Template
[X] "Heat" Combat AI
[X] Options Screen
[X] Shift to Run option
[X] Cursor Color
[X] Sound Volumes
[X] Keys and Key HUD
[X] Locked Doors
[X] Monster Doors
[X] Health and Wallet Expansions
[X] Bombing and Super Bombing
[X] Duck-crawling
[X] Brick and Pound Blocks
[X] Game Over screen
[X] Player damage and link to HUD
[X] Warnings when health is low
[X] Doors and Pipes
[X] Save Block
[X] Ability upgrades
[X] Basic pickups, coins, hearts, item template
[X] Inventory
[X] Item Equipping
[X] Item Dropping
[X] Equipped Item Indicator
[X] Mouse-over highliting
[X] Graphics and fitting for map system
[X] Incorporate MV Map system and map display
[X] Title Screen and splashes
[X] ESC pause menu
[X] Menu buttons
[X] Continue Game Screen
[X] Music Player
[X] Level Settings
[X] Basic scene layers and Physics


avatar James Luke says: 4th August 2017, 00:41 AM
I'm out of the loop, what's SMJ?
avatar Dimbeak says: 4th August 2017, 01:04 AM
Miraculous timing with this game. Inbetween you starting the project and today, indie metroidvania-style games have exploded in popularity.
avatar Daubster says: 4th August 2017, 07:46 AM
Give us a shout when it's ready for beta! :)
avatar Snehk says: 4th August 2017, 10:01 AM
Now, that was a lot of work. Congrats on getting things done!
avatar Windawz says: 4th August 2017, 11:30 AM
Oh, what's SMJ? I mean I know what does SMJ stand for, but what this game is all about?
avatar Jessie says: 4th August 2017, 13:56 PM
Y'know, I don't know if I ever got the details of this game. I know what it's called, and what it looks like, but I don't really know much more about it. Give us the run down, Rimmer!
avatar JeffMOD says: 4th August 2017, 17:53 PM
I remember playing the demo waaaay back and having a lot of fun - glad to see you've got so many things crossed off the list, and look forward to the final product!
avatar Rimrook says: 4th August 2017, 23:08 PM
Super Matt Jordan is an adventure platformer about a friend of mine who is a pretty cool and misunderstood guy. With all that, it's also about the empirical versus the hypothetical, or in other words, what would you do if you had super powers? I asked a number of my friends this question then pitted their answers and personalities against an incredible challenge "what if someone threatened to destroy your home?"

It is a metroidvania with exploration and discovery. It's also story driven, which I've developed a very in depth system for dialog and cutscenes. Story has undergone quite a lot of work and is still undergoing a lot of changes. It's a big project but it's moving along.

A couple TWHLers are in it, a good number of people are. It's also non-profit and free.
avatar Kachito says: 6th August 2017, 12:19 PM
That night screenshot with the monolithic figure though...
avatar Rimrook says: 6th August 2017, 23:33 PM
Which one? This one? User Posted Image
avatar Kachito says: 7th August 2017, 01:00 AM
Yup. I'm a fool for blue and night scenes, so the atmosphere in this one tickled my pickle the most. There's another moody one that i liked with some sort of asian structure on top of the hills, but the front tree blended a bit too much with the rest of the background.
avatar Rimrook says: 7th August 2017, 01:37 AM
I don't even know if I'm going to keep those exact graphics, but I'm glad you liked them. The themes will stay since the landscapes are what they are.
avatar DiscoStu says: 8th August 2017, 22:51 PM
Nice. Looking forward to the release.
avatar 2muchvideogames says: 10th August 2017, 05:40 AM
free, huh? I like it! Pretty sure i asked before but you going for steam release? (greenlight is retired)
avatar Rimrook says: 10th August 2017, 22:16 PM
Have to look into the steam thing again, it's been a while. I should use it if it's beneficial, which it probably would be. Final release is far off but the demo will be ready soonish.
avatar Rimrook says: 11th August 2017, 12:45 PM
Ok, achievements might be cool. Though I would make them kinda hard to actually achieve, would probably involve different game modes like Stomp Only or One Hit Knockout. I always felt weird about achievements being super arbitrary and not amazing to get.
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