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avatar SourceSkyBoxer 9th August 2017, 20:33 PM

Hello everyone, I am really sad because I explain hard with GarryMod because it has bug since 3 or 4 weeks - But Faceprunch banned me. Because I didn't say bad. I explain him to Github than they should check than But moderators ban me easy. I didn't say bad. I say respectfully. I am sad now. Who can help me GarryMod developer should give me my money back because I remove GarryMod from my Steam Account.

I am very unhappy because they don't believe me.

Please check GarryMod if it has bug.

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But GarryMod members are really manaic to me. It is not buggy. I already explain about my display card is Radeon RX 480 8G VRam.

But they don't believe me.

I found github Source SDK 2013 - SkyCamera.cpp and SkyCamera.h are possible last new version of Source SDK 2013.

Why do they not believe me? Than I remove GarryMod from my steam account. That is why!

I hate problem if they miss understand - I am deaf and I can not write clean.

Thanks I am respectful and I want show screenshots but they don't believe me.

I hope you understand my reason. I feel innocent.


avatar potatis_invalid says: 9th August 2017, 21:34 PM
The Facepunchers are notorious for banning anyone for any excuse they can come up with
avatar SourceSkyBoxer says: 9th August 2017, 22:02 PM
Really they are maniac, correct? Thanks for explanation! I want hold back and I remove GarryMod from my game list. I am surprised but how does Solokiller hold if faceprunchers ban, ban, ban and more ban ban ban.... it is like kidding. I don't join faceprunch. Because they are like king of children. :/

I think Twhl is good for me but i am sad because they force to my c# like they say please learn c/c++. What do i should that? How is it about Unity with Twhl? Unity is very easy to develop. I wish we have open new topic like twhltower, twhlpockets than twhlunity? If twhlunity releases after twhlpockets?

Thanks I really promise you that i will hold back and make finish my map for Twhl pockets.
avatar Instant Mix says: 9th August 2017, 22:38 PM
Facepunch has actually become a lot more tame than it used to be - I remember the Smartness system, in which you would be continously rated on your grammar / spelling, and potentially instabanned because of poor word choice (snigger would get you instantly banned) or from losing too much "smartness" via bad grammar. I could understand them banning you for your linguistic issues. I looked at the event log and looked at the thread you got banned in, and in all honesty I will agree with their reason for banning you for one day. The reason was "(User was banned for this post ("Not in the Help Section + Undescriptive Threadtitle" - Mezzokoko))" which in all honesty, is completely justified. You didn't really listen to their responses and kept on insisting the bug was identical to one from Goldsrc. However, TWHL and FP are two completely different forums and it is petty of me to bring the issues of one forum into another.

In all honesty I'm quite surprised Solokiller hasn't been banned from FP thus far; he's single handedly keeping the Sven Co-op thread alive and unfortunately brings some drama in to the thread as well. Can't blame him from his perspective though; he knows the engine and all of it's quirks inside out; he's just trying to help the community despite being ostracised by the Dev team / sniper.
avatar SourceSkyBoxer says: 9th August 2017, 22:54 PM
Correct but I am really respectful I want show same bugs that is why they don't believe me. I didn't say drama just I show known bugged skybox overlapping movement is very old of glaux.h Since I have caught issue like Cry of Feat. Since I found envpos_world and envpos_sky and read tutorial and i check test map and i try player to move to sky wall than I am surprised than it sees common like skybox overlapping movement. Later Garry Mod has same bug like that. Now I checked Half-Life 2 SkyCamera was since updated fixes and I check SkyCamera of Half-Life 2 means it is fixed version since Source Sdk 2013 of github and i compiled source sdk 2013 and it is proof because SkyCamera of Half-Life 2 is like Meta Renderer. Why do faceprunchers ban me. I didn't lie that. I have proof. Why they understand me wrong. That is why i don't want help faceprunchers because they are kidding to ban me. I hold back. I remove GardyMod from my account of steam. I hate Facepunch. I am mad because they take advantage money if who buy GarryMod than everyone banned than money will be sad where is payment of GarryMod. That is really stupid. I force Faceprunchers need to return back my money. That is not nice! I am sad and i feel hurt by Facepunch.
avatar Instant Mix says: 9th August 2017, 23:04 PM
Again, they aren't banning you because they don't believe you, you just didn't articulate your point well enough. Garrysmod doesn't run on OpenGL and so the files you pointed to didn't make any sense - this was pointed out to you multiple times yet you continued to reference OpenGL files. I also can't see a GitHub issue report from you - if you really wanted to help, you should open a new issue. Facepunch's ban was completely justified in my eyes. I have been banned myself plenty of times, this happens to everybody at some point.

I think it's very immature to hate Facepunch and attempt to refund the game from steam simply because you've been temporarily ( literally 24 hours ) banned from their forums. I think you are taking it more to heart than it needs to be.
avatar James Luke says: 9th August 2017, 23:06 PM
Hate to play devil's advocate but it seems like you didn't even read their responses in the forum post you made.

While I admit Facepunch can be an echo chamber and large circlejerk at times, but the responses were actually somewhat helpful in this case. It is you who is not understanding, not them.

And quit with the GLFW. Please. Stop "acting" like you know what you're talking about. I don't do that, or at least not as blatantly, I only try to talk about what I know.

You say the bug is similar to the one in Cry of Fear, but they are different implementations of "different (loosest term)" effects on different engines that are quite different.

It also doesn't help to continue pushing with the Cry of Fear response instead of acknowledging what they are trying to say.

Garry's Mod runs on Source, an engine developed with DirectX primarily in mind. Not OpenGL.

Please, I can't help but keep telling you to learn English better and learn both engines well, it will only help all of us.

I could go on for hours about what you do. But for the sake of this post and forum, I will keep it at this.

Instant Mix makes a great reply, and I'm mostly repeating what he says to prove a point.

Also, I don't think FP is like the Sven forums, they don't jerk off Sniper as much and Solo provides some damn good commentary and responses to topics. But I think it's only an amount of time until he's banned for something.
avatar Instant Mix says: 9th August 2017, 23:18 PM
FP has been kept in the loop with Solo's shit and are aware that Sniper & his cronies are arseholes. It's moreso the issue that Solo will continuously bump that thread, and sometimes the posts are quite emotionally charged. Whilst he's not necessarily doing anything wrong; he might get asked by a mod to keep it to GitHub or to private messages at some point. It may be a case though that the mods realise it's a safe space for him to post solutions and have a discussion without the Sven forum's politics getting involved.
avatar Shepard62700FR says: 10th August 2017, 00:20 AM
I wonder why I'm not yet banned for some shit-posting in the HL/SC thread, and it seems that people rate that as "Funny" or "Useful".

But I agree with James on the fact that you are comparing "apples" to "oranges". Garry's Mod is not running directly Half-Life 2/Source 2013, it's using it's own "flavour" of the Source engine.

Meta Renderer has nothing to do with HL2, I think you are being confused by Chicken Fortress which is basically a TF2 recreation under HL1. Furthermore, Meta Renderer requires an external hook à la Metamod to work.

Cry of Fear may be using the PARANOIA renderer but it's also using an outdated version of the Gold Source engine (pre-Steampipe 2013 to be exact). I wish Team Psykaskallar would have updated the game to fix the issue you mentioned but they classified it as "finished" and "EoS" ("End of Support")
avatar 2muchvideogames says: 10th August 2017, 05:37 AM
hey, how did you think i felt when steam HL removed the D3D video mode entirely? Nobody will really accommodate a personal issue, I dont think they woulda done anything even if you had better grammar. You could either solve your issues yourself or find whether a large enough amount of other people also have the same issue. If lots of people have the same issue then it might have more impact. But if it's just you and me expect nothing lol
avatar SourceSkyBoxer says: 10th August 2017, 05:39 AM
@James and @Instant thanks for explanation but it is sometimes holy shit for fp. I really don't like that because I respect and I am surprised easy and I'm getting mad to fp. Sorry i don't want return to forum. I feel like they are smaler than us. I think they are 13 years old and ban easy. I thought they are not old coders. I know because writjng styles of fp are impossible and questionabl. That is why I feel they don't know what is respect if welcome to forum. Thats ist reason.

@Separd, my dear, i already explain hard.

Meta Renderer is scratched from Source Engine. Check sky_camera from mr_demo.rmf and it is very close same features of Source Engine because chinese makes Team Frotress 2 styles to goldsrc with hooker.

Yeah you're correct because Paranoia Renderer has bad script glsky.h I found glaux.h and it cannot fix. That is why. I really don't understand why Valve Software helps with team Psykaskallar and Valve Software allows part of Russian codes. That is why.

Oh @2muchvideogames, big baby,

Yeah you say that. Me too. I want hold back from fp. That is why i want be respectfully.
avatar SourceSkyBoxer says: 10th August 2017, 06:24 AM
And my dear guys thanks for help me! Reason is fault => FP! Me not!

That is why I never enter fp again because they are like small children understand bad to me.

Now I want take rest for problems. Now I am here with you because I really like TWHL is like great architecture making like twhl is very valueable to us.
TWHL is really good helper and twhl should need use Unity and Unreal Engine if we have experiences. Why not? I really want our twhl shows good and get success.

I want be respectfully. Thanks!
avatar Solokiller says: 10th August 2017, 10:32 AM
Regarding my activities on Facepunch: i initially tried to report issues privately, but my reports were met with anger and outright insults, wondering why i dared to report anything and then ignoring the reports.
I tried to encourage people to report issues that they encountered but they didn't have any hope in getting help.

They also consistently insulted me on their Discord, and continue to bring it up when prompted instead of ignoring it. An argument spilled over from SCMapDB a month ago to the Sven Co-op subreddit (which i'm the sole active moderator of thanks to last year's drama), i handled it as best i could and got more insults thrown at me, so i responded by releasing just enough information to shut them up.

Having to resort to hammering it into them publicly is not something i like and i'd prefer it to be different, but it's not something i can change. I was made a ModRiot admin a year ago and i've done what i can do assist them with any issues that they have, and it's not my fault that the SC team is stubborn. They've also banned me from every other place that i can report bugs to so this is the only option i've got for putting said reports.

If it's a problem for Facepunch's moderators i can stop doing so.
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