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A gaming and technology blog by TWHL admins Penguinboy and Ant. A music blog by TWHL users Ant and Hugh.


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avatar Dimbeak 10 comments | 19th April 2014, 02:48 AM

For the love of God.

I made another green explosion instead of a yellow explosion.

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The moral of the story is to not be colorblind.

avatar Striker 23 comments | 14th April 2014, 23:34 PM

It is now legal for me to drink alcohol in the U.S.A.

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avatar TJB 5 comments | 8th April 2014, 21:42 PM

I did a stupid thing and bet all my money on a horse with 50 to 1 odds.
I won though so that's alright:

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So I guess technically I'm a billionaire now.

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Celebratory party is at my place, I'll buy you all jetpacks so you can attend.

avatar Striker 16 comments | 7th April 2014, 20:43 PM

I've got this annoying problem with the windows command line. Every time I start it by itself or through some program( think cmd from "RUN" or a program when compiling in Visual) it shows extremely small text. Even if I try to modify the font from its properties, the next time it will still start like that.
I'm using Windows 8.1.

Does anyone know what the problem is?

avatar Dimbeak 14 comments | 5th April 2014, 15:34 PM

So, I've been spending a lot of time with the highschool drama club.

We've done a production of Annie, and I've gotten a pretty big part, for this being my first year. I played one of the villians/comic reliefs of the musical, Rooster. If you aren't familiar with the musical, then all you need to know is that he's a sleezy, backstabbing con artist.

Pictures below.

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avatar ciba43 6 comments | 29th March 2014, 14:49 PM

A little 'Help Me Do Something' journal

I want to try my best at making maps for Source. I would like to know which Source SDK to use and which is required to make maps for native Half-Life 2. No mods, no EP's, just HL2.

Basically the question: Should I use Source SDK 2013 (2006, 2007) or Source SDK Base to make maps/mods for Half-Life 2?

avatar Tetsu0 5 comments | 29th March 2014, 01:07 AM

For all you Aussies.
A dedication.

avatar Urby 3 comments | 28th March 2014, 16:33 PM

The Alchemist's Wish

“Curses!” the tormented wail echoed through the stoney hallways of the castle. “This one’s come out green! It’s supposed to be blue!” A glass beaker shattered as it struck the cold stone floor, the green fluid within it sizzling as it spread and began dissolving a nearby rug.
The castle alchemist, Ebenezer Brothbrewer was hunched over his work table, wildly flicking through the pages of an enormous recipe book. He had lost track of how long he had been working. It could have been hours, even days, but he would not rest until he had figured out the ingredients for a very special brew he had once created by mistake.
“How hard can it truly be to turn oneself into a dragon?” he said aloud as he stood straight, his bones creaking audibly as he did. He slumped back into his naturally hunched posture and continued turning the pages of his book. “Why did I not write it down?”
He was mostly talking to himself, although some of his muttering caused Woodrow, one of the many cats who called the castle home, to stir in his sleep on top of one of the bookshelves lining the walls. He sat up and yawned, looking down on the frail old man ranting below him with great disinterest. Displeased with having been woken, he slowly moped along the row of shelves before leaping down onto the floor and gleefully trotting out of the room to find a new, quieter spot.
Brothbrewer paced back and forth across the room, scratching his bearded chin, completely oblivious to his previous attempts which littered the room. His most recent attempt was still rapidly dematerialising the large rug in the middle of the floor, while another was slowly climbing one of the walls, attempting to escape through a window. Suddenly, an ingredient he had not yet considered popped into mind. He quickly strode over to his ingredients cabinet and pulled out various vials and jars, checking the label on each.
“Aha!” he laughed “Cinnamon!” he practically skipped back to his bench, confident that this was what he had been missing all this time. He took another beaker, filled it halfway with water, and added the ingredients he had arranged on his table one by one. Then, he opened the jar of cinnamon, tipped some of the powder into his hand, and sprinkled it into the mixture. Satisfied with the amount, he took out his wand and used it to stir the concoction, before taking a step back and watching with high hopes. As the clear liquid began to take on a colour, his eyes almost welled up. It started out incredibly pale, before turning to a bright sky blue, darkening a little, and finally, as though to mock the poor man, rapidly morphed to a deep, dark purple and stopped. Brothbrewer’s eyes were still tearing up, but now they were twitching too, as he felt an intense building up inside him. He shook his head and tiptoed over to the beaker, quickly stirring the mixture again with his wand. Nothing. It remained purple.
He felt something snap. Actually, he felt two things snap. The first was something deep inside his head, his rage at its peak, the second was the wand in his hands. He let out a furious roar and brought both fists down on the work table either side of the beaker, which exploded.
When he opened his eyes, he was lying on his back, looking up at the mossy stone ceiling. He sat upright and rubbed his eyes, and then gazed at the dark purple smoke that was pouring out of the small crater in the table top. Then he noticed a strange light, shining inside the billowing smog. It grew brighter and brighter until suddenly, a small winged creature burst out of the smoke cloud with an audible pop. She was a beautiful, tiny creature, her dark brown hair swaying ever so slightly in the wake of her brilliant bright wings. Her miniature body was slim and without imperfections, covered by a small dress which ended halfway down her thighs.
“You’re a fairy” gasped Brothbrewer, the words sounded mad even to him, his eyes focused on the remains of the beaker “I’ve created a fairy.”
“You have summoned a fairy” the gorgeous being corrected him. “I am to grant you one wish. Then I am free to return to my true home.”
A grin crept across the wizards creased and tired face. He scrambled to get to his feet, then eagerly skipped over to the work bench, his face only an inch or so from the creature’s. Excitedly, he blurted out the first thing that came into his head. “I wish I could remember this blasted dragon potion recipe.”
The fairy almost looked shocked. No wish for great fortune or fame, no wish for eternal life or to be guided to the heavens regardless of sin or religious beliefs. Men often wished for such things without thinking of the consequences and usually paid the price. This one however, was much easier to please. “Very well.” she said and vanished in a bright flash, a single sheet of paper in her place. It fluttered down and landed neatly on the bench top. The wizard hurriedly grabbed the recipe, scanned it with his weary eyes and gathered the ingredients. Adding them one by one to a fresh beaker, he watched the liquid form with wide eyes, finally he had it, as he saw the mixture turn a brilliant blue. He leapt with joy, his cries echoing through the hallways. He calmed himself down, poured the liquid into a vial, and corked it for safekeeping. Then he set it aside and began trying to remember how he summoned the fairy.
It was purple. He knew it had to be purple.

avatar Instant Mix 13 comments | 25th March 2014, 22:09 PM

I have a go at the barman at WhyNot ( club in edinburgh ) as he was doing a "promotion" that if you managed to throw a pound coin into what was a wine bottle cooler filled with water with a lemon in it and get it to balance on the lemon, you win some shots or something. I told him that it's pretty much impossible. About 6 shots of tequila later, I lose memory.

And that's where my fucked up night begins.

I have flashes of memory - I vaguely remember walking on school grounds and trying to jump over one of the fences, I also vaguely remember jumping over loads of people's garden walls , I remember being in some posh housing estate, running up some random hill, arriving at Edinburgh Napier university buildings, and then walking along a long-ass road back into the centre of ediburgh.

Why was I on school grounds? Why was I in some bloody housing estate? Was I getting chased? Why did I leave the club? So many unaswered qeustions - ones that will never be answered.

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Photo my flatmate took when I walked into the flat. I'm a complete mess. My face is completely grazed and think I have a black eye, my hands are ruined, legs hurt like mad, feet blistered... and I haven't slept at all.

I managed to take a video ( why, I have no idea ) when it started to become daylight again, passing a morrisons. (
l=6960608814893549845 if you are curious )

I was looking on google maps and couldn't find this hill I was walking up nor the houses I was running through, however a mate told me the video above was taken near somewhere called Hunter's Tryst - I looked it up on google maps.

User Posted Image
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At the very top of the map is george street, the street Why Not is on. To the right of that and down a bit (Near where it says Opium) is my halls of residence.

The red circle is the area the video was taken.

Why on earth was I that far away from edinburgh?
Moral of the story is, never drink snakebites, strongbow, and then copius amounts of tequila and sambucca

avatar ciba43 32 comments | 23rd March 2014, 13:51 PM

I just love codes :D


Btw, it's binary.

avatar 2muchvideogames 5 comments | 22nd March 2014, 20:47 PM

I watched a playthru of to the moon. It made me really sad.

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avatar Striker 7 comments | 21st March 2014, 00:19 AM

I... I...

I was bored.


avatar Urby 5 comments | 16th March 2014, 00:36 AM

Started playing the original Fallout 3 alongside New Vegas but decided to record my adventures in DC.

Presenting: Falling Out with Lord Casserole - Wasteland Brit and self proclaimed bastard.

avatar zeeba-G 14 comments | 15th March 2014, 23:14 PM

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Waiting for this bad boy to arrive in the mail. 40 Watt Full Spectrum laser cutter.

avatar MarsCheerleader 6 comments | 13th March 2014, 00:04 AM

Got hooked back into some DOOM modding and gaming. Love me some DOOM.

avatar rufee 14 comments | 5th March 2014, 10:25 AM

Entered the second decade, in other words turned 20 :)

avatar Instant Mix 16 comments | 4th March 2014, 23:17 PM

I might have got a little too impulsive today.

Before I headed off to uni, I was telling my mates about how getting a mohawk or something silly along those lines would probably be beneficial in freshers week so i'd be more noticeable - sort of like "oh yeah I was smashed as fuck last night but I remember speaking to this guy with a mohawk for ages" - and thought I'd be recognized as mohawk guy.

To be fair, it was something I kinda wanted to have just in general.

Due to something that insanely pissed me off this Sunday, I thought "fuck it" and "I should be more in control of what I want to be" , and popped into the barbers.

User Posted Image
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Hair on the left is from not even a week ago - hair on the right; today.

So far everyone likes it, and they say it "suits me" ( apparently I have a very 'angry' walk ). I too am also pretty chuffed with it.. but it's impossible to get a decent photo.

Going to need to invest in a hat though

avatar Rimrook 5 comments | 3rd March 2014, 04:05 AM

Couldn't help myself.


avatar Rimrook 8 comments | 27th February 2014, 06:50 AM


avatar Instant Mix 6 comments | 26th February 2014, 09:33 AM

Last saturday I decided to enter the Edinburgh Uni's Game Dev. Soc. Gamejam competition. Expecting not to even be noticed, somehow after this two day period of working solidly on this game I managed to win with my team.
The theme was "End of the World".

Our idea isn't very unique but it's not been done before - I'll let this image explain.

User Posted Image
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It's a flappy bird clone except that it's two player, both players race each other to the centre of the map which is St. Basil's cathedral. Only major difference is that you can fire projectiles across the screen that can hinder the other player.
It's really quite fun, and give it a shot here if you wish.

One of my team-members is really insistent we push it to something like the appstore but I'm not too keen myself; seems too much effort for little return.

avatar DiscoStu 16 comments | 25th February 2014, 18:59 PM


avatar Tetsu0 5 comments | 24th February 2014, 13:29 PM

I wrote a book! Feb 21st, 2014: I'm officially a published author.
I woke up this morning to an email from my publisher stating the book is officially published. I breathed out a sigh of relief and now I'm just waiting to hold this crazy book in my hands. Again, I cannot thank the TWHL Moderators and community enough.

Check out the thread here for more details and updates.

avatar Archie 6 comments | 21st February 2014, 05:32 AM

I made a video tutorial which is sadly not supported on TWHL, but if you have any interest in how I made my 'evolution' videos to promote The Core, check it out on Youtube.
I'd love some feedback!

avatar Striker 4 comments | 20th February 2014, 12:02 PM

Has somebody jumped in the Banished bandwagon?

It's totally addictive. And infuriating when famine suddenly strikes out of nowhere.

[EDIT] Also, bought 1kg of sauerkraut. The second fermented food I'm addicted to( the first one being pickled herring). Damn this shit is so good.

avatar Captain Terror 18 comments | 20th February 2014, 10:35 AM

Lo, this MONSTER!
User Posted Image

Ever wonder how upgrading your gfx card will affect your 3d rendering ability in Hammer 4?
The answer is: Big-time!

Definitely noticed a general performance increase after getting a rig with an i7 processor, but since I didn't map much at the time, I can't be sure to what extent.

Now, after upgrading my gfx card(from GTX 630 to a GTX 650), the 3D performance increase is unmistakable! Before, I'd have to visgroup like a bandit just to have smooth 3D navigation on a big map, but now, I can have the entire map visible while editing, with no choppiness, nor any sort of lag!

If you were thinking about upgrading your gfx card and you map a lot, hesitate no further!*

*For Hammer 4 at least. i have yet to do any testing with Hammer 3.x

avatar Jessie 4 comments | 18th February 2014, 11:11 AM

I'm somewhat getting into Source Filmmaker. It's good on its own and all, but I daresay now would be a good opportunity to learn modelling to supplement it if I continue to make stuff with it.

What's a good modelling program, preferrably free (or at least quite cheap)? And if there's a couple that fit the criteria, what's the pros and cons of each?

avatar Striker 6 comments | 13th February 2014, 16:43 PM

Multiplexers, demultiplexers, counters, flip-flops, registers... all these sounded really fun before.
Why does college make me hate things I used to be enthusiastic at the thought of studying them?

The exam is in less than a week and I still have no idea how to implement a simple counter with JK-FF and MUX. Fuck this shit! Nope, JK I have to pass haha.

avatar Archie 13 comments | 12th February 2014, 23:35 PM

Hello. My name is Vladimir.

I am a bareback double IPA. Gasp as I ride semi-naked on horseback through the Siberian tundra and straight down your throat.

I am 100% hetero and will pass laws to prove it. Drinking me gives you the energy, ignorance and dogmatism required to shoot a deer (with your top off), go river fishing (with your top off) and pass internationally denounced, discriminatory legislation (top optional) before you've even had your caviare breakfast.

I contain sexual performance enhancing limonnik berries - power only to be harnessed by those engaging with the opposite sex, of course.

From Russia, without love,

Warning: May contain traces of sarcasm and protest.

User Posted Image
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avatar Rimrook 24 comments | 10th February 2014, 13:27 PM

Ok in 15 minutes I leave to get my Vasectomy.

I'll let you know how it goes.