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A gaming and technology blog by TWHL admins Penguinboy and Ant. A music blog by TWHL users Ant and Hugh.


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avatar TJB 4 comments | 15th March 2013, 22:57 PM

I just made myself a little pinhole monacle out of a copper pipe.

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Basically you put the large hole to your eye and look at stuff through the small hole. It's surprisingly effective, while my left eye is quite short sighted I can read 2 inch high lettering at about 7 metres using this. It lets you focus on things fairly well at any distance, however it is limited by the fact that the small aperture only lets in a small amount of light, so it doesn't work well in dim light.

I got the idea when my friend forgot his glasses the other day which prevented him from taking notes in a lecture, so I kerjiggered a monacle together out of a piece of paper. I thought I might try making a more permanent one.
I sanded it a bit to shine it up, although unfortunately there are marks on one end from the vice.

I also haven't got round to making a remote ignition system for the pulse-jet engine from my last journal, as I have yet to get some long enough wires. Maybe in the next few weeks I will.

avatar Instant Mix 5 comments | 15th March 2013, 21:50 PM

Trying-to-get-to-university update #idontcareanymore

Just saying. Unconditional offer from edinburgh. Clean slate of unconditionals, so goddamn happy right now.

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avatar Tetsu0 9 comments | 15th March 2013, 03:36 AM

Displacements just got 4000% easier <3

1) Use face normal mode when modifying displacements
2) Alt+Right-Click the face you would like to modify. The displacement axis maps perpendicular to the face
3) (I previously knew this but...) Holding Shift while moving a displacement vertex makes positioning your mesh much easier.

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Fml i wish i knew this 6 years ago

avatar Dimbeak 21 comments | 13th March 2013, 21:43 PM

I am hosting the very first TWHLCon!

Come one, come all to TWHLCon! Preview your maps, talk with other mappers!

Where: My Mom's Basement

When: Friday at 6:00 PM, but we aren't allowed to stay up past 10

Bring your own snacks, too! I can't wait to see you all here!

avatar The_(c)Striker 4 comments | 11th March 2013, 19:21 PM

I missed this journal by a day!

2000 days ago, I joined this amazing community:

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A lot of time has passed, and TWHL has been one of the companions in my internet journey over the years.

avatar Soup Miner 12 comments | 11th March 2013, 00:28 AM

Most of the coins you use every day were minted before you were born.

avatar The Mighty Atom 43 comments | 7th March 2013, 17:49 PM

Anyone play the new Simcity? I only recently acquired an Origin account and I have 0 friends, I need friends to built with as I'm not going to play with strangers.

avatar Jessie 9 comments | 6th March 2013, 04:29 AM

Everyone knows that I'm Dracula. So I did this.

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Oh, for the custom title here so I can make it "What is a man?" *sigh* A "man" can dream.

avatar kraken 15 comments | 4th March 2013, 15:04 PM

So I have been increasingly spammed by Russian/Cyrillic looking communities on steam.

Turns out an old Jail Break map I a made became minorly popular, and I left my steam_id in the map as proof of authorship, which was a damn easy way for people to track you down.

Still, I can't say how happy it makes me to see people enjoying a map I made, there are lots of pictures on google, tonnes of stat trackers and even (terrible) videos on youtube of it.

The map is Jail_czone.

Edit: Someone even made it in minecraft!:

Google your maps!

avatar The_(c)Striker 17 comments | 4th March 2013, 10:28 AM

I just ate peanut butter for the first time. It's actually not bad.

What do you use this stuff on besides eating it as it is?

avatar 2muchvideogames 14 comments | 4th March 2013, 00:12 AM

When I was around dimbark's age, my computer got some problems and had to be formatted. The computer guy who did the formatting told me the problem was caused by the HL SDK I downloaded. He said it was a 'system developing kit' which screwed up the entire system. So I was a scared little kid who never touched the SDK ever again.


avatar Habboi 16 comments | 1st March 2013, 11:19 AM

Ok guys this looks like the PC I'll be getting based on your feedback. Feel free to crit.

avatar Jessie 6 comments | 27th February 2013, 01:22 AM

Went to a Journey and Deep Purple concert last night.

Loved every minute.

avatar Soup Miner 29 comments | 26th February 2013, 04:56 AM

How reliant on cars are you where you live?

avatar Lajron 9 comments | 25th February 2013, 15:23 PM

My new PC :)

After 6-7years i finally bought a new pc :

Processor : i5 3570k
Motherboard : Gigabyte GA-Z77-HD3
Graphics card : MSI HD 7870 Twin Frozr III
RAM Memory : DDR3 2x4GB 1866Mhz

My old pc had a AMD Athlon 2800+ Processor and ATI Radeon x1550 Graphics and 1gb of ram , so you can get the idea how i feel right now :)

avatar DiscoStu 20 comments | 25th February 2013, 04:25 AM



avatar The Mighty Atom 18 comments | 24th February 2013, 12:57 PM

And then this happens (totally not related to previous journal):

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We're all ok.

avatar The Mighty Atom 17 comments | 23rd February 2013, 16:06 PM

Got me some new hardware!

Mainboard: Gygabyte GA-990FXA-UD5 - ATX - Socket AM3+ - AMD 990FX - USB 3.0
Processor: AMD Black Edition - AMD FX 8350 - 4 GHz - 8-core - Socket AM3+
Cooler: Scythe Mugen Rev. B PCGH Edition
Memory: Corsair Vengeance 2x8 GB
Videocard: Club 3D GeForce GTX 680 - 4 GB GDDR5

Far Cry 3 on Ultra settings = drool.

avatar Ghost129er 8 comments | 22nd February 2013, 12:51 PM

During WW2, when project Aphrodite was in full swing.

(Aphrodite was an American "Mistel Project" But using old B-17s flown via radio control after the crew bailed out upon take off.)

One B-17 packed with explosives broke contact from it's handler aircraft. after numerous attempts to reestablish radio control failed, the handler aircraft turned home.

Allowing the explosive laden B-17 to fly until it exhuasted it's fuel and made a wheels up landing into a field in Germany.

Local Wermacht troops witnessed the landing and quickly surrounded the aircraft. They ordered the crew to evacuate the aircraft with thier hands up and surrender.
When they recived no reply, they opened fire......

The crater was 150' wide and 30' deep.

True story.

avatar Captain Terror 3 comments | 20th February 2013, 05:08 AM

Watching the final season of Star Trek: DS9, and wow what a ride!

User Posted Image
Deep Space Nine is the third(i think) incarnation of the Star Trek tv franchise, the last series for me to watch, and i must say it gives voyager a run for it's money as my favourite.

Dominion war is pretty bitchin' and i must say out of all the treks, i feel like the writing is the best for this one. So many good episodes, and truly excellent performances from the cast all-around, not to mention some great comic relief, particularly from some lesser-seen-yet-great alien characters like Garrak or Quark's Brother.

Another thing i love about ds9 is they have some really great "filler" episodes. Some of these standalone shows--that has nothing to do with any of the main story arcs-- had some of the best/meaningful performances of the series(sometimes from the most unlikely of characters), and are among my favourite episodes.

avatar ChickenFist 7 comments | 20th February 2013, 01:32 AM

Looking at my old TWHL journals is always a strange experience. It puts time in a little bit more perspective than I'm comfortable with.

Hi, btw.

avatar Dimbeak 18 comments | 17th February 2013, 02:24 AM

A major complaint about DimQuest that I've received (from people who haven't ever played it) is that it's lacking in structure. Say, battles and whatnot aren't even, and I basically choose everything without anyway of keeping track of health and armor.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the DimQuest Player's Guide.

Presenting how to play the game and the mechanics of battle, equipment, and magic.

avatar rufee 7 comments | 16th February 2013, 10:01 AM

Well, it seems like valve is in the process of breaking another of its games again in this case HL.
My servers have started complaining about that they need an update. So i gave it to them via hldsupdatetool and nothing got updated.
From a little poking around the interwebs i found that this should be related to this breaking of HL that is going on and i found that you should use SteamCMD for server updating.

So the question is should i use this new tool ? I really don't want to break my servers and do them all over again.

Steam Pipe my ass.

avatar Dimbeak 14 comments | 15th February 2013, 01:12 AM

I just came up with the greatest movie idea ever.

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avatar The_(c)Striker 5 comments | 14th February 2013, 22:52 PM

Mulberries. A delicious fruit I used to eat as a child.

How about you?

avatar Jessie 13 comments | 11th February 2013, 17:55 PM

This is your 9999th login.

EDIT: This is your 10000th login.

avatar Captain Terror 6 comments | 10th February 2013, 07:51 AM

I was totally thinking about building this today, but it turns out someone else built one already this summer!

I was so excited looking up patent bullshit and everything, oh well.. ='(

Hundredth Monkey effect? or just poor timing, or fuck off captain terror? you make the call! =)

avatar AsidRayne 4 comments | 10th February 2013, 02:50 AM

/startlogg 9-2-13
It is now Day 3 of my musical journey of trying to create an album based on Half-Life. My first song that got completed on day 1 crashed my computer. However, on Day 2, i was able to fix it briefly to make some changes and little tweaks and export it. However, after the rendering process was complete... my project file crashed again. Luckily, I am content with the song so i shall not fix what isn't broken. Halfway through Day 2 i start looking through my audio files for inspiration for my second song; no luck. Day 3 is now coming to a close and i still have nothing to show for progress... I asked a good friend of mine on Day 2 for some insight and a little inspiration, and came up with a pretty good idea: a conversation between a scientist and a soldier... heh i thought i should introduce barney in replacement of the soldier because, well... im lazy. The soldiers audio files are 1 word. that means a mass of audio leveling and a crapload of piecing together. It's making my brain hurt. So now i'm trying to figure out a decent script that actually makes sense using Barney and the scientists' audio files... problem is though... since when does Half-Life make sense anyways? xD
/endlogg 9-2-13

avatar Tetsu0 10 comments | 9th February 2013, 04:30 AM

Writing books is hard.
Work is hard.
School is hard.
Mapping under time constraints while everything else hard is going on is hard.
That's why my drinks are hard.
And the internet is easy.
I like the internet.
And all of you.
And mapping.