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A gaming and technology blog by TWHL admins Penguinboy and Ant. A music blog by TWHL users Ant and Hugh.


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avatar ninja defuse 4 comments | 25th October 2014, 16:25 PM

"One, remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Two, never give up work. Work gives you meaning and purpose, and life is empty without it. Three, if you are lucky enough to find love, remember it is there and don't throw it away."

Stephen Hawking

avatar JeffMOD 16 comments | 25th October 2014, 12:09 PM
avatar Striker 8 comments | 23rd October 2014, 19:50 PM

Upgraded from the S1 Mini to an S4.

Holy cow what I've been missing on.

avatar Captain Terror 8 comments | 20th October 2014, 19:30 PM

This guy has inspired me to try and start making my own Lithium-Ion Battery packs :)
Here is the video I first watched to get inerested in it :)

I might invest in a used terminal welder, just becuase soldering cells scares the shit out of me.. ='(

Also a big plus, I get an unlimited amount of cells to play with due to failed battery packs at work; we throw them out, and normally when they fail, only 1-2 cells out of the pack(out of 8) are actually bad.

avatar Instant Mix 2 comments | 19th October 2014, 17:43 PM

So I've had a fairly fun few weeks

User Posted Image
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Since i've started second year at Uni, i've decided I really should get more involved with socities. I auditioned last year for the Footlights Society which is a musical theatre based one but unfortunately didn't make the cut. ( I didn't realise the musical was a very heavy urban-dance one... and I can't dance). This year however I auditioned and (surprisingly) got in to the Showchoir ( basically the glee club except filled with alcoholics ) and It's been great so far - I've met so many amazing people from it.

I've not just joined the showchoir; Edinburgh University has it's own student-ran theatre, known as Bedlam - which is literally an old church

User Posted Image
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They've a resident weekly improv-comedy show called the Improverts, and they hold their own little tech-workshop alongside it to learn some small bits about theatrical tech.Since i've had some interest in the lighting area, I've been attending almost all of these since the semester started and have got on really well with the senior techs and a few of the not-completely-nerdy first years. I got asked a week ago if I wanted to be the lighting operator for a show - and in my blind enthusiasm I accepted, without really knowing what I just signed up for. The show was a round so myself and the lighting team managed to come up with some really funky lighting ( and some really creepy effects as well ).
The show came and went ( and unfortunately we had to turn people away we'd sold that many tickets) and I learned a fair bit about how to actually use Bedlam's lighting desk - which comes onto my next part

User Posted Image
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Bedlam's desk is an ETC Element, according to the techies it's a fairly nice ( and expensive ) bit of kit, and is fantastic for theatrical performances, but for live stuff ( which i'd attempted to do beforehand) it's a bit awful.
The fun fact about bedlam is that almost all of the senior techies there actually work at the Student's union, and run the lighting for almost all of the union's events - the major one being the weekly "Big Cheese" club night. Because I'd said I was really interested in live stuff, almost every techie replied with "oh just come along to the big cheese and i'll let you go mental on the desk for a bit".

When you're literally invited to freely play about with some smart lights, you can't really turn it down.

User Posted Image
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( Slightly outdated image, those moving LEDs were only temp. hired, we've got Martin RUSH MH3s permanently )

So I come in to the venue at 10, the dancefloor is dead as almost nobody comes in that early, and I'm literally plonked in front of the desk and the two techies who'd helped at bedlam started showing me how to use their Tiger Touch II

User Posted Image
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nerd part
The difference between the Tiger Touch and the ETC Element that Bedlam has is that the Tiger is almost entirely designed for busking ( fancy way of saying on-the-fly lighting rather than having everything premade ), and is actually incredibly simple to use. Presets and playbacks are available and can be easily created on the fly, if an idea for an effect pops into your head in the middle of the night.

Becomes about 11 o'clock, and I'm expecting the person who is actually employed by the union to run the lighting desk to chuck me out, but he seemed overjoyed that he was now being paid to do nothing, and let me stay were I was. 11 became 12, the venue got packed and pretty much before I knew it I was single-handedly in charge of lighting the now rammed venue.

The annoying thing was that the union had recently had job openings for Tech crew, but I'd literally missed the deadline for a few days. Turns out the positions are re-opening.. next year. The tech people helping me seemed frustrated that I'd not applied, and I was equally pissed off that I had come to the conclusion that I could've been paid money to do something that I was literally vibrating with excitement whilst doing it.

And that's the story how I lit a clubnight with little to no experience, totally bossed it, and how I missed a fantastic job opportunity.

avatar Urby 11 comments | 18th October 2014, 02:44 AM

10,227 days

avatar ninja defuse 10 comments | 16th October 2014, 22:16 PM

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

Theodore Roosevelt

avatar DiscoStu 9 comments | 14th October 2014, 06:05 AM

Marketing. I may not be great at it, but I think this gets the point across.

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Am I doing it right?

avatar Dimbeak 4 comments | 13th October 2014, 02:57 AM
avatar Rimrook 17 comments | 4th October 2014, 16:06 PM
avatar Bruce 17 comments | 1st October 2014, 20:51 PM

Hey guys, I've been in this universe for 20 earth years! What a waste...

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avatar satchmo 5 comments | 1st October 2014, 15:26 PM

Scott and I took apart a defunct LCD and explored the miniature world within. We learned about capacitors together.

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avatar Tetsu0 15 comments | 27th September 2014, 04:54 AM

I'm 26!On sept 26!

avatar Lajron 15 comments | 25th September 2014, 19:22 PM

If you didn't know Euclideon has released a new video for their engine after 3 years and i must say im pretty impressed tho still waiting for better lighting and animations :D

Euclideon Makes World’s Most Realistic Graphics

avatar satchmo 33 comments | 17th September 2014, 22:14 PM

I've been staying up all night learning the history of Scotland. I am fascinated by the prospect that a new nation may be born tomorrow.

I am pro-independence. America did it, and so did Australia. It's about time for the proud and brave Scots to be free.

I even spent an hour talking to my son, Scott, about the independence movement and the history of Scotland.

avatar TJB 11 comments | 15th September 2014, 21:28 PM

Well, today I got dental braces installed, something that probably should have happened earlier given that I'm 22 years old.
There are also two protrusions that have been added to the backs of my upper incisors, which prevent me from closing my mouth all the way, so I can't chew and will not be able to until the structure of my mouth is corrected.
I will probably be having a lot of soup for the next 18 months.

avatar Dimbeak 15 comments | 15th September 2014, 00:02 AM

Today I almost died!

So I was on my way to the Ohio Renaissance Festival today, and we stopped at a rest area for a bit. I get out into the parking lot, this car comes out and wants to park in the space I naturally stepped into.

I start heading towards the sidewalk, and the driver in the car floors it aimed directly at me. My grandfather shouts, I jump out of the way and nick my elbow on its side. The fucking car went flying over the sidewalk and rammed through two fences and turned back onto the street without even stopping!

Turns out the driver was an old bastard whose leg seized up and instead of hitting his brake, he floored the gas. If it weren't for my grandfather yelling at me to move out of the way, he would've run over me without stopping. I could've been dead!

Just goes to show you, old people shouldn't drive. And now I have a fear of cars. Wonderful.

avatar Rimrook 14 comments | 12th September 2014, 23:55 PM

Lyssa took the picture, I made it a png. Enjoy.

User Posted Image
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avatar RollingBarrel 12 comments | 11th September 2014, 21:05 PM

Today I figured out how to embed screenshots/photos, thanks to Rufee!
So: Here's a few shots of my to-be mod;

User Posted Image
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User Posted Image
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User Posted Image
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I'm trying to get my grave stones to look more scattered and old- also any help making decals for an old worn out gravestone-look would be nice. I'm not great at making textures- I tend to be more of a mapper who relies on pre-made textures.

So... This is supposed to be part of my mod, called The Village. I have absolutely NO idea of storyline at the moment, but I find concentrating on the small details in maps bit-by-bit is a good way to start.

The church itself is probably going to be a part of the story; The eerie
graveyard, etc. I also may find a way of implementing changing from day-to-night; by changing brightness and sky etc on a timer or something.

Feedback Appreciated!

In other news...
I have to decide what to do for work experience week at some point, preferably before Christmas. Should I work in a shop, a library, at a center of something-or-other, or what?

What did you do (Or might do?) for work experience week?

avatar ninja defuse 10 comments | 6th September 2014, 10:21 AM

Mutant Giant Spider Dog

avatar Strider 8 comments | 5th September 2014, 17:32 PM

Since Dota 2's alpha tools landed I've been practicing with the editor thoroughly. I want to hit the ground running if/when we ever get a full Source 2 SDK (and a sequel to that game that made them famous, Half... something or other?).

I can't stress how much I love the mesh tools, and the raw power they give back to any level designer who suffered with brush tools 10 years past their use by date.

Anyway, there's a ton of new hotkeys and commands I've been drilling into my brain and I decided I need a cheat sheet I can throw up on my second monitor while practicing, so I made one:

User Posted Image
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It's probably missing a couple of things, so I might add to it when I learn more, but I figure people here might find it useful enough. Share it around if you want, and let me know if I messed up somewhere!

avatar Archie 24 comments | 3rd September 2014, 08:07 AM

In under a month the most important vote in my lifetime will take place. I am super psyched. Scotland finally has the chance to be free from the despicable far right elite in England.

All English and Welsh TWHLers will be welcome on my couch if they wish to emigrate after the vote. :D

Here's a great discussion on the matter if you want to get informed from an outsider looking in.

And here's an article that sums it up pretty brilliantly.

avatar Striker 4 comments | 30th August 2014, 22:38 PM

Has anybody from here heard about BitTorrent Sync? If you use it, how well does it perform?
If not, what is your favorite file-syncing app(not necessarily cloud)?

I use Dropbox but I'm looking for alternatives.

avatar Slasher_101 9 comments | 24th August 2014, 17:21 PM

First time Ive been on TWHL for years, I think I might get back into mapping. Always loved this community!

Check out this map I made 6 years ago:
Im very proud of it, I cant believe I made it :P

avatar zeeba-G 37 comments | 21st August 2014, 20:31 PM

Bout to order this guy.

User Posted Image
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gmax 3D Printer...

avatar zeeba-G 20 comments | 12th August 2014, 19:43 PM

I was riding flatland bmx on my bike yesterday in the cul-de-sac in front of my house when a thunderstorm began to roll in. As the first lightning struck right in front of me I felt a strong shock in my left thumb. I had been slightly shocked by it!

I headed straight inside. My thumb is still very slightly stiff. I think I'm lucky I didn't get it worst.

avatar TheEdvinazard 18 comments | 5th August 2014, 07:27 AM

R.I.P Dell latitude D400 screen.
Last night I dropped my pc. Screen - cracked. HDD - recovery in progress.

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avatar Striker 13 comments | 4th August 2014, 10:18 AM

I changed my Gigabyte HD4850 with an MSI HD7750. Now I can run Crysis FullHD.

avatar Urby 30 comments | 2nd August 2014, 16:48 PM

My wife and I are making something. It won't be ready for about 7 months though.

avatar Archie 8 comments | 31st July 2014, 00:44 AM


Video has been uploaded, Check it out!

Do you ever just look back on your day and wonder what the actual hell you were doing?
I always tend to post my weird shoot experiences on here, but this one tops them all. So much unbelievable fun.

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