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A gaming and technology blog by TWHL admins Penguinboy and Ant. A music blog by TWHL users Ant and Hugh.


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avatar Suture 11 comments | 29th August 2013, 02:52 AM

I am posting words in a journal!
FACT: This journal is almost a direct copy of this one.

Also, check 'em.

avatar Skals 6 comments | 28th August 2013, 19:58 PM

Hello TWHL, I'm back from a long vacation in Latvia. What have I been up to? Well the usual stuff.

User Posted Image
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(That's me in the rasta hat).
A lot of things happened... Met a lot of relatives, friends, babysit a lot of children, Had a few adventures like nearly crashing in a car, falling out of a boat which then drowned, also broke one of my fingers. Had a great time, but now I'm back. Back to my computer... Just sitting here... At my computer...... Fuck.

avatar Soup Miner 17 comments | 28th August 2013, 04:33 AM

I'm done with TWHL.

avatar Urby 2 comments | 26th August 2013, 20:49 PM

A snippet from Urby's first game of Fallout 3

I emerged from the subway and stepped out into a ruined courtyard. In the distance I could see the Washington Monument, my destination. It's still a good distance away, but I'm definitely getting closer. As I start to move toward it I notice something move to my left. About 200 meters down the road, I see a makeshift barrier which is most likely concealing some sort of a camp. Probably raiders. I pull out my hunting rifle and crouch down, slowly approaching the camp. I'm low on health but if I can take them by surprise I might be able to take a few out before they know I'm even here. Should be a good haul of stimpacks and other meds in there too. Besides, I need to get past them anyway and there's no way I can do it without getting noticed.

Suddenly, to my right, a horrifying roar. A huge green figure steps out of the ruins and charges toward the raider camp, firing a huge honking minigun. Then his buddy joins him, barreling towards the shouting raiders with a massive sledgehammer. There's no way I can take on these guys in my condition. A creep backwards into a pile or rubble and watch.

Without warning, a fusion powered car caught in the crossfire bursts into flame and then explodes, throwing up a miniature mushroom cloud and relieving the two nearby raiders of their legs, one of which slaps wetly onto the tarmac a few feet away from me.

It's not going well for the raiders and all and it looks like the super mutants have this in the bag, then the one with the minigun stops and turns to face me. I'm still crouching down so it takes him a second to notice me but I can here the unmistakable sound of his gun winding up just as his head explodes and he slumps to the floor. His melee buddy turns around just in time to see the rocket heading towards his chest. It hits home and sends his ragdoll flying backwards, slamming hard into the concrete wall behind him and falling to the floor, dead. Three Brotherhood of Steel paladins charge forward now, out from their cover in the ruins a little further down the street. The stop at the entrance of the raider camp and unleash hell, sending all manner of rockets, bullets and indeed fire into the base. Then everything falls silent. One of the paladins approaches me, his rifle at his shoulder. "What the Hell are you doing out here? This place isn't safe."

"Hnnnng" O_O

I have the biggest stiffy right now.

A snippet from Urby's first game of Battlefield 3

I am standing behind a wall, shooting at a bunch of guys charging at me. I don't have a destination because my orders are to stop this counter attack. I shoot down 5 more guys and the commander barks my next order through my radio. Move to the position to the east and defend. I move and take cover behind another wall, shooting at all the guys that are running towards me because I was told to. Then an explosion knocks me off my feet. I'm not sure what caused it because the guys running toward me don't seem to be making any effort to take me out. There was nobody left standing to throw a grenade or fire a rocket. Huh, it's a mystery. What the hell? ...Now I'm stuck lying on my back and I can't move my head. I'm stuck staring up at the sky, just as a friendly helicopter takes a hit from a mystery rocket and crashes into a building, bringing it toppling down in front of me.

Fuck me, I am so fucking bored right now.


avatar Soup Miner 11 comments | 23rd August 2013, 17:07 PM

Do any of you have trouble thinking "out of the blue" or responding to broad questions?

For example, I tell you, "Create a sentence."
Is that an easy or difficult task for you? Please note "easy or difficult" as opposed to "simple or complex." How long did it take you to decide on a complete sentence? How many questions did you have to ask yourself before creating your sentence?

avatar satchmo 6 comments | 22nd August 2013, 04:33 AM

This morning, I attempted to set a personal record for pull-ups.

avatar Sajo 5 comments | 21st August 2013, 15:55 PM

It has been 4 years since I last upgraded my computer, and now it is not efficient enough to work with programs such as Maya and Max anymore.

I have been using a "ASUS P5Q SE" motherboard with "Intel Core Quad CPU @2.83GHz " and also with a 3326MB of RAM. Yes, they are quite old, they still work perfectly, just not very efficient.

I recently won a "Asus Geforce GTX 650Ti" from a video game competition. So I decided to go for a complete new PC. However, I'm not sure where to start and I'm not familiar with new type of motherboards and CPUs. What type of motherboard and CPU would you suggest to go with the new GPU? Or how powerful hardware are you using for your CPU-heavy software?

avatar 2muchvideogames 3 comments | 20th August 2013, 22:10 PM

So I tried out malle's medal of honor(TM) game and I thought it was gonna be like MOHAA (you know, all old school fps) but turns out it was a call of duty modern warfare clone. That's fine, since whack a mole: modern warfare was pretty fun and all. Basically I'm just walking along, completing this mission and that, and it's moderately better than COD in one part where you use a scoped m249 trying to suppress fire on a machine gun so your unkillable squadmates can advance close enough to mark it for airplane bombs. But then at one part you take cover in this house as fifty terrorists come down from the mountains all around you. And your house gets progressively more blown up until it's practically a single wall between you and the 50 guys. One grenade and I'm dead. My squad mates were yelling about how they have no more ammo, even though one of them just handed me 900 bullets for my m249 and I still have like 600 left. Way too be script huggers.

At the end we got saved by 2 apache helicopters similar to the ones in Half Life that have rockets onboard. Then in the next level I got to control the apaches and this is where the fun starts. Basically you helicopter is indestructable and can tank multiple RPG7 shots, but it kept telling me to destroy something like a rock wall and I couldn't kill it because I didn't see what I was supposed to destroy. Then it just said Mission Failed. I didn't get blown up or anything, just 'mission failed' and fade to black. LOL.

I couldn't get thru that part after like 5 more tries. And this brings me to the main point of FPS's these days. Control is taken away from the player almost completely, so that in the end it's not so much a game you are playing but an interactive movie. And that's just what it is, a movie. Because if you run off the script, the 'game' will restart till you get it right. Kinda like the director yelling CUT over and over again until you do exactly as he says. I'm not kidding, many times I see enemies that take 20 rounds and simply refuse to die until they did their scripted sequences.

Back when scripting came out on Half-Life, it was groundbreaking and made games incredibly interesting. But nowadays, scripting has been abused just way too much. So much so that the player has practically no control over anything and it's not really a game anymore. Sad, I know, but everybody seems to like it that way, so, you know.

Incidentally, I kinda ran out of HL1 mods to play, and I dont feel like playing those HL1 messup type mods since they tend to not have any new maps or anything. Just waiting for the core to come out, though I'm not pushing for a fast release or anything. Take time to fix all the little things and I'm sure the modding community will appreciate it. If there still is a modding community by then.

avatar Rimrook 8 comments | 16th August 2013, 21:09 PM

Just watched "Jobs" at the theatre. Its really inspirational. Though I think all of the Windows ads that were on before the previews was just lulzy.

It's really interesting seeing the life of someone who believes in the same philosophies as I do. I'm no Steve Jobs though, hell I never really knew the guy. Yet we have a lot in common. I think there are lots of people out there (maybe you?) who share that same spark.

avatar DiscoStu 18 comments | 15th August 2013, 17:54 PM

My friend has taken up Tarot. As an scientifically educated person, I tend to think such things are, for lack of a better word, bullshit. He agrees with me. But he also told me things about things that happen in my life (or my other friend's lives) that I never told him, or anyone.

Truth or superstition? Discuss.

avatar satchmo 4 comments | 15th August 2013, 04:30 AM

I re-dubbed Habboi's playthrough of my map sp_justice from almost ten years ago. I was experimenting with a new video editor.

It was my first Half-Life 2 map. I started making this map even before I played Half-Life 2.

avatar Dimbeak 5 comments | 15th August 2013, 02:07 AM

So, at band camp, we played a little game where we all had toothpicks in our mouths and had to pass a Cheerio between toothpicks as part of a competition. From afar, it looked like people kissing . . .

So, while the football players where jumping about doing manly things, the band geeks were off to the side kissing each other.

avatar The_(c)Striker 3 comments | 13th August 2013, 17:48 PM

If only money wasn't the problem, we could probably happily travel across the world to have a TWHL meeting. I've literally changed about 6 means of transport( not as in "diversity") to get home. I started this morning by travelling across the Cyprus island with 2 bus routes, taking the airplane, bus from airport to city(though only half an hour) and now on the train. And I still have to change yet another train.
Total time left till home if I wouldn't stop in the city wherr I change trains to sleep at sombody: 14 hours.
I feel a weird inner peace now that I managed to travel so much time alone.
I read half of the first volume of "Mermoz" on the road.

avatar JeffMOD 19 comments | 13th August 2013, 01:28 AM

Quick vote; Who thinks I should change my username? I've got one in mind, but I'm unsure if I want to go ahead and do it.
JeffMOD is what I'm known as far and wide across the Valve/Modding community, but, as I'm sure you've noticed, it's always been kinda...lame.
Since I'm about to start a new chapter in my life, so to speak, I'm wondering if it's time for a change.

avatar Archie 6 comments | 12th August 2013, 04:23 AM

Game 5 of the International grand final is the most exciting thing I have ever watched - that's including seeing my countryman win Wimbledon this year. The only sour part was that we lost, but not for lack of effort.

I am exhausted.

avatar Urby 11 comments | 9th August 2013, 08:57 AM

Half-Life 1: November 19th, 1998 (2 years after Valve's founding in 1996)
Half-Life 2: November 14th, 2004 (5 days short of 6 years later)
HL2 Episode 1: June 1, 2006 (19 months later)
HL2 Episode 2: October 10, 2007 (16 months later)

On October 6th this year we will have passed the longest time between official Half-Life releases.

Now, some crazy speculative mathematics:

Half-Life was completed in nearly 2 years / 24 months. 24 divided by 4 equals 6. Half-Life 2 was developed in nearly 6 years / 72 months. 72 divided by 4 equals 18.
Half-Life 3 will be developed in 18 years (After 2004) so will be released in 2022.

Which means unless Valve does more episodes for HL3, we won't be seeing HL4 until 2076, and if the Fallout Series is to be believed the world will fall to nuclear devastation in 2077. I wonder how many mods will be released before the apocalypse...

avatar The_(c)Striker 13 comments | 4th August 2013, 18:54 PM

Greetings from Cyprus!

User Posted Image
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(yeah, didn't take photos with my camera yet, this is with my phone)

It's quite hot here.

avatar satchmo 4 comments | 4th August 2013, 05:16 AM

Unboxing a portal device.

avatar ciba43 7 comments | 3rd August 2013, 20:36 PM

I have played many mods my Half Life Folder is about 3 gigs big :D

avatar LaVolpe 9 comments | 2nd August 2013, 17:55 PM

I suppose I should introduce myself at some point since I haven't.

Hi guys I'm La, or Volpe, or C. (I may be [definitely] using this whole introducing thing as an excuse for the next part.)

I'm bored and I was wonder what your guys favourite MALE and FEMALE video game characters? Because when I get bored I draw, and I can't think of anything to draw~ So please feel free to tell me your favourite characters so I can draw them. =)

avatar The_(c)Striker 11 comments | 30th July 2013, 23:19 PM

From train travelling on long distances(I get to travel almost 10 hours in a few days by train, alone(with strangers), I wonder what I will do to keep myself from being bored...), I somehow arrived through clicking on links to the squat-toilet:

This is interesting(skip the question post, look at answers)

You know what the sad thing is after you've been horrified reading stories about this?

This is the correct method.

[EDIT] I will also travel in a few days by airplane for the first time in my life. Any tips and advices?

avatar Dimbeak 18 comments | 30th July 2013, 17:38 PM


avatar The Mighty Atom 15 comments | 27th July 2013, 22:03 PM

I am officially old as of today. The big three-oh.

Dang it.

avatar Captain Terror 7 comments | 27th July 2013, 03:05 AM

Easiest Fresh Install Ever!

My computer was slow, and getting slower by the minute... Simple file operations and boot times were taking FOREVER, and it seemed to be getting worse with time.

Tried everything i could to fix it to avoid the extra work of a reinstall, and i mean i tried any and all gimmicks and quick fixes to improve system performance, but nothing helped. (a couple times i thought i had it sorted, but nooo..) :P

Sooo, after backing up my steamapps folder, firefox bookmarks, and of course all my documents/maps/music/etc, as well existing drivers with driver magician just in case, i loaded a previously image of a fresh windows 7 install, and proceeded to reload my core applications and drivers.

Surprisingly, i had most everything i use restored within a couple hours(minus windows updates and antivirus), and Shit is DAMN FAST now! So fast i don't even want use Windows Update or anything to fuck it up :P

I still have to decide what kind of antivirus/firewall i'm going to go with, as i don't think i'm going to use Avast/Commodo anymore.

Also, for the first time ever i tried Windows easy share to help with the transition, which was pretty successful at saving most of my windows settings, and desktop shortcuts, as well my pinned applications(which helped a lot).

avatar zeeba-G 7 comments | 22nd July 2013, 22:47 PM

Reading through old posts is painful. Thanks for putting up with me TWHL, i've come a long way. You guys are great!

avatar Instant Mix 3 comments | 22nd July 2013, 09:41 AM

I had the luckiest encounter about a week ago.
As I've spammed here months ago, I'll be studying Computational Physics at the University of Edinburgh in quite literally a couple of months. The only problem I've had however is that I've not really been able to speak to anyone about the subject- considering so few people take it- leaving me partially in a dark place until I actually start the course.
Anyway, I was working in my beautiful little hotel in this beautiful little town whilst it was boiling hot, and this old couple I was serving was asking what I was doing there, considering they'd seen me working there the year before. I told them that it's not a summer job and I've had it for just over 2 years now, and that I'll be finishing shortly to leave for university. They initially got flustered because I'd chosen to study at Edinburgh ( I quote: "Ooh, Missed out on a great education at Glasgow there" ). I then explained that I'm doing computational physics, and they started talking about astrophysics and eventually I walked off because they were boring me with their old ways.

As I was leaving to go to the bar to talk to the manager, another couple stopped me and said "Excuse me, did you just say you were studying Computational Physics?". I could tell he was pretty shocked, considering that was probably the last thing he was expecting to hear - not business or psychology.
Turns out that after a very long conversation (that I could tell the manager was getting pissed off about) , this person who had stopped me actually did the exact same course as me - about 12 or so years ago - at Edinburgh. He's got a doctorate and actually helped with the design and operation of the LHCb experiment at everyone's favourite Large Hadron Collider. Contrary to what the two old farts sitting on the table at the other end of the restaurant, he said that Edinburgh by far had the best physics labs, and the tutors were all incredibly talented and "quirky" people. He gave me his email address and literally said that if there's anything I'm struggling with or worrying about either now or in the future, just to contact him.

It's honestly so useful being able to meet these people, but really bizzare to meet someone so intelligent who'd worked at CERN to be in this really small hotel in this small town.

It's a small world. Oh, and his wife let slip that her daughter was going to the same halls of residence as me. Not telling me her name was probably a good idea :L

avatar The_(c)Striker 5 comments | 20th July 2013, 12:55 PM

Got a 10.1 (1024x600px) inch Android tablet.
Short story: I need app suggestions of tablets. Considering energy efficiency is a bonus..

It's nothing really special, but it works. It runs Android 4.1 and has an ARM Cortex A8 (1.2 Ghz) processor, a MALI 400 GPU and 1 GB of RAM. The screen is crap(but what the heck?), having really weird viewing angles(can't look at it perpendicularly), though I can get used to it. Let's say it's good for starters, at least I know what I can get from this price range further.

So far most of the applications run pretty well, and I didn't experience any lag. Movies play well, browsing the net works well, I even tried 3D games and they work well. One nice feature is the OTG cable it came bundled with. I tried a couple of things: my wireless mouse, an USB stick, even my Nikon, and they all work.
The only nasty thing is that it doesn't charge by USB, only with the power adapter.

Now, because I'm not very used to the Android ecosystem yet, I'd like some app suggestions. I realized that it isn't as simple as just looking for an app, because energy efficiency is an aspect I don't want to neglect.

For example, what combination of media player and video codec would have the least impact on battery life?

Looking for all kinds of apps(even games, why not?) suggestions. Thank you for your time :).

avatar Tetsu0 5 comments | 19th July 2013, 15:16 PM

I'm flying to California Monday for work.
Any TWHLers live in the Chino area?
Want to meet up for a beer?

avatar Rimrook 18 comments | 15th July 2013, 18:40 PM

EDIT: Ooooooh i never posted the news here... I swear I did...
This is a copy from elsewhere about it.


I've been sick and on worker's compensation from being exposed to calcium hypochlorite disodiumsalt of ethylenediaminetetraaceticaciddihydratediammoniumsulfa
te with still unknown floculent ingrediants. This stuff was puffed into my face when I folded up a single layer of cardboard that covered the wooden palette. On this palette was about 12 boxes of the stuff. I handled the chemical perfectly, I got sick handling a piece of cardboard.

So how did the cardboard become covered in this chemical? Ever get a bag of flour and there's flour all over the outside of the fucker? Its from the factory and can't be helped. So my company has been very nice to me lately, though I'm now entering my 4th week of having little breath to spare and still coughing. I see a specialist soon next month at least.

All this means I am home a lot and I have been around to do some art to stay active. I will likely stream some sketches and make things fun. I've felt like crap, can barely go outside, and I don't know when I can return to work.

Lastly I leave you with this... WHAT HAS SCIENCE DONE!?!? I'll let everyone know when I sprout boobs or something...


Walked into my job today after 3 months of recovery from the chemical inhalation. My right arm went tingly, my lips turned white, instant headache, and I couldn't breathe. I can't go back to work at that job. I might lose my job but hell if that happens, there will most likely be some legal action. I am so fucking tired of this shit.

avatar The_(c)Striker 11 comments | 14th July 2013, 13:41 PM

I considered moving to Windows 8 for some time.

Read this.

And this

And Gabe's opinion.

I'm not very convinced anymore. Unfortunately I can't really experience it in a virtual environment due to choppy performance, and I'm not willing to waste a couple of days of moving to Windows 8.
I think I'll wait for Windows 8.1(blue) and see how that fixes some annoying things.

Like many others, I just don't agree with being forced to boot to Metro. Yeah it's nice, but I'm not exactly the illiterate facebook addict that uses his computer just for browsing. I fear windows 8 is a complete failure when it comes to productivity. The desktop- I like. But... switching between Metro and Desktop is confusing.
I'd love a Windows 8 Desktop edition...

Furthermore, Linux distributions are starting to become promising alternatives. Ubuntu might be the star of the show, but there a couple of ubuntu based(debian based) distros that strive to resemble a familiar windows-like environment. Linux Mint is popular, for example. With Wine and Play on Linux, you can run lots of windows apps. It's just that it's not very stable yet.
And there's Zorin OS, which is a Linux distro specifically designed to be a Windows alternative. It comes with a similar interface, and Wine and Play on Linux installed by default.