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A gaming and technology blog by TWHL admins Penguinboy and Ant. A music blog by TWHL users Ant and Hugh.


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avatar Soup Miner 4 comments | 1st May 2013, 17:35 PM

I want to share one of my favorite moments in gaming: the end of stage 4-7, "Fickle Companion," in Braid.

For those of you not well-versed in Braid, this is one of many stages in which time only moves in the direction that you are physically moving. Not moving causes time to stand still.
The end of this stage involves a friendly stuffed dinosaur trying to tell you that the princess is in another castle... except he can't because time stops if you stop to listen to him. So you have to keep running, running away, as the dinosaur asks, "Wait, where are you going?!"

What gets me about this scene is that it depicts isolation so brutally perfectly. It's impossible for the dinosaur to know why Tim is running away, and Tim has no way of stating his case to the dinosaur. It becomes overwhelmingly apparent in this scene that it is absolutely impossible for anyone to interact with Tim, even if they wanted to. And Tim, being the only one aware of this issue, can't do anything about it.
The player has to force Tim to trudge onward, but doing so seems less like an accomplishment and more like a sad revelation about Tim.

That's just one of my favorite moments in gaming.

avatar Dimbeak 16 comments | 1st May 2013, 00:23 AM

Check out my new setup.

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avatar The_(c)Striker 13 comments | 28th April 2013, 13:07 PM

As skals linked in the shoutBOX ...

User Posted Image
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Math uni looks like real fun when the teacher plots results on the blackboard, but the moment I am given a problem to solve, I'm lost. Watching the teacher writing different equations and formulas that transform like magic in weird geometric figures is interesting and gives me the feel of a geek. It's somewhat like the feeling of watching a geeky film. The feeling is shattered once I realize how fun would it be able to play with such math, but I can't.

Then there's differential equations, which are crap.

avatar Habboi 17 comments | 21st April 2013, 11:06 AM

Hey dudes, how are you doing? Anything interesting happening on TWHL lately? I've neglected my visits here so thought I'd pop by on my surfboard. I'm currently enjoying the sun as it's got a lot warmer now and other than that I'm working on an indie game, A Hat in Time. Lots of work to do but it'll be interesting to see how it's received in the coming months, you'll see :)

Anyway I have an ulterior motive, we help each other out from time to time right? Would you guys be super cool and use the power of your facebook accounts (if you have one) to vote for a design I made for a Dark Souls 2 compo.

If you don't know the Souls series is an awesome open RPG adventure game that's labelled as the hardest game of this era. It's tough sure but not unfair tough :P It's one of my favourite games because of how varied it is. Plus it has an "invasion" mechanic which I love to bits. It essentially allows you to invade another persons game and try to kill them or ruin their day, whatever suits you :)

Anyway Dark Souls 2 was announced and with it a competition to design a shield. DS1 had the same compo but it was hidden and most people missed it like myself. Unfortunately the people running the compo are idiots, they allowed voting day 1 which means all new submissions are lost on page 50 :P

So I'm basically calling all favours, all friends etc. It would be swell if you could log on and just vote for my submission. I only need to be in the top 30 to go to stage 2 which is when the devs pick 2 winners from each shield template. Since I'm in UK I did the Europe shield and went with a theme I love, invading :)

Well there's the story, I need YOU (Madcow: U!) to help a fellow TWHL'er and friend to reach the top :)

Here's link:

It's an app that only works on PC, sorry :<

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TLDR: Click link above and vote for me bitches :P

avatar kraken 16 comments | 19th April 2013, 18:51 PM

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Left to right, ZombieLoffe, me and Trapt.

We had a nice gathering in Melbourne whilst ZombieLoffe was travelling Australia.

avatar The_(c)Striker 12 comments | 14th April 2013, 22:20 PM

Yup... I guess I'm changing my prefix... :).

avatar Ghost129er 8 comments | 14th April 2013, 14:07 PM

Hello all!

Im doing a extensive mind map on: Gaming!

So I'd just like a few words describing, or what ever comes to you in gaming in words, not sentences or phrases, as it has to be a mind map.


avatar Soup Miner 13 comments | 12th April 2013, 16:41 PM

Wake up, check Facebook.
"Happy birthday, Sean!"
Check TWHL.
"Happy birthday, Soup!"

I can't lie, I forgot today was my birthday. Thanks for keeping me in the know, everyone :P

avatar JeffMOD 9 comments | 3rd April 2013, 23:34 PM

We trudge through our lives, day by day, step by step. We eat, we breathe, we sleep, we survive.
In short, we exist. But it's not enough to merely exist. Exisitence for existence's sake is failure. To truly be sucessful, we have to live.
And to live, we have to think, feel, fall in love, and create.
It's not always easy to live. We have our share of bumps and bruises along the way. We'll think things that just aren't true, feel emotions that we'd rather not. Perhaps we develop feelings for the wrong person, or find that something we've created has a fatal flaw. Maybe we simply fall flat on our faces and break something. Human bodies are fragile like that.
But we can't let those brusies stop us. If we become bitter over them, then we'll have lost sight of what truly matters. In order to keep living, we have to keep striving for our goals. Because it's our goals that make us human.
So don't despair. It's too early to give up. Pick yourself up off the floor, dust yourself off, and get back on your road. Because there's still much to learn. There are a million things left to feel. You will find your true love. And before you close your eyes one last time, you'll make something wonderful.

Because even though you died, you lived first.

avatar JeffMOD 6 comments | 1st April 2013, 11:15 AM

Happy April Fools!
Here's the official thingy/

Original Post:
Exciting news on the Hazard Course development front! We are pleased to announce Hazard Course: Infinity, and the position of writer being finally filled!

Sadly, there is also some...less good news, but on the bright side, I may be actually getting a payday from this.

avatar Soup Miner 12 comments | 31st March 2013, 21:30 PM

I took my car in for some fixes on Friday. Because it was a holiday weekend, nobody I knew was in town to give me a ride home. Instead of waiting at the shop, I took a 4-hour walk.
It was nice to just walk.

The follow day--Saturday--I got home from work and decided to boot up CS 1.6. I can't remember the last time I played CS. It was nice; so nice that I was inspired to boot up Hammer--also something I haven't done in some time. I started building this. I hope I stay motivated to finish the map.
It was nice.

This was a nice weekend. I feel good about myself.

avatar The_(c)Striker 3 comments | 31st March 2013, 09:31 AM

Have you guys heard about Coursera?
It's a website where you can enroll in some courses held by different colleges around the world. They are totally free, or so it seems.
But there are a lot of interesting things there, and you even get a certificate for attending them( but I think it is this certificate that isn't free).

- What is the actual method of "attending" these courses? I couldn't find out, is it participating in some kind of conference like you'd do with google+?

- Is it compulsory to attend all the hours? If so, this is hard to manage for people with a busy schedule.

- Finally, what do you think about all this?

avatar ninja defuse 5 comments | 26th March 2013, 19:06 PM

wheres the bomb wheres the bomb wheres the bomb wheres the&#65279; bomb wheres the bomb wheres the bomb wheres the bomb wheres the bomb wheres the bomb wheres the bomb wheres the bomb wheres the bomb wheres the bomb wheres the bomb wheres the bomb wheres the bomb wheres the bomb

avatar rufee 12 comments | 25th March 2013, 13:14 PM

Well since we are all about datacenters now:
The balcony datacenter was moved to the basement :)

So i changed the shit TP-Link to a more business oriented Mikrotik RB2011 router, which works like a charm. Added an older 1.3 Ghz Duron (I hate AMD, but il take what i can get) to act as my web server. Modified the UPS to work with a car battery in case the power goes and you never know when it will in a basement :D .
Both servers have 2 HDD's and they back them selves up by copying the necessary files to another drive (makeshift RAID 1).

Reasons for moving:
1. No more noise out of the balcony at night.
2. Free power.
3. Closer to the ISP's switches with which i like to tinker :)

Recently acquired a few motherboards to turn into a few working boxes
Socket 604 mobo, sadly it just does not want to turn on, some weird AGP-pro issue :(
Socket 478 with a Pentium 4, just needs some low density ram and its good to go.

The existing machines are running stable for more than 3 months since i moved them there.

avatar fate 7 comments | 23rd March 2013, 06:11 AM

Shit, its been a while, Have not been on this site is such a long time, have been working and doing the school thing. Lost all my time to do what I love, and that is dick around with half-life and making maps and what not. How are all of you? This is the first website I have visited in my new datacenter, if you wanna see what it looks like you can check out the security cam @ or the panoramic cam is, note the pan cam, takes a couple minutes to load all four images for some reason.

avatar Daubster 8 comments | 19th March 2013, 01:55 AM

This should be made into a mod.

User Posted Image
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avatar TJB 4 comments | 15th March 2013, 22:57 PM

I just made myself a little pinhole monacle out of a copper pipe.

User Posted Image
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User Posted Image
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User Posted Image
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Basically you put the large hole to your eye and look at stuff through the small hole. It's surprisingly effective, while my left eye is quite short sighted I can read 2 inch high lettering at about 7 metres using this. It lets you focus on things fairly well at any distance, however it is limited by the fact that the small aperture only lets in a small amount of light, so it doesn't work well in dim light.

I got the idea when my friend forgot his glasses the other day which prevented him from taking notes in a lecture, so I kerjiggered a monacle together out of a piece of paper. I thought I might try making a more permanent one.
I sanded it a bit to shine it up, although unfortunately there are marks on one end from the vice.

I also haven't got round to making a remote ignition system for the pulse-jet engine from my last journal, as I have yet to get some long enough wires. Maybe in the next few weeks I will.

avatar Instant Mix 5 comments | 15th March 2013, 21:50 PM

Trying-to-get-to-university update #idontcareanymore

Just saying. Unconditional offer from edinburgh. Clean slate of unconditionals, so goddamn happy right now.

User Posted Image
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avatar Tetsu0 9 comments | 15th March 2013, 03:36 AM

Displacements just got 4000% easier <3

1) Use face normal mode when modifying displacements
2) Alt+Right-Click the face you would like to modify. The displacement axis maps perpendicular to the face
3) (I previously knew this but...) Holding Shift while moving a displacement vertex makes positioning your mesh much easier.

User Posted Image
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Fml i wish i knew this 6 years ago

avatar Dimbeak 21 comments | 13th March 2013, 21:43 PM

I am hosting the very first TWHLCon!

Come one, come all to TWHLCon! Preview your maps, talk with other mappers!

Where: My Mom's Basement

When: Friday at 6:00 PM, but we aren't allowed to stay up past 10

Bring your own snacks, too! I can't wait to see you all here!

avatar The_(c)Striker 4 comments | 11th March 2013, 19:21 PM

I missed this journal by a day!

2000 days ago, I joined this amazing community:

User Posted Image
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A lot of time has passed, and TWHL has been one of the companions in my internet journey over the years.

avatar Soup Miner 12 comments | 11th March 2013, 00:28 AM

Most of the coins you use every day were minted before you were born.

avatar The Mighty Atom 43 comments | 7th March 2013, 17:49 PM

Anyone play the new Simcity? I only recently acquired an Origin account and I have 0 friends, I need friends to built with as I'm not going to play with strangers.

avatar Jessie 9 comments | 6th March 2013, 04:29 AM

Everyone knows that I'm Dracula. So I did this.

User Posted Image
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Oh, for the custom title here so I can make it "What is a man?" *sigh* A "man" can dream.

avatar kraken 15 comments | 4th March 2013, 15:04 PM

So I have been increasingly spammed by Russian/Cyrillic looking communities on steam.

Turns out an old Jail Break map I a made became minorly popular, and I left my steam_id in the map as proof of authorship, which was a damn easy way for people to track you down.

Still, I can't say how happy it makes me to see people enjoying a map I made, there are lots of pictures on google, tonnes of stat trackers and even (terrible) videos on youtube of it.

The map is Jail_czone.

Edit: Someone even made it in minecraft!:

Google your maps!

avatar The_(c)Striker 17 comments | 4th March 2013, 10:28 AM

I just ate peanut butter for the first time. It's actually not bad.

What do you use this stuff on besides eating it as it is?

avatar 2muchvideogames 14 comments | 4th March 2013, 00:12 AM

When I was around dimbark's age, my computer got some problems and had to be formatted. The computer guy who did the formatting told me the problem was caused by the HL SDK I downloaded. He said it was a 'system developing kit' which screwed up the entire system. So I was a scared little kid who never touched the SDK ever again.


avatar Habboi 16 comments | 1st March 2013, 11:19 AM

Ok guys this looks like the PC I'll be getting based on your feedback. Feel free to crit.

avatar Jessie 6 comments | 27th February 2013, 01:22 AM

Went to a Journey and Deep Purple concert last night.

Loved every minute.