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A gaming and technology blog by TWHL admins Penguinboy and Ant. A music blog by TWHL users Ant and Hugh.


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avatar DiscoStu 11 comments | 25th February 2017, 18:17 PM


avatar Admer456 7 comments | 23rd February 2017, 21:29 PM

On the 23rd of February, 2002, my tiny village was surprised by something big: me!

I turned 15 today :D
One more year of living, but 1 year closer to my death, lol.

Also, I did my maths test today, I hope I'll get an A :)
And, here's a catchy Roki's song for the ones who like:


avatar Dr. Orange 11 comments | 18th February 2017, 10:51 AM

User Posted Image
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Cryptic birthday journal.

avatar satchmo 5 comments | 13th February 2017, 13:14 PM

I'm trying to attend E3 this year. For the first time, it's open to the public.

Tickets go on sale this morning!

avatar The Mad Carrot 3 comments | 12th February 2017, 15:48 PM

On April 10th 2012, one of my cats passed away.

Today, her sister passed away.

Sleep well, my little dingus you. :(

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avatar Admer456 22 comments | 7th February 2017, 18:59 PM

I made a video. It's about me compiling a map on my laptop:


As you can see, this is what I deal with every day :)
Made with Sony Vegas 11 10.

Basically, this has been my entire life since 2015. This is why I really want to build my PC.

avatar vodka95-ICR 16 comments | 18th January 2017, 19:57 PM

lol, is in this site any banned user?

avatar Ghost129er 15 comments | 3rd January 2017, 04:44 AM

Artist: Paul Hardcastle
Released: 17 February 1985
Type: Single

avatar Tetsu0 7 comments | 1st January 2017, 06:06 AM

As of a couple minutes ago, 2017 is a thing. I hope everyone has a fantastic year and finds great satisfaction in their achievements!

avatar SourceSkyBoxer 16 comments | 27th December 2016, 23:16 PM

Hello my friends,

Do you remember? 12 / 28 ?

Say me!

Thanks best regards

avatar hfc 10 comments | 9th December 2016, 21:52 PM

hello this is my first journal. finally decided to start making a real mod or a big serious map to complete it 100 percent. and since my exams started too ill only make very little progress everytime. now i have to develop a good concept for my mod. i got multiple concepts but non of them will useful in this project. since i want to make a successful and popular mod/map i need to get a good idea.

avatar Admer456 10 comments | 3rd December 2016, 23:22 PM

Turkish. Why Turkish?

I know, it's good to know as many as possible, but seriously, Turkish!? Here's the short story: (HEY! TL;DR at the bottom!)

Back in 6th grade, my classmates and I had to vote. We chose our 2nd foreign language. We could choose between Arabic, German and Turkish. 80% of them chose Turkish because they thought it was cool and good to know. The other 20% knew what's really good for us: German.

As it turned out, it was only good to know, nothing else. It's not cool, I don't like it that much.
It's quite limited sometimes, due to the lack of prepositions, and:

- It's SOV.
English is SVO, and verbs always go last in Turkish. Very inconvenient.
I'm not saying it's bad, I actually met a friend because of it.

I'm just saying it was a mistake. I mean, there are Turks in Germany, a lot of them.

Just like every other class did, my class should've chosen German. It's so much more useful, and easier than Turkish. Deutsch ist leicht :) Ich liebe.

And then, oh my God! Awful, it was just awful. I was rounding up C's and B's and sometimes an F in Turkish. I barely got it concluded with a B in 6th grade.

In 7th grade, I started out terribly, with an F. The old teacher was replaced by a new one. So, we were walking down the stairs, and us 2 had a discussion about my success in school. Darn, what a plot twist right there!

I was actually becoming better over time. Not just in Turkish, but every other subject. My GPA in 6th grade was 4.15, and in 7th grade it was 4.75. Massive plot twist.

Of course, that was my ex-crush's fault. I loved her so much I changed myself from the ground-up.

But I still didn't know the basics in Turkish. Especially numbers, colours, days and months. I was hiding that from everyone. I had A's in Turkish, but I was hiding my lack of knowledge.

Fast-forward to 9th grade, I am still getting A's in Turkish.
Since this is my last year in elementary school, I'll say goodbye to Turkish.

Why? Because we have German in high-school! :D
Yup, this last school year, and then I'm over with elementary school. Finally. Next stop: a gymnasium in Stolac

Ending words

About the part with my former love, I actually danced waltz with her on Wednesday. I couldn't believe I was so close to her.

I am no more in love with her, because I have a beautiful, tall, imaginary girlfriend who is a fox-girl (therefore, she's literally furry). Better than nothing, I guess.
(I think I got the name right, waltz, we just say "valcer" (vaal-tser))

Regarding her (not the imaginary GF), I think we just need to hang out a little bit, because she is still "held back" by the 6th-grader me. I have changed ever since, she should know.

I ramble about how choosing Turkish (as a 2nd foreign) was a mistake. In high school I will have to learn German from start, although I can read it, and I know a bit of it.

And, here are the other ones I know:
Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, Russian (malo i ploho) and Spanish (Y no hablo espanol). Turkish and German are already mentioned, and English is just so obvious.

And for you Turkish-speakers! I really apologize if I hurt you. Your language is really fun and interesting to learn. In Bosnian we have many Turkish words: karpuz - karpuza, yastik - jastuk (I know, it's the "soft I") and so on...

I just think it's not that useful in the EU countries as German. But hey, Turkish found me a friend (who is a mapper), so...

avatar SourceSkyBoxer 10 comments | 20th November 2016, 11:13 AM

Hello dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am sorry for bad English because my ex girl friend ( Philippines ) writes very bad English and makes me sick. I am sorry for my fault because I write bad. I want excuse you because I want write clean English.

My girl friend lies me about wrong age, wrong marriage status of fiance visa and late trust about her past. I am very shocking and I want stop our relationship because she lies me. I don't like that. Sorry my development mess up because my ex girl friend hurts my 1,5 years time.

I am back to single. :( I am sad because I am deaf and who always hurt me. Why? I don't understand why does world always hurt me?

I really want you understand me. That is why my development need fix again. Thanks for understanding and supporting with me!

Best regards Jens E. ( Aka SourceSkyBoxer )

avatar Loulimi 4 comments | 6th November 2016, 20:36 PM

Striker was quite recently talking about dreams within dreams (http://twhl.info/journals.php?id=8751) and I just experienced a quite interesting one.
I feel like I dreamt a lot. I made a few spooky nightmares, some more spooky than others.
Anyway, at one point, I decided to wake up as I needed to go to the toilets. But my room was completely dark, and as I stood up, I got nervous and tried to find the switch. I found it, flipped it, but it just wouldn't work. I panicked a little bit and decided to exit my room. The rest of the flat was equally dark, except maybe the kitchen. I heard someone in it, probably a flatmate. However, as I just walked past my door, I fell to the ground. I then desperately tried to stand up, but I just couldn't move. My heart started beating extremely fast, Igot paralysed, and there were other feelings of the same kind I just can't put words on. I then heard the person who was in the kitchen getting closer to me until I could see their feet. I think that person was saying something but it was getting harder and harder to listen to them to the point where I couldn't simply hear anything.
And then, I woke up again, this time for real, I hope. I've got to admit though, this is pretty scary to wake up from a scary nightmare in the exact same room where your dream was taking place, it's like I'm living in the exact same place where I died a few minutes ago.

avatar Striker 5 comments | 27th October 2016, 19:04 PM

I tried Oculus Rift and HTC Vive in Project Cars and Hover Junkers.

avatar JeffMOD 13 comments | 25th October 2016, 04:58 AM
avatar Loulimi 0 comments | 24th October 2016, 15:55 PM

I've still got to make some research on the already existing treaties, economics and everything to make sure I actually understand what's happening instead of just repeating what Greenpeace are saying, but the TTIP treaty they describe is simply terrible: ttip-leaks.org.
Now I'm not saying anything new and I know people are talking about it for a certain time now, but I haven't seen it being discussed here on this very website.

Has anyone some thoughts about it? Discuss!

Personally, two things come to my mind.
First of all, companies do have a lot of power. I'm not only stating the obvious, but I think all those rich and powerful people are not desperate for more money and power. They only set out such plans and remove obstacles to it because that's not that hard to them. That's only mere calculation. The fact they can, apparently so easily, is frightening. I wouldn't say it's surprising though. Consider an oligarchy of rich, intelligent individuals who share the same goals and whose HIDDEN wealth's sum total is estimated to 21 trillion dollar (estimation dated from 2012). How many Microsoft can you buy with that? How many armies? That's still an estimation which might also include other kind of people, but that still makes the point.
I wonder what is their prime motivation, if it's money or power. I've heard when Stalin died his shoes were holed. I think he didn't care for wealth but for power instead, and I think I belong to the same kind of person...
Another not that surprising point is that medias and people don't seem to care that much, even though according to poles 80% are against or not in favour of the treaty. It's not hard at all to find information about the treaty from reliable sources, yet all that's in the news and the conversations is Trump whose chances of winning have always be known to be low and represent far less of a danger than the treaty, Brexit (at least in the UK, but I guess that makes sense :p ), and ISIS. I guess that's the way it works. As long as nothing notable happens, nobody's talking about it. Still, the only political figure denouncing the treaty I've heard of is one of the far-right leaders. If that remains true, that's enough for me to vote for them.

avatar Jessie 7 comments | 20th October 2016, 21:54 PM

The Nintendo Switch has been formally revealed. Thoughts?

(Yeah, I stole JeffMOD's shout. What of it?)

avatar Urby 12 comments | 19th October 2016, 13:29 PM


avatar Jessie 12 comments | 19th October 2016, 11:47 AM

So, now that the big three are all out, what are people's thoughts on VR? Software and hardware. Does anyone own any of them (PSVR, Rift or Vive), or is anyone thinking about getting one?


avatar kamyon95 3 comments | 8th October 2016, 21:46 PM

Hi there again. Long time see huh. I missed mapping so much but i realized i can't waste my all time with that, right? :) Actually i finished my university and i became technician. After that, i must start my second university for being engineer. That means i think i will have much more free time then before. Or not :) . Actually, i want to learn programming and create a 2D ARPG game. That's my childhood wish. I think i fill my free times with learn programming. I just want to suggest me most useful programming language. Thanks for suggests and answers.

Sorry for bad english again :)

avatar SourceSkyBoxer 3 comments | 8th October 2016, 17:48 PM

Hello dear guys wow that is awesome solution with Java
Github: https://github.com/flibitijibibo/LWJake2
If you have problem with unsupported architecture of 64Bit than you need to download LWJGL 2.8.4 from Sourceforge.net https://sourceforge.net/projects/java-game-lib/files/O

I have goal of Quake 2 under Java LWJGL - That is proof - I have played it.
Open eclipse and import to new project and click lwjake2/lwjake2.java and run and it shows error message - don't worry!
Export to runnable jar! make sure lwjgl.jar and other jars to Quake 2 root directory and copy lwjake2.jar to root directory of Quake 2 and

If you have copy of Quake 2 than you make sure lwjgl.jar and other jars to Quake 2 root directory and copy lwjake2.jar to root directory of Quake 2 and open command
"cd ../to/Quake2"
"java -jar lwjake2.jar"
Just wait for openning lwjgl window!
That is truth! Wow! Quake 2 Engine is same to Goldsource Engine!!! Hehe I will replace to Goldsource Engine.... :P

I found GameFunc.java and it can parse to entities. That is awesome!
I know now how does mirror like func_mirror - it is flip from real 3D
env_fog was output from glFog()
env_sky is like 3D Camera.
env_model or item_generic or cycler like "place_model" or "misc_static"
func_door same to Quuake 2 func_door
func_door_rotating same to Quake 2 func_door_rotating
func_ladder same to Quake 2 func_ladder
light same to Quake 2 light
and more...

I show proof like same directories of Quake 2 and Half-Life:

User Posted Image
[Open in new window]

If I kill body than body will divide like Half-Life. I have proof.

User Posted Image
[Open in new window]

Yeah that is why can with Java gaming how is performance?
no laggy no slow.. It is very soft like "normal" gaming :)

If you want build into Android than you need to detect with "OpenGL ES" example LibGDX

Thanks for playing and getting your brains :) For good game like Half-Life into. I am developing LWHL = "Lightweigh Half-Life" 12 % coding....
Just I create all defines and globals for Half-Life Engine.
If I have help than I will ask you. Okay...

avatar Admer456 3 comments | 4th October 2016, 16:34 PM

Announcing that I'm finishing my map, ts_untergrund.

Finally, after around 4 weeks, I have reached version Beta 9, and what's only left is:

-Minor VIS fixes (only a few skips and hints needed)
-Need more spawn points
-Need to extend view distance
-Minor button fixes (they're moving left, instead of going into the wall)
-Deletion of some CLIP brushes
-Adding some CLIP brushes
-Minor "displacement" terrain tweaks
-Some more things...

So yes, only small things. As of now, it has reached a phase called "unexpectedly very playable", entitled EarlyBeta9.

So, here are some screenshots:

User Posted Image
[Open in new window]

User Posted Image
[Open in new window]

User Posted Image
[Open in new window]

User Posted Image
[Open in new window]

And that's it, discuss if you wish. I also require beta testers to test the map in a Half-Life mod called The Specialists (version 3.0).

The performance is surprisingly good, the least fps was 15fps on my crappy Intel GMA X3100 laptop, whose GPU is like only 2x stronger than the GeForce 256. And on average I've got 35fps.

avatar Suparsonik 11 comments | 4th October 2016, 16:26 PM

Happy birthday to me!

avatar Instant Mix 9 comments | 3rd October 2016, 14:50 PM

Nice little life update for Autumn 2016:

1) Finally managed to get into 3rd year of Physics
2) Unfortunately know only 1 person in the entire year, so it'll be like 1st year all over again
3) Have been trained and have DJ'd a couple nights at my Student union, can now ~bend the truth~ that I'm a professional DJ
4) No longer part of any of the musical theatre groups because I don't want to have to repeat another year of university, but still doing publicity work for them
5) Girlfriend split up with me 3/4 of the way through summer, last few months have been some of the worst I've ever experienced. Having a constant feeling of dread / melancholy /emptiness for months at a time is absolutely horrible. Was probably for the better, but I've lost my closest friend.

avatar Dimbeak 1 comment | 3rd October 2016, 00:03 AM
avatar vodka95-ICR 1 comment | 2nd October 2016, 10:22 AM

This is counter culture, from the underground, eternal evolution this is our sound, KMFDM better than the best!

avatar SourceSkyBoxer 4 comments | 1st October 2016, 09:55 AM

Hello my dear guys,

I would like to say thanks for good support TWHL.info. I am really happy because they are good solution-fixers wow I don't know since almost 4 years - I feel TWHL was like died website. And I saw low users here and - I am thinking TWHL.info because it has chance to get a lot of members.

Now I am very surprised because many users are active in TWHL. I am very happy because I have good support of you. Example I am shy since get started of mapping - I don't know "map viewable distance" or "good strong engine like Xash 3D" - I am very sorry for that. I want say that is my bad fault. Because I need to learn before started mapping. Like explanation about far distance or completed compiled map sees bad or gets bad style... I thought mapping is not easy. Since I have created and released curving hallway like I want try than users will see and say wow awesome brush architectures that is reason.

Example Poke646 since I played it. It made by Germany :P because Poke646 from Muenster ( Germany ) and it looks very handsome. Now developers of Poke646 are very busy and don't answer everybody because team of Poke646 have to find job or have to continue students. That is why Germany is very strict.

I am very proud to TWHL

PS: I haven't birthday today only "December 28" Thanks!

Because I saw common members write always "happy birthday" - I don't understand why do you always write "happy birthday" but they write journal - It means history or suggestion. But for birthday - if "I have birthday today" = It means "happy birthday"

I don't understand why forums are unrespectful to innocent members. Example user want write "Hello everyone, your game is awesome." Valve Software bans simple. It is very unrespectful and stubbom cowboy. I don't understand why Americans are bad to mappings - If I join example unknown website has same to Half-Life Mapping than administrator says "Shut up bad guy!" what does it mean? I am innocent member. That is reason.

That is why it is a reason. Thanks for everyone and great support. I want stay TWHl thanks for help and improve my solution. I am really happy because I will start my mapping until biggest custom mod for Goldsrc.

PS: Sorry for sometime bad English because I am deaf :O But how do I play Half-Life? Because I saw and i play always with goldsrc. It is okay.. But I really need to add subtitles into Goldsrc mods if scientists, mechanicans or bannys said.... Thanks!

avatar Tetsu0 30 comments | 26th September 2016, 13:13 PM


avatar Striker 4 comments | 24th September 2016, 13:45 PM

Have you guys ever dreamed within a dream?

It happened to me this past night. I dreamed that I was piloting a helicopter, then I woke up explaining to someone what an odd dream I had, then I woke up.
This is, I believe, the second time that it occurred to me.

Also as a diverse fact, have you tried googling for top american inventors? Yeah, do that :)).