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A gaming and technology blog by TWHL admins Penguinboy and Ant. A music blog by TWHL users Ant and Hugh.


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avatar zeeba-G 5 comments | 14th November 2013, 22:28 PM

Just finished a catalog cover for the company I work for.

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avatar ciba43 3 comments | 14th November 2013, 17:37 PM

For a long time, I wanted to change my graphics card. The 128mb one Nividia quadro 1300 was slow and didn't like shaders. So I bought a new one. I found Nvidia GT 610. It looks great and runs great. Its from the year of 2012, so its pretty new. I also bought some minor stuff I always wanted, like HDMI cable for my RasPi. Thats right, I am byting the Pie :)

Now I can finnaly play GTA4. I doubt it will run GTA5, but I really wanted to play GTA4. Still, I can also play other games.

avatar Skals 10 comments | 9th November 2013, 21:41 PM

Hmmmm so, maybe somebody's wondering where I went, probably not, but maybe somebody will read this journal! And that would make me happy, yay!

Since the beginning of this school term, I've been very busy with Uni. Being a second year games design student, I spend 50% of all my time working on games design assignments:

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,and the other 50% partying:

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,going to events:

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and procrastinating (very important):

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,so I've had no time to do things like playing games, or coming to TWHL for that matter. I felt like making a journal to let people know I am in fact not dead. So yeah, how is everyone doing?

avatar Archie 11 comments | 8th November 2013, 18:34 PM

This thing is an absolute beast. I heartily respect any card that looks like it was designed by Tony Stark.

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(It's worth noting my CPU was clocked higher when the 480 test was run back in February. I have since reduced the overclocking for cooling reasons which is why the physics test scores lower)


Ok, this is just fucking ridiculous

avatar Urby 17 comments | 6th November 2013, 23:43 PM

How is it that an international corporation can charge you to high heaven to use their operating system, when it can just stop working?

I'm totally serious, I made NO changes to my system, I've been using the same AV software since I got this PC, the last time I used it I played some BF4, posted a couple of things on TWHL / Moddb and went to bed.

This evening, I get home from work, turn on my PC and find that it just wont do anything. No net connection, no security, can't even open the task manager sometimes. Spent the last hour looking for a solution on my tablet which came down to me editing my damn registry to fix something that just apparently broke because of reasons!

avatar Tetsu0 3 comments | 4th November 2013, 00:42 AM

Working on some more scripting stuff.

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Yay for assaults!

avatar Suture 7 comments | 31st October 2013, 09:33 AM

Can you feel my love buzz?

avatar Dimbeak 4 comments | 30th October 2013, 20:53 PM

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EA is good writers.

avatar JeffMOD 19 comments | 25th October 2013, 17:33 PM


EDIT 06/11/2013
I like how this has exactly 19 comments.

avatar Archie 8 comments | 23rd October 2013, 18:13 PM

Remember back in 2009 when every journal was accompanied by an appropriate Futurama image? I miss that.

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avatar Elliot Lucak 7 comments | 23rd October 2013, 04:15 AM

Every time I fall, I get up a little taller.
It ain't about who knocks the other guy down, it's about who gets back up.
The more pain you experience, the less it hurts. The less pain you experience, the more it hurts.
You can't always win, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try.

Living a life with anxiety and depression is not easy, especially when the anxiety isn't introduced until well into your life at 16 years old. Having to actually teach yourself how to do basic human functions that you've been able to do for 16 years such as sleeping is humiliating and depressing, and at that point self esteem and self worth issues come into the picture.
If I can't function at a normal level, why should I bother? I'll never be able to do this, or do that etc. At that point, you're in trouble. Now you're beginning a downward spiral of depression and anxiety, which are feeding one another simultaneously towards suicidalism.

At the point that you realize you're in trouble, you start to reach out and ask for help.
A referral to a counselor.
But, the problem is, the system isn't interested in your needs, and treats them as 'wants'. You're finding yourself 2 months down the line, still unable to function properly, exhausted, and starting to truly feel hopeless.

But, somehow, you find it within yourself to pull yourself out of this hell. So you start brainstorming, you start thinking, a lot. You start digging deep in your brain, probing to find out what is wrong with you and how you can fix it.

You start out simple: I can't sleep. How can I sleep? How did I sleep before? I remember I always use to think about this, or that.
And slowly, you start to remember how you did it before, and slowly, you start drifting off.
It takes a while, maybe up to 2 hours of consciousness before you inevitably slip into resting without dreaming. And then within a week you are able to rest immediately, and within a month you are back to dreaming altogether.

Now, with rest, you have immediately regained a large degree of thinking ability and memory. And now, you seek out more solutions to your problems, so you realize your depression is destroying your energy and productivity. So, again, you think about it and break it down:
Why am I depressed? What thoughts cause me to feel like this? What can I do to prevent this feeling?
And you somehow or another manage to get out of it.
You manage to bring your self worth and self esteem up enough that you actually start to truly be happy. You can truly feel emotions, and don't have to hide behind that fake smile you've learned to wear so well. So well in fact, that you didn't even know you were wearing it until now.

And now, you've learned that all those feelings of helplessness and being trapped were completely irrational and proved to be entirely wrong. And you now know for sure, that no matter how bad it gets, you're going to make it.

To this day, I have not seen a therapist. I had to learn by myself, painfully and brutally experience almost all that I have learned now.

avatar satchmo 2 comments | 21st October 2013, 15:38 PM

Martial artists, father and son.

Practicing Siu Lim Tao together.

avatar Instant Mix 11 comments | 20th October 2013, 21:45 PM

I fucked up. I go to a LAN, come back, notice that something is rattling in my tower when I was unpacking .. and well.

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not sure how i'm going to fix this. Going to get some rubbing alcohol / methylated spirits from homebase and find somewhere to buy some thermal grease.. eugh.

avatar Urby 31 comments | 18th October 2013, 12:51 PM

Merry 27th Urby Day everyone.

avatar zeeba-G 7 comments | 16th October 2013, 20:55 PM

Working from home. My room is my office! :D

avatar DiscoStu 18 comments | 13th October 2013, 21:26 PM

//update: Meh. It ran out of battery and the charger didn't work. I suspect it might be the reason she gave it to me. No time to go buy a new one, so I'm back to the old phone while I'm busy.


My sister got a new phone, and gave me the old one. My mother had used it before her, and after seeing it I'm guessing neither of them ever cleaned it. It's bloody filthy.

No box, no manual, no earplugs, nothing except that also filthy pouch (which I'll probably ditch) and a cheap aftermarket charger (that apparently messes up the screen when charging, I'm told) because who knows where the original charger is.

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But, it's a Samsung 5500something, so if the battery lasts more than a day, it could be an interesting upgrade from my old phone.

And yes, the battery is about my only concern. I don't care about the fancy gimmicks, I just want it to make and receive calls - which the old one did just fine.

[edit] definitely looks better now.

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[edit2] I think this is an additional reason to set up that wireless network. Got the router months ago and never had time to set it up.

avatar LaVolpe 10 comments | 13th October 2013, 12:57 PM


You guys know when you've been working on something for around a month and a half straight... And then you lose it... And the only back-ups you have of it are over a month old.


I'm going to cry.


I am going to start backing-up like a b!tch in heat.


At least I'm inspired to make a new yt series. (Might be just because I wanna complain about this ho XD)


(Also, just so you guys know, I get really anti-social and stuff so I kinda disappear sometimes, but I'm still actually here, I just don't reply/talk.(think I'm getting over it now.))

avatar zeeba-G 12 comments | 11th October 2013, 00:34 AM

Paracord watches are cool. Made a few recently.

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avatar Instant Mix 8 comments | 10th October 2013, 22:45 PM

haskell's a bitch

first time programming , and i'm given tutorial exercises to which I have no idea how to complete. eugh.


Using the function rotate from the previous question, write a function
makeKey :: Int -> [(Char, Char)]
that returns the cipher key with the given o&#64256;set. See above for the description of how the cipher key is represented as a list of pairs. Example:
Main> makeKey 5 [(’A’,’F’),(’B’,’G’),(’C’,’H’),(’D’,’I’),(’E’,’J’),(’F
’,’K’), (’G’,’L’),(’H’,’M’),(’I’,’N’),(’J’,’O’),(’K’,’P’),(’L’
,’Q’), (’M’,’R’),(’N’,’S’),(’O’,’T’),(’P’,’U’),(’Q’,’V’),(’R’
,’W’), (’S’,’X’),(’T’,’Y’),(’U’,’Z’),(’V’,’A’),(’W’,’B’),(’X’
,’C’), (’Y’,’D’),(’Z’,’E’)]
The cipher key should show how to encrypt all of the uppercase English letters, and there should be no duplicates: each letter should appear just once amongst the pairs’ &#64257;rst compo- nents (and just once amongst the second components).

i mean seriously what the hell

avatar The Mighty Atom 10 comments | 9th October 2013, 16:07 PM
avatar rufee 9 comments | 6th October 2013, 15:38 PM

Hey peeps, ive been away some time and nobody missed me, just how it should be :)
Anyway Stojke wanted to see how my "datacenter" is holding up so here it is.
The new and improved shelf to house more old (and i mean really old) calculators:

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The famous car battery UPS with some overcharge on the battery :(

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Top of the line security:

User Posted Image
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And the newest edition:

User Posted Image
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(a dell GX270 or 280) custom mounted.
All running on the most reliable router ive ever had:

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avatar Dimbeak 12 comments | 6th October 2013, 04:01 AM

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This is me, and my girlfriend Amber. We had each others' first slow dance tonight at Homecoming.

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avatar Rimrook 15 comments | 4th October 2013, 23:23 PM

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avatar Suture 32 comments | 4th October 2013, 09:22 AM

Happy birthday to me!

avatar TJB 4 comments | 1st October 2013, 09:21 AM

I'm quite happy.
As I've mentioned before, I've been having some problems with my laptop where it crashes every few hours, which I've been unable to fix.

However since I need a functioning computer for the CAD aspects of my university course, they bought me a computer that I can use until I finish.
It's the same specifications as the one on the left on that page except it has a 250GB HDD.

I was surprised to learn that the only restrictions on use are that I have to give it back after I finish, and Windows Update stops working if I haven't connected to the university network in three months, but apart from that I have free reign.

This will certainly be a fairly big help, as I would almost certainly have ended up lagging behind on the CAD module - not so much the theory and practice, as I certainly have experience with that, but the coursework.

Not to mention, now that I have a laptop that can access the internet again I will be able to keep up with what's going on better.

avatar Urby 12 comments | 29th September 2013, 22:24 PM

I'm forever coming up with stories / concepts at the moment, for potential games or mods, but I don't have the time or know-how to action them. So... I figured I'd post them here so you guys can throw in your ideas and then maybe look into them in the future if I come up with a winner. :D

Random Source Mod idea #1

Multiplayer Mod - 2 teams compete throughout a large map to control a number of territories. The score for the team with the most territories under their control gradually increases and they win when the points reach a pre-determined amount (server settings)

Certain territories also grant access weapons or player buffs.

The maps also contain NPC spawners, throwing monsters and other enemies into the fray which can help or hinder your progress. For example, a player could lead a load of small enemy npcs into enemy territory while the rest of their team pushes a different area.

Players would likely be class based, such as your regular grunts with assault weapons, snipers, engineers to build defenses to prevent points being captured so easily, saboteurs to remove said defenses more efficiently and so on.

avatar zeeba-G 13 comments | 26th September 2013, 14:18 PM

Just about finished the tree deck. -vid

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Still needs custom shade, handrails and possibly a rope ladder and trap door.

avatar Tetsu0 18 comments | 26th September 2013, 11:20 AM

I turn 25 today. I'm a quarter-century old.
For my birthday, I would like one of you to name my new fish

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I was thinking "Archer" after the amazing spy, but I know you guys will think of something creative. Barney, Gordon and Alex are off the plate.

avatar Suture 3 comments | 25th September 2013, 23:25 PM

This is a song about a superhero named Tony, it's called Tony's Theme!

avatar Instant Mix 31 comments | 22nd September 2013, 18:23 PM

What I've learned from going to Archie's 22nd "bash"
1) Don't talk about TWHL
2) Do not trust anybody with a lambda tattoo
3) Stay away from vodka / bring change of clothes / never go to glasgow