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A gaming and technology blog by TWHL admins Penguinboy and Ant. A music blog by TWHL users Ant and Hugh.

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Kurosaki Ichigo's Journals

2 comments | 14th June 2013, 16:02 PM

While I'm not currently mapping anything (that will arrive one day), I am currently active with my SoundCloud.

You won't find any original music by me but instead playlists of some of my tastes in music. I update them often sometimes removing and adding tracks or making new playlists.

So once again (again?), I'll be lurking around here as per usual.

3 comments | 7th June 2013, 16:46 PM

It's been a loooong time.

First semester of 2nd year uni has come to an end after too much time leaving my computer on to render things for both 3ds Max and Maya, getting back in to acting through my Film & TV minor and thoroughly not enjoying a unit based around ARG's.

Still haven't opened Hammer in yonks and am still lurking here not logged in, as per usual. That is all.

4 comments | 18th March 2012, 04:56 AM

3 weeks into uni and am loving it (chaos will come later but my future self will deal with that). I was going to pursue an acting career but ended up landing in to "Bachelor of Arts in Games and Interactivity" which I do not hate at all, rather it's the direct opposite.

It ain't all about making games which is what I like about it, you also go through the psych behind it all and deconstruct mechanics of specific games. Heck even going through the history of games (mind you, before the digital age) is not even boring as I'd thought it would be. I could keep on going about this but I do have to remember this isn't "LiveJournal".

In gaming news, I still haven't bothered picking up SourceSDK nor Hammer 3.5 again since those immature days of highschool and SSX on PS3 was disappointing at first (lack of splitscreen which was what made the franchise so fun, blander characters due to less voice acting and the inclusion of dubstep - now remedied by using my own playlist) but still quite fun carving up snow and pulling off unrealistically awesome tricks. Which reminds me I haven't gone snowboarding in years.

4 comments | 18th November 2011, 05:46 AM

It's been 24 hours since I've completed High School and University awaits next year. Recently I've sifted through the shit I've posted as journals ever since I joined and man, just by looking at them I should've had a live journal back then! My grammar has improved slightly since then...

I've lost pretty much all of the motivation I've had in regards to mapping but yet I still stick around a mapping based site. I may one day open up the SDK / Hammer 3.5 but for now, it'll be a departure from blocky architecture and moving on to a course in acting. If that doesn't work out, I'll be starting vocal lessons and learning Korean (read, write, speak) soon so I hope those will aid me later on in life.

As for now I'll be lurking around not logged in as per usual. Laters~

11 comments | 19th September 2011, 06:54 AM

'Tis my birthday today and am now 18. I'm now legal to do many things, most I probably won't end up doing due to sheer laziness. Yay...

4 comments | 23rd April 2011, 10:10 AM

Recently started playing Amnesia: The Dark Descent as sort of a family game you could say, where us teens would huddle up in the living room at 1 am to play. I'm the one in control of the kb+m whilst the others are there so I don't piss my pants or shit them either for directions.

We've barely progressed through the game from what I can tell (we just "burnt" down the organic mass blocking the way to the refinery) but I can assure you to those who haven't played it, the atmosphere is perfect. I've played the previous titles from Frictional Games (Penumbra series) and Amnesia carries on the pant soiling, cower-in-the-corner gameplay and atmosphere. Oh and we had our first monster encounter. Daniel almost lost his sanity (as marked by "..." in the description box) and we almost did too.

1 comment | 16th April 2011, 12:29 PM

My brother purchased Magicka complete pack (all the current DLC's) and the things we do as opposed to what we're supposed to do in local co-op is hilarious.

Seeing as my character is wielding a Patriot staff (Staff with the Eagle on top wrapped in the American flag) that has the ability to throw "Liberty grenades" and an M16 burst fire, it's actually quite badass, until you deliberately hinder the progress of the story by throwing nades at fellow members especially when you try to BSOD a boss only to get yourself or your mate.

Crash to Desktop is probably the most spammed skill during our co-op so far as it targets anyone, friend or foe. The results... well whomever is targeted is flashed by a BSOD followed by their disappearance. Funny stuff indeed.

TL;DR Magicka co-op with the Vietnam pack + Crash to Desktop = LOL

6 comments | 2nd April 2011, 12:15 PM

User Posted Image
[Open in new window]

It was found? How..?
[/bad joke]

Eh, might start mapping soon... Apart from procrastinating for roughly 4 years, I have been reading up articles (not for four years straight either) from over the years on console ports on how bad and how decent some are. I guess the games industry is heading down that path... hopefully PC gaming doesn't leave anytime soon.

In regards to console ports I own Rainbow Six Vegas 2 would have to be my decent port to be on my list whilst Blur would fulfill my 'hands down' console port complete with CPU-bound code and minimal use of my GPU also bundled with the DLC "Hitch-tastic". Re-mappable keys not included. (Yet despite being a major console port, I still play it...)

2 comments | 21st October 2010, 02:51 AM

Just found out that Portal 2 is already on the steam store. For sure some of you know it already but it was weird to find it out myself.

9 comments | 18th September 2010, 22:24 PM

So today marks 17 years of me sitting in front of a computer...