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A gaming and technology blog by TWHL admins Penguinboy and Ant. A music blog by TWHL users Ant and Hugh.

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9 comments | 15th August 2011, 18:00 PM

Does anybody know a GOOD Free or OpenSource OCR software, or maybe even a commercial one that has a trial period?

I'm mentioning that in the scanning process there are mathematical symbols or equations involved, and it's printed, not handwriting.

4 comments | 6th August 2011, 15:38 PM

I made a new OpenTTD beginner tutorial covering the basics of building a train transportation system.


[EDIT] Also, I made a little fractal animation test, using Chaoscope, Ani4Chaoscope and VirtualDub: link

12 comments | 28th July 2011, 12:55 PM

Ok. I was walking along a path in near a river today when I saw an earth worm crossing it.
"How sweet! Let's take a macro photo of it", I said.

So I took a photo, but then I thought I'd also film the oddly gross movements earth worms have.

But there was something even more gross that I only observed on the monitor home...

Link to video

13 comments | 22nd July 2011, 23:10 PM

Filmed a Green Beetle. I'd like to film more videos like these. They are calming and beautiful. This one didn't turn up so good because of the bluriness( I have to set a fixed focal length if I want to film something viewable at all, because the auto-focus just sucks).

10 comments | 21st July 2011, 16:50 PM

I need some advice on buying a new HDD. I'm very careful when buying a new product and I study reviews before throwing the money, because it's little.
Often I read not only reviews, but lots of comments from other users to analyse the situation a little bit better.
However, I almost convince myself numerous times that I should not buy the product after all, just because the fear of low reliability or because the product may be damaged from the start.

And HDDs are really sensitive equipment. Reviews might promote the transfer speeds of some hdds, or different functionalities, but I hardly find reliability feedback, other than miscellaneous comments, left by non-experienced users that do not reflect the real quality of the product.

I have decided to choose from 2 HDDs, because of their priceperformance(notice that I didn't write "quality", because I do not know how reliable they are).

Samsung SpinPoint F3 1TB


Western Digital Caviar Blue(WD10EALX) 1TB

Now here's why it's hard to decide:

-The spinpoint F3 is said to be the fastest hdd from its class, even faster than caviar black. It's also SATA2 (not that it could saturate that bandwidth anyway), perfectly compatible with my motherboard(I have Sata2). Plug n' Play!

-The Caviar Blue is not as fast, but the company has some tradition and, well it "feels" more reliable. The problem is that it's SATA3(useless for HDDs), although it has 2 pins on which to place a jumper to set it to SATA2. It also requires some special formatting with WD software or what. I just fear of compatibility problems.

At first I had only the Caviar Blue as an option, but as soon as I spotted the spin point and reading this review which praises it, I lost my power of decision. I am really more inclined towards the Caviar Blue, but the Spinpoint F3 is such a solid option that I need some advice from someone.

So, what do you say guys?

5 comments | 4th July 2011, 11:48 AM

Hold on to yer helmet!

Wiki info

There's little to no information about the game yet, and it might just be a 'forever' project, although it's set for a 2012 release.
As a child this was one of my favorite games. I played carmageddon 1&2.
Then after I got bored I remember I discovered on my own(didn't have internet at the time)how to cheat by modifying configuration files. Lots of fun.

Hopefully Carmageddon:Reincarnation will mean the same lots of fun, or even more, even though projects like this tend to loose their original fame.

4 comments | 30th June 2011, 14:08 PM

Wazzup guys?

First of all, I got Minecraft! Yeah, some of you already know. What a cool game! You know what's the problem? Unlimited freedom limits creativity. It's just the way it is, let's admit it. Not totally, I still find this game incredibly fun. But by the time I finally get some redstone resources, and find the incredibly rare gold and diamonds on some maps(also lapis lazuli is as rare as particles in space) I get kind of bored to continue doing some circuits(never actually did until know, I should learn... I know the basics).
I also have a 2 favorite texture packs: Misa(64x64) and LB PhotoRealism(128x128). They both successfully replace the retro 16x16 without changing the general atmosphere or adding piercing-your-eyes eye-candy.

These days I was looking out of curiosity for some good ringtones, to replace one of the defaults my Galaxy Mini has. Although I didn't quite find something that was designed as a ringtone(I like ringtones to be Ring Tones, not cut up music tracks), I found a couple of ones that are just epicridiculous:

Ridiculous sheep with one having a grotesque hoarse sound

Breathtaking ringtone

Old Nokia tune that has an EPIC turnaround- with a bit of editing, I would extend a bit the "old" part

In other news, today I was rejected at the driving theory test(20 out of 26, min=22)... after I made so many fucking tests at home and made 2 tests at the school to prove myself I should give it a try. Now I have to stay 15 days until I can do the test again :...

P.S.: I am trying to help a friend get some votes, so please go here and give him a vote. There is not registering required, just a simple click.

24 comments | 22nd June 2011, 20:21 PM

Sorry to post another journal this fast, but I remembered something I did not post in my last one.

One of the comments 2 journals ago when I said I was leaving for a couple of days was.
"Withdrawing from a heavy TWHL addiction can be quite difficult. Symptoms include nausea, cold sweat, night fever, and diarrhea.", by 2muchvideogames.

Add to that "dreaming TWHL related stuff".

Yes, I dreamed being together with a TWHL member. I don't clearly remember all the sequence, but I know at some point I entered a train, sat down and had a friendly talk about "interesting things" (probably mapping). Then at some point, I accidentally dropped something from the train. So I said to him "wait, I'm gonna jump, get it and come back!". So I did. Unfortunately, although I was running really fast(I mean, FAST), the train was too far away to catch. And so the dream ended with me being extremely upset I didn't got to know him better, discuss more and become friends.

I am not going to tell you who the member was though. ([EDIT] Perhaps in the next journal)

Actually, to cut some boring moments of your life, try to think of what would have happened next if I could have got up on the train again. Imagine!

P.S. Man, this dream just fuelled my enthusiasm of maybe some day be able to make a TWHL meeting in real life. That would be so rad, bros!
TWHL is and will remain a special community because it has given to me one of the best friends. Although he left the community long ago, I still talk to him everyday.

10 comments | 21st June 2011, 16:50 PM

Hey guys! I'm back!

Also, new reason to reinstall my webcam.

10 comments | 17th June 2011, 13:49 PM

Goodbye, TWHL. I'm leaving you.(for a couple of days, haha!)

I'm going to be absent for a couple of days. Yes that's the main reason I asked for a delay on the TWHL map competition and I really hope I can make it for Sunday evening back. I'm going on a trip... by train. And, if you remember me talking about going on a trip in 2010(July I think), trains are damn slow in my country. Damn tiresome trips...

Not that many of you care so much about this anyway.

Where I'm going there are no interesting landscapes to shoot photos of, but I'm taking the camera just in case.

Well, goodbye. See you soon TWHL.