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Striker's Journals

4 comments | 11th March 2013, 19:21 PM

I missed this journal by a day!

2000 days ago, I joined this amazing community:

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A lot of time has passed, and TWHL has been one of the companions in my internet journey over the years.

17 comments | 4th March 2013, 10:28 AM

I just ate peanut butter for the first time. It's actually not bad.

What do you use this stuff on besides eating it as it is?

5 comments | 14th February 2013, 22:52 PM

Mulberries. A delicious fruit I used to eat as a child.

How about you?

7 comments | 6th February 2013, 16:03 PM

Seems like Dacia is getting on the right track with its budget models. I'm not particularly proud, but some of the newer models are beginning too have a better look. Well... except Logan 2, which has a nice front but one of the ugliest backs I've ever seen. That's what happened with the first Logan and it got a facelift.

Here's a video with the newer Sandero(UK review!): linky.

11 comments | 28th January 2013, 11:22 AM

This is just plain amusing. It seems that until now there were some kind of restrictions in UK concerning immigrants, and now their government is planning on cutting these restrictions. Now they fear of a massive invasion of immigrants from eastern countries, especially Romania and Bulgaria.

How do they plan from keeping these immigrants to come to their country?
I cite:

"Please don't come to Britain it rains and the jobs are scarce and low-paid" -The Guardian

You have to notice that they specifically target these two countries. I think the press or public spokesmen have never mentioned the true reason for this. What country would try to keep out civilized, educated people that hope to get a better life? It's all about gypsies. I'm not a racist, I have personally met gypsies that are educated people who deserve their respect. But it's an unfortunate exception from the rule. Nobody wants to deal with the rest of these people. A lot of them lead a miserable life based on begging, and it's so hard-wired in their culture that they just won't care. The "higher class" part, who are dubiously rich, promote a chav(or how do you say it) culture.
The sad part is that they actually had tradition and folklore, but it was lost as the years past and their old people died.

These are facts I know just by observing, why do publications keep omitting such informations?

4 comments | 15th December 2012, 23:17 PM

I've used a Plantronics Gamecom 367 for 2 years, but a couple of months ago the headband broke, and I've been using electrical tape on them ever since. Needless to say, one of the cups doesn't firmly sit on my ear anymore, and I can feel the broken part pushing on my head.

I'm planning on getting a new headset for Christmas. I'm targeting these: Pioneer SE-M290. They seem to offer good quality for a very convenient price. The downside is that they lack a microphone.

Any opinions/suggestions?

17 comments | 7th December 2012, 15:07 PM

So there's a new face for Youtube. Unfortunately, I don't seem to adapt to this new way of displaying videos. I was used to seeing the videos on the center of the page, and now I feel myself forcing to watch it to the left.

Is there a setting somewhere so I can put it again in the center?

13 comments | 20th October 2012, 18:44 PM

A change of environment, a change of life style. Or better said, a total mess of a program that puts me through high amounts of stress and almost caused me to have emotional breakdowns.

College started.

I have waited enthusiastically for the moment college will start. I was gladly expecting some fun in the experimentation of a new medium. Seems like it isn't so... Seems like I need a longer period so I can accommodate.
It wouldn't be such a big problem if it wasn't for the college schedule.
Which is a total brainfuck. In space as it is in time. The classes are not held in buildings gathered in a campus. They're spread across different buildings in the city. You have to walk a lot if you want to save some money.( one "famous" seminar is held at ~8 km away, of course you take the bus, but still...).
Add that to the fact that we have day in the week with 10 hours of math&physics. Because the building is not close to the dormitories, you don't even have time to take a humane break.

When the fuck should I even have time to study, besides the period before exams? The only way I seem to be able to study is being attentive to the courses, and that way I can manage some seminars. But there are some that I've lost track of, and I seriously can't find a calm period to study.

To be sincere, all of the above would be in the limits of coping. Add to that the fact that before summer I started experiencing anxiety. I can not describe you how awful this is. And it is unscrupulous. It can strike either gradually, either spontaneously- in the form of "scumbag brain"- "Hey, you seem to be too calm. Let's make things a bit more turbulent, shall we?". One needs to develop skills of fighting against it, in a passive way( not actually focusing on the problem).
The chaos of the fucked up schedule mixed with the unpleasant waking-up hours, coupled with city life, can induce anxiety feelings that are disabling. You just feel the need of fleeing from where you are, going home... It induces the fear that you have medical problems and that you will pass out. It really tends to do this when I'm away...

I really need to get a hold of myself.

* end of frustration vent

12 comments | 1st October 2012, 19:59 PM

Started college. Tomorrow I have courses and seminars from 8 AM to 8 PM.


4 comments | 25th September 2012, 14:19 PM

So I just finished Rochard. This is a 3D platformer.

User Posted Image
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It was quite a nice blend of action and puzzle solving. It teaches you to inventively use the environment at your advantage. I enjoyed playing it, and honestly I didn't get bored almost at all.
The gameplay mechanics center around the G-Lifter, gravity and shooting. The game is a constant shuffle of "if you can't do this with that, you can do it with the other thing".

The graphics and environment are really nice, and not demanding. As a term of comparison, it's TF2-like cartoon style. It was made on the Unity engine.

I do have some objections though. While the story has potential, I think the dialog part was a bit neglected. Rochard is a funny fluffy guy, but his lines seem a bit cheesy at times.
Now I don't know if the team got inspired from HL2 or not, but the G-Lifter has some striking similarities with the Gravity Gun. It picks up objects and can throw them. But I was convinced this is a Gravity Gun copy when Rochard picks up "Helga", an old G-Lifter model that can pick up anything- including bio-matter( the soldiers). Uh-hm.

Also, I tried collecting a most of the "Gold Collectibles", although didn't succeed. Please don't tell me this is only for an achievement? That's not nice!

All in all, I liked the game, it could be better, but hey, it's an indie! I recommend it( got it through Humble Indie Bundle 6).

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Screenshot not by me