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A gaming and technology blog by TWHL admins Penguinboy and Ant. A music blog by TWHL users Ant and Hugh.

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Striker's Journals

12 comments | 1st October 2012, 19:59 PM

Started college. Tomorrow I have courses and seminars from 8 AM to 8 PM.


4 comments | 25th September 2012, 14:19 PM

So I just finished Rochard. This is a 3D platformer.

User Posted Image
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It was quite a nice blend of action and puzzle solving. It teaches you to inventively use the environment at your advantage. I enjoyed playing it, and honestly I didn't get bored almost at all.
The gameplay mechanics center around the G-Lifter, gravity and shooting. The game is a constant shuffle of "if you can't do this with that, you can do it with the other thing".

The graphics and environment are really nice, and not demanding. As a term of comparison, it's TF2-like cartoon style. It was made on the Unity engine.

I do have some objections though. While the story has potential, I think the dialog part was a bit neglected. Rochard is a funny fluffy guy, but his lines seem a bit cheesy at times.
Now I don't know if the team got inspired from HL2 or not, but the G-Lifter has some striking similarities with the Gravity Gun. It picks up objects and can throw them. But I was convinced this is a Gravity Gun copy when Rochard picks up "Helga", an old G-Lifter model that can pick up anything- including bio-matter( the soldiers). Uh-hm.

Also, I tried collecting a most of the "Gold Collectibles", although didn't succeed. Please don't tell me this is only for an achievement? That's not nice!

All in all, I liked the game, it could be better, but hey, it's an indie! I recommend it( got it through Humble Indie Bundle 6).

User Posted Image
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Screenshot not by me

1 comment | 16th September 2012, 11:38 AM

This is probably the longest article I've written in a while.

Black Mesa Source review.

Warning: lots of images.

22 comments | 14th September 2012, 18:23 PM

BMS download complete. Installation completed.

Opening game now.

User Posted Image
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I think I'm spending more time looking at props and admiring walls than actually progressing the game. I'm like a laughing baby right now!


[EDIT 2] Seems like when I start the Apprehension campaign the mod crashes.

4 comments | 10th September 2012, 20:38 PM

Normal Mapping Tutorial - I probably made this for the community, but I'm sure I also created it for me. I tend to forget how to work with textures and how to make bump maps, so this video will be a useful reference in the future.

I've used GIMP, the normal map plugin for Gimp and VTFedit. It's 7 minutes long.

For those of you who lack a good internet connection, let me warn you: it is available in glorious FullHD resolution. I am just normally linking the video here, so it will probably take you to the 480p version :P.

Source Normal(Bump) Mapping Tutorial

4 comments | 3rd September 2012, 22:47 PM

An idea came up to my mind today.

Let's see if you like the pilot "news": TWHL News.

[EDIT] Published new "news": Uncontrolled experiment on the verge to cause an unnatural disaster?

I disabled the access to search engines, so the site is pretty much private unless it's linked to.
I'd like some tagline suggestions.

I said this is a "pilot news" because I suspect some people won't appreciate this. If this things proves to be entertaining, I'd like to add more authors( I still have to study the art of making news, especially... pamphlets, which require a vast knowledge of quotidian culture).

11 comments | 24th August 2012, 16:05 PM

Tetsu0 is not the only one to suffer a stupid accident. I was at the pool today. I even jumped in it, and I managed not to hit my head.
Then I said I'm going to swim under the water. I thrusted myself, without knowing, downwards.

I hit hard the bottom of the pool with my nose, scratching the surface with it. Bleed, the area is a bit swollen, put some ice, went home.

Head-desk. Softly.

16 comments | 15th August 2012, 13:51 PM

Wrote a few thoughts about the new CS, as well as making 4 map comparisons between the 3 CS games.


5 comments | 7th August 2012, 19:20 PM

There was a time when I was better at multiplayer FPS games, and even then I wasn't exceptional, just better than average. Now, I mostly play for fun, and from time to time. Perhaps nostalgia made me do this. I secured my copy.

User Posted Image
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3 comments | 27th July 2012, 20:12 PM

Enjoy my mouse.