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A gaming and technology blog by TWHL admins Penguinboy and Ant. A music blog by TWHL users Ant and Hugh.

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Striker's Journals

9 comments | 8th March 2012, 16:14 PM

I have recently learned about the complicated ramification of the Unix systems. So Linux is just a Unix-derived system, which has lots of distributions itself, such as Ubuntu.

But when even Ubuntu has more ramifications known as "editions"...

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11 comments | 6th March 2012, 09:49 AM

So Mars was visible on the night sky yesterday:

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uhmm... yeah, let me crop that for you:

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Oh, and here's a picture of the moon, since the sky was cristal clear:

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The moon during the day:

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And a random airplane...

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It was too fast for me to catch it passing near the moon. It would have been a cool photo :(.
Archie, how about a cat on the moon?( since Scotch finds these funny...)

8 comments | 4th March 2012, 09:55 AM

I ate some trout yesterday...

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...from Australia...

I was thinking about fish names and then I realized that "carp" is "crap" in my language.

25 comments | 22nd February 2012, 22:35 PM

I'm trying a little experiment for today. I just had a shower.
Usually, I would use normal deodorant after shower( I prefer spray deodorant during the winter and stickrollon during summer). But not this time. I used a potassium allum softened crystal that I moistened and brushed it on my armpits. I usually use this after shaving but I read more about it on Wikipedia and among its uses is as a deodorant.

If tomorrow morning when I wake up I don't stink, then I will have achieved a small financial success by not wasting money on deodorants anymore. The crystal I'm talking about is my father's, and since it has the same shape as it had since I remember it as a child, I presume it will last forever...

[EDIT] Also licking the crystal is like eating sloes/blackthornes(Prunus spinosa ). Well, if anyone from here tasted such a thing. I did...

[EDIT2] It seems to work, but I didn't quite sweat during the night. I'm too afraid it won't work so I can carry the experiment during the day...

6 comments | 21st February 2012, 13:43 PM

Welcome back!
This is your 10000th login.

New milestone achieved!

9 comments | 13th February 2012, 19:16 PM

Rivers in Source: link

Quite an amazing result if you ask me.

5 comments | 10th February 2012, 19:21 PM

[edit] just finished it :(.
Stalker: Call of Pripyat.

This game is addicting! Just traveled across the underground tunnels to Pripyat( arrived single- the rest of my squad died). First mission in Pripyat, 3 left to kill from the ambush(while the stupid allied NPCs die) and I die.
Quitting because of this, after 5 hours of playing.

6 comments | 28th January 2012, 12:06 PM

Opened up some ink cartridges to learn how the ink is stored.

5 comments | 7th January 2012, 20:43 PM

Yeah, I made a new tutorial for OpenTTD:

Aircraft Transportation Basics

Blame me for the jerky video, but I already wrote here how annoyed I am by the software I used to record.
I tried to compensate by at least adding captions...

I feel like I wasted an entire day :|. Would have wasted on games anyway, I guess :D.

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2 comments | 31st December 2011, 22:14 PM

May the pot of epic mapping inspiration be poured upon all of us this year!

Happy new year!

[EDIT] Also, my blog post... meh.