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Striker's Journals

10 comments | 15th April 2012, 00:21 AM

Happy Easter to everyone!
Also, I'm 19 today. Man how the time passes...

7 comments | 2nd April 2012, 21:33 PM

Video project finished! It's ready for tomorrow's display of pupils video projects. I did together with a couple of colleagues.

It's about surviving in the nature, but because we had limited time and made our shooting in the course of a couple of hours afternoon, it resembles more with a parody of Bear Gryll's show( yes I proposed pissing in a bottle but then I agreed with my colleagues- this is too gross for the teachers).

Here's the link to the video.

A notable moment of laugh, if you're not into watching the whole video, is this "behind the scenes" clip.

Yes I realize our english is kind of bad, but it turned out quite well considering that we had just a scenario sketch and made our lines on the spot...

9 comments | 25th March 2012, 22:10 PM

Well I finished the mini-project I was talking about in my last journal.

I wrote an article and also made a video for it(it's HD! :P)- Read Here.

Also, The Mighty Atom you might want to save this link for later if you'll ever buy an Arduino kit :).

11 comments | 25th March 2012, 11:18 AM

I need a function that decreases linearly for an Arduino mini-project. I need to somehow program the RGB led to go from blue to green, to yellow to red as the temperature varies and that means that I have to individually control 3 pins.

I have a couple of "if"s for each pin.

While the red pin is easy to control, as I simply have to gradually increase the output from 0 to 255( gradual control of electronics with arduino is achieved through PWM(pulse width modulation), in this case in 256 steps) in the interval of, say, 45 to 120 degrees C, the green and the blue pin is more complicated.

The blue pin will be simply at its maximum value if the temperature drops bellow 0C, but from 0C to 25C it has to gradually decrease in intensity.
Before going into more details I want to say that Arduino has a special "map" function that takes an interval of values and maps it to another interval. So what I am doing is this: map(temp, 0, 25, 0, 255);

temp is what the sensor outputs( well it actually outputs a voltage that is used to compute the temperature). 0-25 is the interval that will be mapped to 0-255. I would have made a function that maps the values myself but I have no idea how, but it's kind of redundant since there's already one.

So I have to basically decrease the value from 255 to 0 as the temperature increases from 0 to 25. Is there a magical formula for decreasing linearly? Because using something like f(x)=1/x gives me an asymptote and only the first 2 or 3 values are "visible" on the LED.

For the green pin I have to do a combination of what I'm doing for the blue and red pin. From 15C to 45C it will gradually increase in intensity, but from 45C to 70C it will gradually decrease.

Anyone has any suggestions?

TL;DR I need a function that decreases linearly. Any suggestions?

19 comments | 19th March 2012, 21:39 PM

Testing a condom by waving it outside the car window?


This thing made my day. It actually oddly reminds me of the white cleaning solution drops in Portal 2.

Oh, and drinking milkshake at 160.9344 km/h.

Just 2 random awesome videos I found today...

[EDIT] So I visited the stats page once again too look at the browser pie graph:

User Posted Image
[Open in new window]

Who is responsible for the 5%?!

9 comments | 8th March 2012, 16:14 PM

I have recently learned about the complicated ramification of the Unix systems. So Linux is just a Unix-derived system, which has lots of distributions itself, such as Ubuntu.

But when even Ubuntu has more ramifications known as "editions"...

User Posted Image
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User Posted Image
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11 comments | 6th March 2012, 09:49 AM

So Mars was visible on the night sky yesterday:

User Posted Image
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uhmm... yeah, let me crop that for you:

User Posted Image
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Oh, and here's a picture of the moon, since the sky was cristal clear:

User Posted Image
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The moon during the day:

User Posted Image
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And a random airplane...

User Posted Image
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It was too fast for me to catch it passing near the moon. It would have been a cool photo :(.
Archie, how about a cat on the moon?( since Scotch finds these funny...)

8 comments | 4th March 2012, 09:55 AM

I ate some trout yesterday...

User Posted Image
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...from Australia...

I was thinking about fish names and then I realized that "carp" is "crap" in my language.

25 comments | 22nd February 2012, 22:35 PM

I'm trying a little experiment for today. I just had a shower.
Usually, I would use normal deodorant after shower( I prefer spray deodorant during the winter and stickrollon during summer). But not this time. I used a potassium allum softened crystal that I moistened and brushed it on my armpits. I usually use this after shaving but I read more about it on Wikipedia and among its uses is as a deodorant.

If tomorrow morning when I wake up I don't stink, then I will have achieved a small financial success by not wasting money on deodorants anymore. The crystal I'm talking about is my father's, and since it has the same shape as it had since I remember it as a child, I presume it will last forever...

[EDIT] Also licking the crystal is like eating sloes/blackthornes(Prunus spinosa ). Well, if anyone from here tasted such a thing. I did...

[EDIT2] It seems to work, but I didn't quite sweat during the night. I'm too afraid it won't work so I can carry the experiment during the day...

6 comments | 21st February 2012, 13:43 PM

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