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A gaming and technology blog by TWHL admins Penguinboy and Ant. A music blog by TWHL users Ant and Hugh.

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ciba43's Journals

7 comments | 18th June 2014, 18:54 PM

I had some free time, so I decided that it is time for another journal. This journal is just me thinking about my life. I am happy, because I finished 9th grade. I already signed up to a middle school. I really don't know how it will be. I got very high marks this year. My exam marks were just HUGE. I got max score in English. Strangely, I didn't even learn at the end of the year. think that the hardest exam is history. BUT, it isn't just world history(which I know perfectly), but my country's history(which I don't know too well.) In the end I got about 80% in my history exam. Phew. Math wasn't hard at all. It was very easy. I got about 90% in my math exam.

Another thing I was thinking about
Or 'Why I like Goldsource more than Source'.

Source is a lot newer than Goldsource.
Source is a lot better than Goldsource.
Source has larger limitations than Goldsource.
... The list goes on.

Goldsource is used in Half-Life 1, which was mostly underground lab oriented. Source, on the other hand, is outdoor oriented. Source can be used for indoors, but in my opinion, goldsource wins source on that. I like mapping, designing rooms. I really like it. But, when it comes to outdoor areas, it freaks me. Honestly, I just don't know how to fill 'holes'. In indoor areas, I get inspiration. I can desing indoor, but I just can't make outdoor areas. I find myself placing useless objects that look bad. But when it comes to indoor areas, I can make great maps. As I said, outdoor freaks me.
Thats why I like goldsource better than source. Whatever the add in the next Source upgrade, I will still like goldsource more than source. Of course I try to learn - how to properly make those outdoor areas. I want to make outdoor, but my imagination seems to be limited to indoor only.

I got that Source SDK base working. I am using it with Source SDK 2006. I am not planning to download any newer releases of it(except SDK 2007). I am not sure if I ever learn to make those outdoor areas properly. Usually when I make them, they are quite lagging even in Source. But I am advancing. I decompile hl2 maps to learn geometry from them. I really hope that someday I will be able to make those outside areas :)

Wow, that was a long journal. I hope you liked reading it. Post comments if you want it, but remeber - this is just me thinking. :D

6 comments | 29th March 2014, 14:49 PM

A little 'Help Me Do Something' journal

I want to try my best at making maps for Source. I would like to know which Source SDK to use and which is required to make maps for native Half-Life 2. No mods, no EP's, just HL2.

Basically the question: Should I use Source SDK 2013 (2006, 2007) or Source SDK Base to make maps/mods for Half-Life 2?

32 comments | 23rd March 2014, 13:51 PM

I just love codes :D


Btw, it's binary.

3 comments | 14th November 2013, 17:37 PM

For a long time, I wanted to change my graphics card. The 128mb one Nividia quadro 1300 was slow and didn't like shaders. So I bought a new one. I found Nvidia GT 610. It looks great and runs great. Its from the year of 2012, so its pretty new. I also bought some minor stuff I always wanted, like HDMI cable for my RasPi. Thats right, I am byting the Pie :)

Now I can finnaly play GTA4. I doubt it will run GTA5, but I really wanted to play GTA4. Still, I can also play other games.

7 comments | 5th September 2013, 15:14 PM

I was always thinking... Why are we? Then I found out about thousands of planets like earth. Makes me think..... A lot.

7 comments | 3rd August 2013, 20:36 PM

I have played many mods my Half Life Folder is about 3 gigs big :D

7 comments | 29th June 2013, 21:10 PM

I was playing Half-Life 1 on my super cool P4 1.8ghz PC, when I read: Portal. I was like : Hey, why everybody likes a game that doesn't have a story. Then I played the First Portal. Now I am like: Need to get the Second one :D.

Also, Waitin' for Sven Coop 4.8 . I just want to play Blue-Shift Coop :D

3 comments | 18th May 2013, 09:03 AM

What am I doing right now?
Playing BMS and writing this message.