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What's the most likely thing Valve will release this year?



A new game


More overpriced hardware


Source 2 SDK


An army of evil killer cyborgs


The hounds



3 mins


7 mins

Kurosaki Ichigo

11 mins


24 mins

Dr. Orange

38 mins


45 mins


46 mins



A gaming and technology blog by TWHL admins Penguinboy and Ant. A music blog by TWHL users Ant and Hugh.


Thanks to Skeeve, Unbreakable, Daubster and Elon Yariv for this page!

Half-Life Design

If you want to build maps for Half-Life based games, these are what you need. Hammer provides good setup instructions, but TWHL has a Setup Guide to help.

Valve Hammer Editor (formerly WorldCraft)
The Hammer editor is the most widely used editor for creating Half-Life based maps. There are other editors out there, but this one seems to be maintained and updated more rapidly than the others.

Valve Hammer Editor 3.5 Beta
Is another choice, but be aware that it is a beta! Most people are using this to map for Half-Life and its mods because it adds model support, allowing you to position models correctly without guessing.

Zoner's Half-Life Tools(for compiling) — essential
Hammer comes with its own set of compile tools, but Zoner's are hugely better and are updated often. Comprehensive documentation is available here.

Half Life FGDs
Forge Game Data Files contain all of the information for entities. This link is for Half-Life; mods will usually have their own, typically found on their websites or sometimes included with the mod.

Tommy14's CS 1.6 FGD
This is a comprehensive Counter-Strike 1.6 FGD. It includes all the new features added in 1.6, such as the Galil, rain, and viewing of models in Hammer.

Slackiller's HL Programs
Has all the programs you need to get you started, and some you might not have known about.

Half-Life Programming
There are scores of coding tutorials here, all specifically for Half-Life! Good, eh?

Source Design

Some links for the growing number of us who map using the Source engine.

Valve Developer Wiki
Valve's own wiki for everything concerning Source level design and modification. Heaps of content.

Custom Source Tools (for compiling)
These are community-coded enhanced compile tools for the Source engine.

Compiling Information

Some good compiling information sites.

Tommy14's Error tutorial
The original source of error and problem solving related material. Very comprehensive, but disorganised.

Additional Pages

Just a few other odds and ends you may find handy.

69th Vlatitude Files
What can I say? If you can't find what your looking for at Slackiller's, it's bound to be at 69th.

The Wavelength is a good resource for design, notably including some coding articles.

Gamedesign.net covers design for a variety of engines: HL and Source amongst others.

Huge listing of FPS games and mods with reviews and download links. Not exclusively for Half-Life or HL2.

Amphibian Mods
This site provides a great quantity of information on installing and running mods,along with some helpful advice on mod structures in general. This is for both HL and HL2.

This is an excellent site for hosting images. It's free, and ideal for posting pictures on the forums. Please use linked thumbnails when you're putting up big pictures.

Pixel2life is a large tutorial search engine which includes topics such as image editing, modelling, and C++ programming, all useful to many mappers/modders.