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Posted July 15th, 2017

Compo 34 Results

Tuned to a dead channel.

Oh snap! Yes they're finally here performing for you.

Sorry we took so long! At first we had trouble agreeing on the winners, and then we had trouble with constantly blowing each other up in Synergy, you know how it is. This time Ant even came on board to write up a review or two! You know Ant? That guy with the thing?

Congratulations to all the winners! Believe me when I say it was very hard deciding on the top 3, we had a blast testing every map. We'll try to get something else up and running before too long.


avatar Jessie says: 15th July 2017, 12:52 PM
Yay, I got not-last place!
avatar Admer456 says: 15th July 2017, 13:01 PM
Well, congratulations to the winners. :^)
avatar Windawz says: 15th July 2017, 13:05 PM
It's so bad that Trempler didn't participate. Stalkfire would get a gold, or at least a silver.
avatar Archie says: 15th July 2017, 15:51 PM
I can count my lucky stars that Trempler didn't officially submit his entry. It was utterly brilliant. Seriously massive shame that it's not listed here. If only you were as talented at reading the rules as you are at mapping, Trempler!!!

I'd personally put Jessie's map in the top 3 over Crossedwire, but I'm pleased that my bribes worked as intended. Absolutely phenomenal job, everyone who submitted. The standard of work on display here was staggering. I'm glad the most fun entry won - we had an absolute blast on it on the server.
avatar Solokiller says: 15th July 2017, 16:47 PM
Trempler's instant win button was undergoing maintenance, lucky you :D

Congrats to all contestants.
avatar Unq says: 15th July 2017, 17:09 PM
Congrats all who entered! They'll all be on Goldsource Gold very soon.

Too bad about Trempler not officially entering! I think he should get an honorable mention at least, for a great map and for having the original idea to kick this compo off. It'd be nice to have his map showcased on the page even though it wasn't actually entered.

Still going to finish my map one day. :)
avatar Trempler says: 15th July 2017, 20:26 PM
Well I did read and also did clicked but maybe my internet was shitty, shit happens :)
Also no one contacted me of the jury for my missing entry, which is not a must have but would be usefull for such situations.

Congratz to the winners and it still was fun :)
avatar Tetsu0 says: 15th July 2017, 23:26 PM
Congrats to the winners!! I'm satisfied with the review on mine lol.
avatar Jessie says: 15th July 2017, 23:36 PM
A lot of valid criticisms on mine. I wasn't ready to start chopping up the layout to fix them, though. It's real hard to give people a good reason to go into the water, it turns out. And the large open spaces were somewhat unavoidable given the setting.

Also, IIRC, Archie gets Urby's soul.
avatar Penguinboy says: 16th July 2017, 01:04 AM
Thanks for understanding Trempler, I get the list of entries directly from the competition page, it's a bit difficult trying to keep track of everyone any other way. Sorry for missing yours :(

For the next competition I will make sure to post a list of entrants on the forum thread, so anybody who is missing can double check to make sure they are on the list. Hopefully we'll have the new website up by then which makes it a lot easier to see and manage your competition entry.
avatar Windawz says: 16th July 2017, 06:22 AM
It's a pity that ideas have started coming to my mind only now.
avatar Solokiller says: 16th July 2017, 08:28 AM
Will we have to wait 4 more years for the next compo? :D
avatar Penguinboy says: 16th July 2017, 11:49 AM
That's classified
avatar zeeba-G says: 16th July 2017, 14:50 PM
Congratulations to the winners, everyone who entered and man was I surprised when I didn't even see Trempler's entry. Sorry to hear that but it is what it is. Glad I got to attempt an entry for the site that helped my creativity grow over the years! Can't wait to see another in the future.
avatar UrbaNebula says: 16th July 2017, 18:33 PM

Single player competition next please? :P
avatar Windawz says: 16th July 2017, 19:16 PM
Well, it wasn't a multiplayer map compo. Reread the brief.
avatar NineTnine says: 16th July 2017, 23:05 PM
my map was SP!
avatar Captain Terror says: 16th July 2017, 23:33 PM
Congrats winners!! =)
avatar UrbaNebula says: 17th July 2017, 13:47 PM
Yeah, I'm aware of the brief. I'm just saying that I'd like a singleplayer focused compo next time. do a singleplayer mapping challenge almost every month, but that's source only. I'd like to see more love for Goldsource SP.
avatar Windawz says: 17th July 2017, 13:50 PM
Well, then don't expect me to participate. I'm not capable of making a good SP level.
avatar Jessie says: 17th July 2017, 15:25 PM
You know, I don't think I've ever tried to make a singleplayer map. Not one of any length, anyway.
avatar Windawz says: 17th July 2017, 16:27 PM
While making a multiplayer map you focus mainly on the architecture and/or the layout. But to make a good singleplayer map you need to know how to entertain the player. I'm not talented enough for that.

Just play my "Smog" map and you'll see how bad I am at creating SP maps.
avatar NineTnine says: 18th July 2017, 00:36 AM
well I've never created a MP before (don't even know how :P ) ...
avatar Instant Mix says: 18th July 2017, 21:03 PM
Congratulations to the winners and runners up! Shame I didn't have a map to submit, maybe next time!
avatar Captain Terror says: 19th July 2017, 22:01 PM
@JESSIE: Keep at it missy, and you too will attain a coveted TWHL trophy. STAY FROSTY DOE =)

Instant yours looked great, was shocked when you didn't submit. So many good entries and a fabulous turnout. Cheers to everybody who agonized over an entry! User Posted Image
avatar SourceSkyBoxer says: 23rd July 2017, 17:49 PM
Congratulation for lucky winners!

But for me: 3rd Crossedwire remake looks very beauthful but if somebody creates grid like Half-Life 2 look. just somebody need create model.

2and map looks very close to start of xeno world with xeno barrels without teleport :O

1st But door ( whidth with 2 door opened. But somebody can not jump higher to over door... :/ It need fix.

@SoloKiller You like next 4 years later mappers fight to 1st :D.
avatar 2muchvideogames says: 25th July 2017, 18:57 PM
wait, so were there any single player maps in in the compo at all? or all DM maps?
avatar Windawz says: 26th July 2017, 00:36 AM
NineTnine's map was SP as far as I know.
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