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Half-Life Tutorials

Tutorials > Half-Life > [ Beginner | Intermediate | Advanced ] > Order [ Name | Date | Difficulty | Author ]

Title Description Author
Adding Atmosphere A dialogue about getting horror into your map BrattyLord easy
Adding Glass to Doors This tutorial shows how to add translucent glass panels that move with the doors found in the Doors tutorial. Andy easy
ambient_generic How to put background sound into your map BrattyLord easy
Beam & Sprite Effects This tutorial covers some amazing entities like env_bubble, env_funnel and env_shooter, and it teaches you how to use env_beam to create shockwave and alien teleportation effects. Skals easy
Changing Hammer Change your Hammer splash screen Seventh-Monkey easy
Changing Levels Simple guide to level changes, Including One Way. kol easy
Coding Fog How to code in some fog in your mod Highlander easy
Coding Fog Addendum This tutorial will lead you through the arcane art of adding fog to your mod; it is based on the original Coding Fog tutorial by Highlander, with several updates and corrections. darkphoenix_68 easy
Coding NPCs in GoldSrc Coding NPCs is a step not many modders do, though it's a very easy process. This tutorial progressively goes further and further into detail, explaining the Task and Schedule systems, and think and touch functions. dexter easy
Compiling Introduced An introduction to compiling, what it is, how it works, and the different ways it can be done. atom easy
Creating Overviews How to create those in-game overviews Andy easy
CS Mapping Part 2 More on CS map types, de_map and as_map. pepper easy
CS Mapping Part 1 Create the classic cs_map. pepper easy
Custom Skyboxes for Goldsource Using Terragen to render and put together a custom skybox. JeffMOD easy
Custom Textures Learn how to incorporate your own custom textures into maps. atom easy
Dark Outdoor Maps Put a little night in your map. Andy easy
Dead NPCs for HL1 and CS Need some corpses for your maps? Read on. Andy Gone easy
Decals: All You Need To Know The easy way to place Decals SlayerA easy
Detailed Textures in Half-Life Improve the look of your maps using Valve's powerful 'Detail Texture' upgrade. hlife_hotdog easy
Detailing Maps How to keep even the simplest architecture looking good. ZombieLoffe easy
Diagnosing Problems Covers locating and fixing many mapping mistakes. rowleybob easy
Dimensions How wide, high, long can I make things? Andy easy
Doors Create sliding or hinged doors with this tutorial. atom easy
Editing Half-Life Models. The body swap shop. Vassy easy
Elevator Doors that move Moving elevator doors.... ... A complex look at path_corner interaction Andy easy
Elevators using func_train A basic elevator using a func_train and path. atom easy
Environment A tutorial that explains how to set up a sky, as well as how to light outdoor areas. atom easy
Equipping Weapons in CS Controlling weapon usage in Counter-Strike Peace and LOve easy
Fans Build a working fan that creates wind. atom easy
Flame Effect A quick tutorial explaining how to create a slightly more advanced sprite-based flame effect, using a multimanager. atom easy
Forum Posts How do I get someone to answer my question? Seventh-Monkey easy
Glass Create a breakable, translucent glasshouse. atom easy
Globals 1 An introduction to the env_global and how to use it to do cool inter-level stuff. atom easy
Globals 2 A slightly more advanced globals tutorial. Rimrook easy
Grunts and Guns Turrets controlled by grunts? How about turrets controlled by grunts <I>and</I> players? Find out how here! Andy easy
Half-Life Death Match What is HLDM? ministeve easy
Half-Life directories What is in the Pak0.pak file? paulkennedy easy
Hallways Using the Clipping tool. Iruyun easy
Hint Brushes What are they? Andy easy
How do I run a HL map (.bsp file) Basic tutorial on using the command line or console to run a map. Skeeve easy
Importing Models and Textures How to import Models and Textures from other Mod's Vassy easy
In the Beginning Really basic tutorial on building a cube and compiling it. Andy easy
In the Beginning Part 2 Walls and Halls: life after the cube. Make another one and connect them with a corridor. Andy easy
In the Beginning Part 3 Basic Texture Application: Got walls and halls, now add some textures to make it all look great. Andy easy
In the Beginning Part 4 Basic Lighting: Got a textured room, so add some lights... Andy easy
In the Beginning Part 5 Furniture: Add some furniture prefabs to enhance realism. Andy easy
In the Beginning Part 6 Monsters: Adding Barneys, grunts and aliens brings your map to life. This is a basic guide. Andy easy
Introduction An introduction to mapping concepts and setting up WorldCraft atom easy
Keys Making Keys, and getting them to open doors Marlborometal easy
Ladders A quick tutorial describing ladders and their various uses. LightForce easy
Land Mine Effect How to simulate land mines Rebel Shuttle easy
Laser and Beam Effects Explains how to set up the moving laser trick, as well as some things that can be done with circular beams. atom easy
Light All you ever needed to know. BJ easy
Making Custom Sounds Recording and preparing sounds for use in HL. Some aspects also apply to Source. alexb911 easy
Materials.txt Change the sound of your textures! VOX easy
Modelling for Goldsource A tutorial from start to finish on how to make models for Goldsource (HL1) which provides all of the beginning modelling knowledge needed, even if you have never modelled before. Rimrook easy
Modifying the HUD Changing the look of your HUD in Half-Life Daubster easy
More Complex Triggers Create a series of triggers that make an interesting scenario - an explosive elevator. atom easy
Mortar Madness How to create a mortar 38_98 easy
Multisource Concept of the multisource entity explained, along with two applications of it. atom easy
Multi_manager Unlock the power of Multi Managers SlayerA easy
Multi_manager Looping Made Easy Looping a sequence using multi managers without the fear of a map crash. Also with an example on how to loop with multiple multi managers. Stojke easy
Perfect Timing with Doors This tutorial shows how to get any doors , how awkward they may be , to close and open at the same time as each other. Instant Mix easy
Rain Rain for Half-Life Seventh-Monkey easy
Random entity triggering Learn how to randomly trigger events in your map, without any custom code! Stojke easy
Re-texturing Models Want your grunts to have new clothes? Try this. Vassy easy
Read Me First A long winded look at mapping Andy easy
Realistic Shadows Technique to create realistic and precise looking shadows Bruce easy
Render Properties Explains the rendering properties available to many entities. Also includes a fence trick (allow bullets through but not monsters or the player). atom easy
Rope, Waterfalls and Dripping Water. How to make Good looking Rope, and other useful stuff. Andy easy
Rotating Billboards Create a rotating sign with a volumetric light effect. atom easy
R_Speeds What is it all about ? Andy easy
Scripted Basic use of scripted_sequence's pepper easy
Scripted Sentences Get those monsters talking. TheGrimReafer easy
Security Cards Get the card - without it the door won't open. Another look at Globals and Multisources Andy easy
Setting up a Mod: Part 1, Custom Game feature Make use of the Custom Game Feature Vassy easy
Setting up a Mod: Part 2, Splash Screens Adding splash screens to your custom Mod Steinin easy
Setting up a Mod: Part 3, Game Strings Modifying Game Strings Steinin easy
Setting up a Mod: Part 4, Customised HUD colour Change the colour of your HUD. m0p easy
Setup Guide: CS This tutorial takes you through the process of setting up Worldcraft so it works with Counter-Strike. Andy easy
Setup Guide: Hammer A pictorial look at the configuration of the editor atom easy
Skewing textures in Hammer A trick that allows you to skew textures in Hammer instead of just rotating them kaffikopp easy
Spiral Staircase Adding a Spiral Staircase for effect SiI_3nC3 easy
Splash Screens for Steam How to get your mod splash screens to work in Steam HL. ChickenFist easy
Stairs Build stairs complete with an angled bannister. atom easy
Steam Mapping with Steam Seventh-Monkey easy
Tankrockets Create your own turret-mounted weapons. In this case, a rocket-launcher. atom easy
Teleporters Build a simple teleporter Skeeve easy
Terrain Mountains, Hills, Lakes and Cliffs pepper easy
Tetrahedron Terrain A more low-poly solution for triangle terrain Daubster easy
Texture Application Using the texture Application Tool Andy easy
Texture Lighting Learn how to use lights.rad to make your textures emit light. Seventh-Monkey easy
The Osprey How to set up an Osprey and make it fly properly. atom easy
The Shrinking Effect Learn how SlayerA made the shrinking machine. SlayerA easy
Titles.txt How to modify the titles text to produce Messages Loque easy
Trees Four different approaches to tree-making! atom easy
trigger_camera How to use the trigger_camera AJ easy
trigger_changetarget Covers usage of the trigger_changetarget. Elon Yariv easy
Using Sprites Describes the various uses for sprites, including halo effects and the steam trick. Also compares variousrendering modes. atom easy
Vending Machine Create a working vending machine Vassy easy
Vertex Manipulation Intro Explains how the Vertex Manipulation tool can be used to create advanced solids, and the various ways in which you can modify them using it. atom easy
Vertex Manipulation Part 2 Once you've mastered VM, you can create pretty much every kind of solid possible. Learn some more uses for it here. atom easy
Vis Groups A guide to using Vis Groups JB easy
Water How to make Water in HL Zappy_2x2 easy