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A gaming and technology blog by TWHL admins Penguinboy and Ant. A music blog by TWHL users Ant and Hugh.

Source Tutorials

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Title Description Author
3D Skyboxes Want to make it look like your map is enormous without it actually being large? Read on! Penguinboy easy
A Brief Introduction to the Source SDK Demystify the Source SDK with this handy guide. AJ easy
Adding an HL2 Custom Sequence How to add a custom sequence to an existing model BJ easy
Adding Effects to Source Textures From bump mapping to phong shading - This tutorial covers a large number of texture effects. Look inside to discover how to give your textures an extra special touch. the_best_flash easy
Animating Models Rigging and animation for Source models, using XSI. BJ easy
Basic Logic_Compares and Game_UIs The basic principles to Game_UI and Logic_Compare entity control. TheGrimReafer easy
Basic Voice Acting How to get custom voices working, from start to finish. Playbus easy
Combine Dropship Need to make a dropship fly in and drop off some combine soldiers? ZeG easy
Creating blend textures for Displacements How to painlessly make functional blend textures. JeffMOD easy
Creating caves using Displacements Ever wondered how you can make caves like in Episode 2? Moaby easy
Detailing map brushes using XSI How to use XSI to detail your world geometry Don Punch easy
Displacements - Part 1 Want some realistic terrain? Read on! Penguinboy easy
Displacements - Part 2 The second part of the displacement tutorials: this one takes you completely though the displacement window Penguinboy easy
Displacements - Part 3 A handy database of links to peruse in your displacement endeavours Penguinboy easy
First XSI Model Guides you through creating your first Source mode in XSI. BJ easy
Introduction to Colour Correction Set the mood of a scene easily using Source's in-game GUI colour correction editor. Archie easy
Making a working plug and combine generator A tutorial covering how to make plugs that can be unplugged and plugged in over and over again, as well as learning how to use the combine power generator prefab. 38_98 easy
New Glass Need to make some good old fashioned glass in Source? Read on. TheGrimReafer easy
NPC Scripting Basics An introduction to scripted_sequences in Source. doodle easy
Physics in Source How to get physics objects into your Source engine maps Habboi easy
Pointfiles TheGrimReafer easy
Radar locations in Counter-Strike: Source Ever wanted to give areas in your map a name that'll show up under the radar, next to teamchat and that bots will refer to? Archie easy
Rescaling Prop Models You can't use Model Viewer to do it anymore. This covers rescaling prop models for Source. Gman easy
Seamless Skybox Fog A short and sweet tutorial that shows a simple way to blend fog seamlessly into the horizon. Rimrook easy
Soundscapes Adding that touch of ambience to your Source maps Snpbond easy
Source Custom Materials This covers creation of custom textures in the Source engine (HL?). TheBlackViper easy
Source Modelling Setup Configuring XSI and using the SDK tools BJ easy
The Tunnel Effect Ever wanted to know how VALVe did the blinding light tunnel trick in Half-Life 2? Found out here. DarkKilauea easy
Unpluggable TV Creating the unpluggable TV, as seen in Half-Life 2. Madcow easy
Using the Cordon Tool An easy to use tool that makes life easier in many ways. Tetsu0 easy