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By Habboi (See more)
8th September, 2004

431.87KB - RMF, MAP, BSP

Last edited: 10th September, 2004


k read thread 4 prob

(why does everyone say submit .rmf as i submitted .map and its the same as .rmf basically so wats the matter :P)


avatar Habboi says: 8th September 2004, 18:08 PM
soz i wassss in a hurry but not now (plz take ur time especially captain p cos his da best)

ill wait till tomoz buh bi
avatar Jahzel says: 9th September 2004, 13:07 PM
Why don?t you explain your problem?

No one will do the work for you if you do not clarify yor problem, nor will they attempt to help out unless you are more specific.

Remember your TWHL etiquette please!!!
avatar Mephs says: 9th September 2004, 14:37 PM
Like Jahzel said...
So far the main problem that I can see is that you zipped a .bsp file. Noone can help you with an already compiled map.
You must upload it as a .RMF . And whats actually wrong with it would be helpful too. ;)
avatar Habboi says: 9th September 2004, 16:47 PM
soz ur right i was in a big hurry didnt do anything
k the problem is that wen ever u play as a terrorist it crashes the game?
avatar Habboi says: 9th September 2004, 16:50 PM
its prob a simple mistake like name error? but im newish to cs mapping and wanna get the full of it
avatar Habboi says: 9th September 2004, 16:50 PM
oh and wats a [quote]Remember your TWHL etiquette please!!![/quote]
avatar Mephs says: 9th September 2004, 18:05 PM
you didnt read what i said.

I cant SEE whats wrong if the map is COMPILED as a .bsp file.

You must submit a .RMF (hammer) file so that it can be looked at and fixed. :|
avatar Captain P says: 10th September 2004, 08:19 AM
Submit a .rmf and explain your problem here, only then we can help you. Threads get old pretty fast and people don't remember everything they read.
avatar Habboi says: 10th September 2004, 13:52 PM
i submitted .map ages ago wats the matter u cant open .map ahahahahahaa :P
avatar Mephs says: 12th September 2004, 14:13 PM
Far, far, far too many things wrong with this map for me to be bothered even compiling!

Its an over large, white texured skyboxed heap of steaming shat. The whole map is an error.

Its too big, i dont even know what the heck those spliced things are in the corners. Seriously that map isnt worth proceeding with at all.

I'm not being hard on you since im a beginner too, but NEVER make a skybox, let alone one encompassing a map that size (most of which has nothing in it) it might make the leaks errors go away but it cripples the map in so many ways.

*makes you write out the in the ENTIRE tutorials section 100 times on the blackboard.

Start from the complete beginning again, sorry man, but EVERYTHING is wrong.
avatar Mephs says: 12th September 2004, 14:21 PM
ok....that was a cs map whereas i had opened it as a hl map in hammer....despite MY stupidity, delete this map and start again! Sorry bout that.
avatar Habboi says: 13th September 2004, 09:41 AM
ok 1st of all i didnt include .wads so thats why its white block 2nd of all i did sky box coz of leak and all i want to fix is the terroist bit plz hurry
avatar Mephs says: 13th September 2004, 09:47 AM
I'm not touching that map again, its not worth saving IMO. Sorry, get another mug -err i mean, member...
avatar Mephs says: 24th September 2004, 10:38 AM
I cant see anyone touching this map....its been 11 days. Start again and IMO remove. ;)
avatar Habboi says: 26th September 2004, 11:54 AM
my god...
avatar Habboi says: 15th December 2004, 07:03 AM
lol was i like that a few months ago?

Weird but time grows on me!
avatar rowleybob says: 12th March 2005, 06:32 AM
Include the .wad and I will check it out!!!!!!!!!! I'm intrigued.
avatar rowleybob says: 12th March 2005, 07:24 AM
A couple comments/suggestions:

-The map is in no way to big, just tuck the sky brushes in flush to the forest walls.
-Fix your overlapping brushes--tree and elsewhere--your architeture is achievable without being sloppy and blatantly overlapping stuff.
-Use VM to align verticies to grid corners.
-Include .wad

Overall I think the design is interesting and had some really cool elements. Finish this!
avatar habboi lover says: 26th March 2005, 19:34 PM
i got lost in a forest once :/
avatar Habboi says: 3rd June 2005, 13:02 PM
So did I and a bear ate me :P
avatar Habboi says: 28th March 2007, 15:15 PM
^_^ Seems strange that I typed like that back then...Kill me!
avatar JeffMOD says: 10th March 2009, 21:05 PM
No. I don't want to kill you.
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