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By srry (See more)
18th February, 2006

Hosted Externally - BSP

Last edited: 9th June, 2006


A hostage rescue map set on a tropical island. Includes a waterfall, underground tunnel, and a cliffside path.


avatar Archie says: 18th February 2006, 07:42 AM
judging from the screenshot, it looks fullbright... is it?
avatar srry says: 18th February 2006, 07:50 AM
No, just really bright, to get the island feel of it. it has dark areas too, like an underground tunnel.
avatar rowleybob says: star star star 18th February 2006, 14:32 PM
Neat stuff and props for a nice, new cs map!

+Superb props and detail
+Waterfall--Very nice!

General Idea and concept is nice, but difficult to pull off--merging the sky with the world brushes. I admire you attempting this difficult task, but unfortuately, that "area" of the map is not very well done. Look at De_plaka and wcd's "endless water" example map for inspiration.

-some textures are poorly aligned--main passageways
-were there ambient sounds? if there were I don't remember them :(
-pinapple tree model looks bad, palm trees look nice though.

Excellent go at a what is again, a difficult concept to pull off nicely. Looking forward to seeing more stuff from you--I like your style :)

3 stars
avatar srry says: 19th February 2006, 02:50 AM
Sorry, I left out the custom skybox on the first upload.

I've been working like crazy all day trying to fix the problems with the map.

here's some stuff I changed:

-changed name to cs_palm, for originality
-Ditched the pinapple trees, replacing them with palm trees.
-added more ambient noises, and made the existing ones louder.
-aligned most textures on trees and rocks correctly.
-added a bunch of grass sprites, and a few more models.
-sort of fixed the problem where the hostages got stuck in the pool inder the waterfall. (more on that later)
-added more overall detail, including some shelves in the basement of the house, some cardboard boxes, stuff like that.
-Added a readme file

I played around a little with both those techniques for blending the water with the skybox, but couldn't really get either one of them to work with the one I had. Instead, I just extended the the end of the water out further, which I thought made it look a bit better than before.

rowleybob, I'm surprised you didn't notice the glaring flaw that exists for the CT's. When you have the hostages follow you in to the water, they can sometimes get stuck, and you have to push them out of the water far enough for them to be able to take commands.

I tried raising the bottom up more, which helped a little, but only if you don't run back in to the water. If anybody has any ideas on how to fix this, it would be a great help.
avatar Daubster says: 19th February 2006, 08:22 AM
You forgot to include the map in the zip.. :)
avatar srry says: 19th February 2006, 16:33 PM
You're kidding, right? Bah, I swear I checked eveything.
avatar srry says: 19th February 2006, 16:37 PM
Ok, it's fixed. I guess after I renamed it and recompiled, i forgot to put it back in the zip! I'll just try to forget about that...
avatar rowleybob says: 20th February 2006, 01:59 AM
Which water? Afaik all the water was clipped from the players anyway... I didn't test running 'round with the hosties--sorry!

Custom Sky makes it sooooo much nicer! Nice sounds and detail throughout.

I love the waterfall area because it looks so nice. The computer chair is really cool too--yes, I know it's weird to like a chair, but we are geeks, most of us anyway :)

My only potentially negative comment is the high wpolys by the front of the house. As you start up the ramp they jump to 1500 or so and at the very worst--right in front of the house--almost 3000. 3000 is way to high I would dare say in most people's opinion.

Perhaps if you change the layout of the portion of around the front yard, and/or put a curve or two in the passage way up from the water fall to act as vis blockers. You can try hints, but that area is pretty open and they probably won't do anything.

Clean, thoughtful, creative work! Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff!
avatar srry says: 20th February 2006, 02:04 AM
The w_polys get that high? Does steam cs misread w_polys or something? The most mine ever says is around 350, which did seem rather low to me... But if you say so, I'll put some more work in to it!
avatar srry says: 20th February 2006, 07:07 AM
Forgot to mention: I meant the water under the waterfall.
avatar J.C says: star star 20th February 2006, 12:25 PM
- wrong zip structure: I have to unzip it and rezip it again to be able to install it,
- there are strange display bugs with the weed sprites (when you look at them with the jungle background just behind, they are like shining),
- the general graphics layout is outdated (textures choice etc),
- this is a rescue map,
- some scales problems (the car and some paths)

+ the overall graphics layout is clean, not great, but clean...
+ the battery linked to the light in the cave!
+ many strategies possible, not that much, but just enough...
+ this is not a dust remake, nor a "fun" map,
+ the map looks like to be a bit too small (no way to play giant FFA games on).

That could have been a decent map if it has been released 2-3 years ago...
avatar rowleybob says: 20th February 2006, 16:30 PM

You're right! I was reading "epolys--DOH!

Your wpolys are excellent actually, and stay below 400 everywhere I looked!


The zip format worked fine for me... did you change it or something?
avatar srry says: 20th February 2006, 19:50 PM
Heh, I was really worried about those w_polys!

I'm still sort of trying to get the sprites to look good, but the reason they look like that is because there's a skybox right behind that those tree brushes, which are func_walls.

I tried to put normal brushes behind the trees, but I couldn't put them too far up, or you would see them behind the trees.

I'm not really sure what your problem is with the zip. It works normally for me.

By the way, whats the problem with rescue maps?
avatar J.C says: 22nd February 2006, 17:42 PM
The hostages are dumb, and the game mode isn't balanced: CTs have to rescue all hostages while terros have just to bomb a single bombsite on a defuse map to win, and in addition CTs have to take the hostages throught the whole map while terros on defuse maps just have to camp around: This game mode could be good, but as Valve never played CS, they never tried to update and balance it a bit better, and until now rescue maps are less interesting than defuse maps because of that...

Get better textures for your next map and it could be a great job, you look like to have mastered most parts of the CS mapping (and make things better scaled and that will be perfect :)...
avatar killer1102 says: 1st March 2006, 12:59 PM
u shouldn`t down rate a map because u don`t think VALVE balenced rescue right.
avatar Ag3nt-X says: star 8th June 2006, 00:14 AM
avatar srry says: 8th June 2006, 02:16 AM
Ag3nt-X, I really don't understand what you have against me, but I've disabled the ratings on the map because of your spam.

Thank you rowleybob, and J.C, you guys actually gave me useful, honest, opinions.
avatar Ag3nt-X says: 8th June 2006, 13:57 PM
it's easy to say bad about another maps when it is not made by you
you must see your maps before saying bad about another map like that comment you posted in undertime - SORRY - I give 4 stars to this map. and reenable the ratings i will not disturb you more.
avatar srry says: 8th June 2006, 19:40 PM
Thanks, Ag3nt-X, but I don't think I'm going to re-enable the ratings, as I'd hate to see my map clumped in with all the other 2-stars. It's probably better like this anyway, since people can still read the reviews and ratings if they want, and decide for themselves whether they like it. :)
avatar Ag3nt-X says: 8th June 2006, 22:24 PM
i call my friend S3rius to vote for me - please reenable
avatar S3rius says: 8th June 2006, 22:41 PM
4 stars!!
avatar srry says: 9th June 2006, 01:06 AM
Ummm... You never did actually rate it, so it's still 2 stars. :)
avatar S3rius says: star star star star 9th June 2006, 21:57 PM
rate in Ag3nt-X name - Sorry
avatar srry says: 9th June 2006, 22:00 PM
avatar Ag3nt-X says: 9th June 2006, 22:00 PM
you have your 3 stars again srry - Sorry for the disturb
avatar indeed005 says: star star star 11th June 2006, 11:11 AM
i dont get the whole "pineapple trees" thing... lol did u actually have pineapple TREES?!?!? looks nice though
avatar srry says: 11th June 2006, 18:38 PM
Yes, I did had pineapple trees at one time during the early stages. Silly me.
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