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Macro Campus V1.1

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map screenshot

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By MaMuS (See more)
21st November, 2006

Hosted Externally - BSP

Last edited: 23rd December, 2007


NOTE: Version 1.1!!

Beside it's a little blocky, the map responds to an large combat area, turning it in gret value for Fun Factor. The best is on the great variaty of strategy to attack your enemy, there are many places to get cover, hire and aim.
All the players start at the city. The ideal is to climb up the mountain to get the gauss, good to move trhough all the land; the crossbow - excelent to camp and shoot in your enemys in the large areas of the landscape - or maybe, pick-up the e-gon and rocket launcher (good to re-stabilish control on the mountain).
Other cool factor is the Solar effects, Done by special use of various sprites.
All the weapons of the game are present in it, btw, you start with two Tripmines and a little of ammo for the machine gun and shotgun.

ScreenShot's at:


avatar Archie says: 21st November 2006, 18:16 PM
from the screenies, this looks rather nice indeed!

I strongly suggest you PM MuzzleFlash and ask he puts it on his server, so that i can give it a proper test with other players.
avatar rowleybob says: 21st November 2006, 18:27 PM
avatar MaMuS says: 21st November 2006, 18:46 PM
No error here. maybe it corrupted via download....
avatar rowleybob says: 21st November 2006, 19:56 PM
K. I redownloaded, and it worked--problem on my end it seems, Sorry!

Breathaking stuff! Superb performance for such a goddamned-huge map!

++superb texturing and custom sky
+Great architecture, but some things are boring--to keep r_speeds down, probably.
++Absolutely superb performance
=Could use more interior spaces maybe
=could maybe use more routes to town, like a cable car or a water route or something.

Some of your cliff's verticeis don't match up. HLFix or redesigning them a little will easily fix it, otherwise the brushwork is very clean.

Did you map this of a real place? This level contains far more comprehensiveness of a real location than most maps I've played, and when I do come across them, it's usually because there modelled after real locations.

I'll have to play this again, when i have more time--this thing is huge! It will take me a while to explore all the goodies :)

Great map, keep 'em coming :P
avatar Kasperg says: 21st November 2006, 20:58 PM
Lovely. One of the few HL1 engine maps I've seen that try to do something different in scale (another example could be Rimrook's "Sunden")
I liked the skybox + fake HDR combination, it worked very well.
The terrain doesn't look exactly realistic, but it kept the r_speeds in perfect numbers, which is a big feat.
I think some of the dead-ends wouldn't be helpful for deathmatch, but the map could still be fun to play (shouldn't you label it for HLDM?).
A minor adjustment you could also make is using masked textures for the cars. I know they don't have 3d wheels because of performance, so transparency is the way to go in my opinion...
Keep it up.
avatar Kampy says: 23rd November 2006, 18:52 PM
dude I love your promotion screenshot I have to download and check this out!
avatar Kampy says: 23rd November 2006, 19:42 PM
I wrote a detailed review for you and submitted it, but somehow it wasnt send. This is really frustrating. maybe its just a bug and it will be shown later.
avatar FresheD says: 24th November 2006, 12:12 PM
I actually disagree with Rowleybob and Kasperg and that doesn't happen to often..

The map itself looks decent, I understand its general blockyness has a reason. But seriously, those cars really and I mean really looked shitty.

The map is quite big, it actually took me a few times to get to the windmill. I must say the map lacks weapons. For such a big map their aren't much weapons. Also, getting the gauss is quite difficult, because you'll have to run in open space. You would be better off going for the egon. It's easy to get and has a lot of ammo.

I liked the fake HDR action. Looked sexy.

I won't rate, dunno what to rate, I guess it would be a 4.
avatar Kampy says: star star star star 25th November 2006, 17:49 PM
ok it wasnt send later.. okay some points of the replay:
great atmosphere/theme/graphics except for the blocky cars
very bad item placement = results in unfair gameplay
dead ends and places with nothing where items could/should have been.
7/10 = 4 stars
avatar MaMuS says: 25th November 2006, 19:20 PM
"very bad item placement = results in unfair gameplay"
That's something I can't afford. I've played this map for week's with some fridns just to polish the itens positions. Maybe only playng with many player's you can notice it.

Those Blocky car's are just there for cover (instead of Blocky crates, makes more sense...).

Why Gauss is difficult to get? Because with it, you can cath up ANY item in the map easily.
I can't put to much item too, or the map will lag (too much Entity traffic, remenber, it's a Huge open space)

"Did you map this of a real place?"
No, actualy I've started it from scratch ( I even not planned it on a papper or something :P).

"I strongly suggest you PM MuzzleFlash and ask he puts it on his server, so that i can give it a proper test with other players."
That's would be cool. But I can't find his name :P
avatar Soup Miner says: star star star star 26th November 2006, 02:57 AM
First of all, this map is amazing for its size. This is the kind of map I really love, so mad props to you on this one.

+ITS HUGE! Plenty of room! I spent a long time looking around the map and was surprised time and time again to discover that there was even more to look into.
+Atmosphere. Breathtaking environment. I love how you incoorperated a city, a beach, and mountains. Plus they all fit together very well.
+Makeshift sun. The sprites in the sky made for a great lighting effect, so far the only other map that I've seen that uses that is 3d_mike's de_survivor.
+The land. The land and mountains were great. The cars and other small props, not so much, but the ground itself looked great for its conservative nature. Great job on that.
+R_speeds are surprisingly. I'm not sure how you managed it, but I'm in awe. I have to know how you did it. I could see some significantly stretched textures, and I know the boxy style helped a lot, but still...
-Linear paths. A lot of the routes from one place to another only had one path, which leds to a linear feeling, especially when running around the mountains.
-This one's a killer: Item placement. The mountains had enough stuff laying around to keep me content, but the city and the beach were practically empty. I only found maybe 4 or 5 items total in each area(and I mean ALL items. Medkits, batteries, weapons, ammo, everything).
-Most roads led to a dead end, and there were a few doors that were raised high off the ground, "opening" to nothing.
avatar Kampy says: 27th November 2006, 19:36 PM
""very bad item placement = results in unfair gameplay"
That's something I can't afford. I've played this map for week's with some fridns just to polish the itens positions. Maybe only playng with many player's you can notice it."

I explained that in the long review that wasnt sent for some reason ^^
okay you seem to start in the town all the time but there are hardly any weapons or items. but if you manage to get away from there youll find lots of stuff that make you extremely strong. so if you got the crossbow and the rpg and picked up a long jump and got to a higher position you pratically cant die. you can just spawnkill everyone and they dont stand a chance. even if they hit you with like the glock or the beegun you will be healed by all the items lying around you.
avatar satchmo says: 28th November 2006, 13:39 PM
Wow, I never play HLDM, but I will download this map.

This looks like a rare find.
avatar MaMuS says: 2nd December 2006, 20:40 PM
Ok, I've done some changes and now I'm calling it Macro Campus v1.1

The item placement is quite the same, but I still sayng that it's cool. The fun of the map is to climb up the mountain , take the gauss, go to the Windmill, and change to the top of the biuldings with the help of the Gauss. You can kill the "Gauss Man" Using CrossBow (one of the two is very close to the city) There is quite no ammo for it.

If you Need Health and Battery's, Just go to the ONLY Dead end on the map, where you can find rocket's, E-gon's and more!!

The gameplay is running well, I've tested it with 6~8 player's, and it's ok. Obvious, if you are at the top of the mountain, you get more power. Taht's the fun!!
avatar kraken says: 9th December 2006, 11:23 AM
Looks great, [m][a] c r o c a [m] p [u][s] coincidence?
avatar MaMuS says: 11th December 2006, 09:20 AM
haha, good. I have never tought about this...
That's just an exelent Easter egg :P
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