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Frag Fence

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map screenshot

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By Kurosaki Ichigo (See more)
10th February, 2007

826.58KB - BSP

Last edited: 19th February, 2007


Frag Fence... All it is is just a fence and a few ledges behind with nades that you obviously throw over (or near you when enemy is close to you) to kill your opponent. Pretty simple. The detail of the map isn't really THAT good, but at least it doesn't slow gameplay! This map is suited for at least 4-6 people. Read the txt included in the zip for a few hints and more about this map.

I've included the chair.wad for people with that error but you don't REALLY need it!

Two more wads have been included because I can't be bothered recompiling the map (although it takes a couple of second) and the wads aren't even used so yeah. So I'll say this again. IF THERE ARE ANY MORE WADS STILL MISSING, PM ME!!! >.<

Moved to unfinished because I can add more detail into it!


avatar Archie says: 10th February 2007, 10:15 AM
"The detail of the map isn't really THAT good"

I lol'd
avatar Kurosaki Ichigo says: 10th February 2007, 22:04 PM
avatar espen180 says: 11th February 2007, 13:50 PM
Breathtaking! :O
avatar FresheD says: 11th February 2007, 15:35 PM
I lol'd aswell at "The detail of the map isn't really THAT good". :x
Espen, hush. Just because it looks simple doesn't mean it's no fun.

..or put the wadfile with the download.

Missing chair.wad.
avatar Archie says: 11th February 2007, 17:13 PM
chair.wad? there's no bloody chair in the map
avatar Kurosaki Ichigo says: 12th February 2007, 03:27 AM
Yeah there ain't a chair wad. And plus I wad included all the stuff I used! Somethings wrong... Like always just copy and existing one and rename it. I think it says that coz I used the chair.wad for another level and removed it from the list after i saved this map. I'll edit it the zip again :D
avatar Kurosaki Ichigo says: 12th February 2007, 03:35 AM
-_- Spelling error... [quote]I'll edit it the zip again :D[/quote] "I'll edit the zip again"
avatar FresheD says: 12th February 2007, 16:13 PM
Missing homecinema.wad

Seriously, recompile the damn map and WADINCLUDE ALL THE WADS YOU'RE USING. I'm not going to rename any wad files to homecinema or something simply because that confuses things up. It's your job as the mapper to include the wads in the map or ATLEAST by giving them in the ZIP file.
avatar Kurosaki Ichigo says: 14th February 2007, 04:55 AM
Look I DIDN'T EVEN USE THAT WAD AND I DON'T THINK I KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON (i think :D) I'll just add the wad in the zip AGAIN. It doesn't matter if you rename another wad because home cinema wasn't used! And instead of wasting space for other people to comment, why don't you just pm me??
avatar FresheD says: 14th February 2007, 12:30 PM
If you compile a map, make sure you ONLY got the custom wads YOU'RE USING IN THAT MAP in the textures tab.

Why not PM? Why should I?
See it as a comment on your map.

..wasting space? I lol'd.
avatar rowleybob says: 15th February 2007, 00:07 AM

Seriously, if someone takes time to comment on your map, and let's you know your're missing something, you should appreciate it, and make the changes so nobody else wastes their time. Here's another wad missing! ^^

If you compile with -nowadtextures paramater under CSG--expert compile or batch compile-- it will embed only/all the texture you used, and ignore the extra wads.

Cleaner still, If using wally you copy ONLY the non-standard, non-HL custom textures to ONE wad and use the -wadinclude paramater to include ONLY that wad.

If you don't like these comments in your Map entry, You can ask Muzzleflash or one of the other map vault moderators to delete them ;)
avatar Archie says: 15th February 2007, 04:43 AM
"You can ask Muzzleflash or one of the other map vault moderators to delete them"

But they probably wont, since they're valid comments.
avatar Kurosaki Ichigo says: 15th February 2007, 07:42 AM
Um the "missing" wads are in the zip so rowley i don't know how you got that.
Maybe for the next map i might make i'll put all the stuff in. :D But like I said in the other posts, I did not use the textures from that wad. How did I even get that?
avatar FresheD says: 15th February 2007, 12:00 PM
It doesn't matter if you didn't used them.
Hammer thinks you use all the wads in your textures list.
avatar Kurosaki Ichigo says: 16th February 2007, 08:51 AM
Um there not even in the texture list, even when i started this map.
avatar FresheD says: 18th February 2007, 08:52 AM
I finally played.

Original concept, but in my honest opinion, badly made.
Probably a lot of spawn + die action.

Also, you can jump to the other side.
avatar Kurosaki Ichigo says: 19th February 2007, 02:40 AM
Yeah, I know you can jump over the fence. It doesn't really about spawn killing because you're gonna get them back any way! I can probably make this look better so I'm gonna move this to unfinished and come back to this later on. I might add a few houses.
avatar FresheD says: 19th February 2007, 19:15 PM
Make it 2 backyards. ;)
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