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Link's House

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By Rimrook (See more)
26th April, 2008

Hosted Externally - BSP

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This is my entry in the compo. I doubt it'll get anything but it was fun trying on overly extended time. Done it in 3 days during that last week of the extension.

check it out.


avatar Captain Terror says: 27th April 2008, 19:03 PM
Heh some beautiful models in there! My fav was the shield, but they were all very nice. Very realistic and sexy-looking/sounding fire, which could maybe only be made even better by the flickering option (look at my candles in the rube goldberg entry if you never did it).

Nice sounds too, except some dreaming dog yelps/snores would have been nice. I never played the game, but even without playing it it looks quite good compared to the screenshots.

Neat entry in a short amount of time, good job! = )
avatar zeeba-G says: 28th April 2008, 21:20 PM
Very awesome map. At first I thought you made all of the models and if you did, you would have had a strong chance taking first in the compo. The map is very peacefull and calm. The beams over the room remind me of the ones you walk on in minish cap. I wasn't a very big fan of twilight princess because of the annoying little jap monster girl thing that sits on your back as a wolf but the wolf alone is pretty kewl. If I had made this map I would probably only have models from ocarina "but make them more detailed" personally because I don't like twilight. Either way the map is a neat cozy place to enjoy! Definetly insipred me to start modeling.
avatar Tetsu0 says: 29th April 2008, 01:54 AM
i can't get it to work :-/
avatar hlife_hotdog says: star star star star star 2nd May 2008, 01:04 AM
Because it's not a proper map I won't rate it properly :P

I love it! Great use of models and very pleasant little map. I spent 5 minutes just looking at it :)
avatar Soup Miner says: 4th May 2008, 14:47 PM
Oh boy! I can't wait to bomb some dodongos!
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