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By zeeba-G (See more)
18th February, 2009

Hosted Externally - RMF, BSP

Last edited: 21st February, 2009


My entry for map a room.

Edit. Hallways RMF. now included.


avatar Captain Terror says: star star star star star 25th February 2009, 04:30 AM
Yikes another amazingly good entry for the rooms project. I keep saying this but i'm so surprised at the quality of entries that keep coming in.. Bravo! = )

First off your screenie is suuuper dark.(i always turn the gamma up on my screen shots more than normal, cuz after you upload they always seem darker somehow.. from compression?)

++REALLY cool design. astoundingly intricate/complex and pleasing visually.
++Unprecedented amount of trims and detail work
++Original, cool lighting
++great use of original textures.
++Very Original "double eyelid" doors blew me away.
++Amazing amount of work for a little project such as this.

-A resource bear and poorly optimized:
-skyboxed (to fight the leaks i guess)
-unseen textures should be nulled or beveled and none are
-texture scales are 1.0 and below for the ENTIRE map, and the map is giganitc. Some of the far away texture, and even some of small trims would look ok at twice or more what they are right now, and make this a much more resource-friendly map.
-a bit of copy pasta with the same floor/ceiling a bit too much imo, though it's still really cool.
-lifts are ok but could be better. for this type of map, it would be very hard to come up with a perfect solution for lifts that are intuitive and consistently easy to use. I've seen some people get over this trouble using "low grav" tubes to fix it somewhat, but that isn't perfect either by any means.

All in all a REALLY cool map. One of the more complex-brushed things i've seen in HL engine (reminds me of Carbaseus somewhat). Superb work despite minor flaws, and again, a heaping amount of work for our little project, as well an amazing map in it's own right.

5 stars.
* * * * *
avatar zeeba-G says: 3rd March 2009, 19:51 PM
Thanks, yea im not very fond of the whole copy, paste, symmetrical mapping style myself and in most cases it makes me sick but I wanted this map to appear to be some mega structure that was stacked up un endlessly. As for the skybox and texturing, I usually just use a skybox because im too lazy to cover the areas individually and I was getting sick of waiting for the map to compile.. Btw thanks for the awesome comparison, carbaseus is an amazing display architecture and uniqueness!
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