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By Rimrook (See more)
11th February, 2010

Half-Life: Deathmatch
880.42KB - BSP

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Put this on your server and smoke it! :D

Ignore the crappy lighting, I did my best.


avatar Soup Miner says: 11th February 2010, 04:27 AM
I had sex with your mother.

I'll add it tomorrow, but I just caught this right before I decided to go to bed.
And it actually will be added tomorrow, not that lazy I'll-do-it-eventually crap.
avatar Striker says: 11th February 2010, 17:23 PM
vat iz this ?
avatar Soup Miner says: 11th February 2010, 17:35 PM
avatar Archie says: 11th February 2010, 20:22 PM
hmm.. Gotta say, playing this alone I was somewhat underwhelmed.

Total lack of ambience, awful lighting and lack of confirmation that a control point is being captured/contested immediately stand out as flaws.

I await a playtest.
avatar Rimrook says: 12th February 2010, 00:51 AM
Fuuuuuck last minute I had something pop up when you stood on it, but it was glitchy and weird.

Seriously now, do you want me to spend several weeks on a map to possibly have it be terrible? No one's ever done CP map, so its experimental.

EDIT: After a proper play test, I'll refine the template and update the map as an example for future maps.
avatar TJB says: 12th February 2010, 21:04 PM
I thought it was fun. I think it should be easier for teams to defend their base capture points though.
avatar potatis_invalid says: star star star star 12th February 2010, 21:11 PM
I think capturing the last point was hard enough, but capturing the middle was too easy. The CP concept works well, but I think teams should get scores for winning (if they don't already?) and that players should get scores for capturing. As expected, the map wasn't very good looking or detailed, but fun. I look forward to playing the next version(s).
avatar Rimrook says: 12th February 2010, 21:48 PM

Add turrets
Add capturing messages
Add scoring
Add better mapping

Minus starting with crossbows

What about the time it took to capture? Was it alright? I don't think anyone complained about it. Also, there was a limit as to how many rounds were won before the map changes. It was originally set if a team won twice, the map ends. For testing purposes I changed it to 20 so people could really play it out. (and we did for an hour!)

I'll update the template first. If anyone starts mapping, just leave some space for the points. The point templates are drag and drop and can be done last.
avatar potatis_invalid says: 12th February 2010, 23:21 PM
"What about the time it took to capture? Was it alright? I don't think anyone complained about it."
I think you should increase the time it takes to capture the middle, other than that it's good.
avatar Nefarious says: 13th February 2010, 06:37 AM
Rim, I haven't had the ability to play the map, however, for the center cap point I still have a few ideas from the original CP idea to slow down the gameplay and/or create more of a team-based gameplay that I didn't quite get to the experimenting phase with before I tossed what I had to you. Granted they are pretty much only in the idea phase and remain untested, I don't think it would require much effort to retrofit the current setup. If you want them I'll toss them your way via email.
avatar Archie says: 13th February 2010, 13:53 PM
i don't have a problem with people who have handlebar moustaches... but don't try and talk to me as if you DON'T have a handlebar moustache. Trying to talk about regular shit... No. If you have a handlebar moustache, that has to be the focus of the conversation.
avatar TJB says: 13th February 2010, 14:24 PM
avatar Rimrook says: 13th February 2010, 15:24 PM
LOL Too much scotch for Huntey again!
avatar potatis_invalid says: 16th March 2010, 09:35 AM
Voted for MotM February.
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