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By Archie (See more)
25th February, 2010

Counter-Strike: Source
Hosted Externally - BSP

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It's amazing how a map can evolve.
This, for example, began as a coop project by myself and Urby under the working title "ss_pijamas."
The "ss" stood for Silent Strike which was an experimental gamemode we discovered quite by chance in which players only have 15hp, and CTs are limited to silent weapons and are outnumbered by terrorists to a ratio of around 3:1. It proved to be exceptionally fun, but these sort of things tend to be a love or hate deal - so it was changed back to regular ol' CS.

This map has been featured in several Scotch and Coffee videos, and contains the SnC offices.

There are tens of easter eggs and secret areas, a proper radar with nav locations and more custom materials than you can shake a stick at.


P.S. Urby's office was made by him. That is all. So much for "coop" the lazy bastard ;D

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More Screenshots


avatar satchmo says: 26th February 2010, 12:00 PM
Looks great from the screenshots.

I'll change my son's diaper, and then I'll have a chance to download it.
avatar satchmo says: 26th February 2010, 15:28 PM
The layout is amazing. There are so many connections between the different sections in the map.

I love the attention to details. There are so many interesting things to look at in this map. The custom textures and graffiti also tickled my fancy.

The only thing that I didn't like is the skybox. I think the distant buildings would look better without the fog effect. I never liked the fog effect in the Source engine. It makes distant objects look "ghostly" and unrealistic.
avatar Archie says: 26th February 2010, 16:56 PM
I originally used a more orange fog to suit the sunrise ambience, but it looked awful, and there wasn't enough depth created without any fog at all. The blue-grey was the best effect I could come up with, which is annoying because I totally agree with you about it looking dumb.

Thanks for the feedback
avatar UrbaNebula says: star star star star star 26th February 2010, 19:42 PM
Having been involved in both the creation and testing of this map, I have to say that I love it through and through. The sheer number of access points to each area makes for some buttock-clenching tension and destructive firefights (throw a grenade in the main office and you'll see what I mean)

I am yet to play with a significant number of human players, but I have no doubt that it would still play the same as with bots, and with bots, it plays like a top bollock map.
avatar hlife_hotdog says: star star star star star 26th February 2010, 23:53 PM
This is really good. The layout was fantastic, with so many options, it kept the game fresh. I didn't mind the fog so much, but I didn't like the outdoor areas very much, with the exception of the roof, that was great. Otherwise this is a great map, wish I could play with some humanz though, would be great fun.
avatar Captain Terror says: star star star star star 16th March 2010, 18:45 PM
Sorry i took so long to play this!

++Daubster tag! = )
+/-3d skybox looks great but it looks almost flat-shaded to me
++great use of decals on the road
+curbages look pretty good
++tunnel area out of wharehouse looks great
+great use of decals and small detailing down there too
+great original layout
+good-sized map, not too big or small

Looks really good man!

5 stars
avatar Jax says: star star star star star 13th April 2010, 03:17 AM
I had a bit of a run-through and found that this map is well-suited to a good game of counter-strike. I thoroughly liked the garage area, where you would find yourself partaking in an intense firefight because of the sometimes awkward angles that you will be shooting the enemy. The only problem I had was that from underneath the vents (in the garage) you could see a player's shadow as they were running through the vents above, making them easy to take out.

Another problem (although purely visual) was that the light above the front desk (with the scotch & coffee sign) had some texture clashing. Also, at the very end of the CT spawn you can see past the edge of the world on the left. I found the outside area a little bit darker then I would have liked but these are all rather minor problems in the map.

Having stated these few points, I really enjoyed this map, particularly the close quarters that you will find yourself in along with the excellent detailing. 5 stars!
avatar Daubster says: star star star star star 6th February 2012, 20:48 PM
Can't believe I hadn't tried this earlier.

I love how rich the environment feels, and how many different styles the areas span. From messy industrial district streets to clean office spaces - it all feels vibrant & living.

The complexity of the layout & the variety of the areas sort of make this feel like one of the old CS 1.6 maps like backalley and the likes. I like that.

Only problem I see is some of the areas feeling a bit cramped, but I don't think it's that big of a deal.

Kudos from inventory control - great job!
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