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Doors + trigger_relays

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map screenshot

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By Instant Mix (See more)
24th May, 2011

Not Listed (HL1 Engine)
1.7MB - RMF, BSP

Last edited: 25th May, 2011


RUNS ON SVEN COOP - I am surprised this isn't in the game list..

PROBLEM : The door(s) are out of sync , if the button is mashed too quickly then the doors will open when off , and close when on , which is the exact opposite of what they should be doing

You will need to add the WAD as I couldn't be arsed to change all the textures. And partially to make you bask in the glory of my work

There are a few things that I've yet to change but didn't because of not being arsed , such as the conflicting door sounds and most probably some clipping.

Oh , and please don't steal the WAD. Well , use without my permission. It's WIP anyway so why would you want it?


avatar Captain Terror says: 24th May 2011, 22:22 PM
I'm stealin that shit. LATES IM OUT =)
avatar Instant Mix says: 24th May 2011, 22:48 PM
avatar Captain Terror says: 24th May 2011, 23:50 PM
Need "custombuttons.wad" and "untitled1.wad". I'll try compiling it but i don't have a lot of time to play with. Awesome-looking map so far btw.

Here's the rest of the ResGen file for BONUS:
// .res entries:
avatar Instant Mix says: 25th May 2011, 00:07 AM
Weird.. No textures in those wads are in it...

I'll fix that right up.
avatar Captain Terror says: 25th May 2011, 00:20 AM
also buncha muncha cruncha leaksa.. what did you cordon compile?
avatar Instant Mix says: 25th May 2011, 00:22 AM
Updated the BSP so it shouldn't inculed custombuttons & untitled1

the sounds also have no use

and the map is just updated in general.

and yes , I did cordon compile
i love cordon compiling
obviously not final however
avatar Captain Terror says: 25th May 2011, 00:36 AM
nice i can play the map now, but how do you get the cubes on the pad? is there a portal gun hiding in there? When i try jumping on the pad nothing happens.. should it?
avatar Instant Mix says: 25th May 2011, 00:39 AM
It's supposed to be ran in Sven-Coop , which enables the ability to lift cubes.
holding E on the cube will enable you to pick it up and move it about. Not exactly the gravity gun , but at least it's there.
avatar Captain Terror says: 25th May 2011, 00:42 AM
hmm i tried that and it didn't seam to work. the sven weapons are pretty cool btw! i tried guiding the cube with akimbo golden uzis =)

if the player jumps on pad should anything hapen?
avatar Instant Mix says: 25th May 2011, 00:49 AM
Nope. It's MEANT to be a cube button ( blame the mixture of my lack of time & goldsrc's crap collision detection).

Should work , works fine for me.
are you running Sven 4.5?
avatar Captain Terror says: 25th May 2011, 00:54 AM
oh ya, i only have version 3.0.

I'm outta time for the day, but i'll try messin with it tomorrow. neat map anyway!
avatar Instant Mix says: 25th May 2011, 00:58 AM
There's A LOT more to come , once I get this and a few other things sorted out
avatar Captain Terror says: 25th May 2011, 01:03 AM
oh hey also, i just thought of something: maybe try using a momentary_door? This will probably only work if the momentary_rot_button is triggerable means other than the "use" key.

Good luck! I'll try to look at it again tonight if i have time. =)
avatar 2muchvideogames says: 25th May 2011, 01:10 AM
theres no limit to the diversity of sven coop maps. And I love it.
avatar Captain Terror says: 25th May 2011, 20:11 PM
downloading 4.5 now.. you didn't include the portal random tech and button sounds btw. =) sorry for mucking up your comments next time i'll pm.

edit: even with the new sven, i can't pick up the blocks for some reason, so it's hard to test the map...

It's a pretty tricky thing to get right using HL1 entites, but here is one way you could cheese it.

1. Button_down/open door)have one trigger over the pad in the approximate size of the cube, and call it trigger1. have that target:

-mm_button_dn_sound: (triggers button_dn_sound at 0.01, and then off at 0.75)
-button001:(the red func_door plunger, set to toggle. try a delay reset of 0 and -1 to see what works)
-door001: (targets the door open)
enable_trigger2: (change_target enity. initally, give trigger2 an erroneous target, and this trigger will change trigger2's target to mm_button_down)

2. Now, build a trigger multiple "wall" called trigger2 around the area the cube will take up when it's on the pad. give it a nonexistent target name like listed above, say "mm_button_downxxx". hollow out a small section in the middle, so it clears the a cube when it's on the pad. give a little wiggle room between the depressed cube area and the trigger, if that makes sense.

-mm_button_up_sound: (targets a button_up_sound twice like above, one turning it on and one turning it off)
-button001: (sending the button back up. if the plunger doesn't work properly, you could get crazy and use 2 func doors with env_renders and some other bullshit, but hopefully you won't have to)
-door001: (closes the door)
-disable_trigger2: (an additional trigger_changetarget that re-disables mm_button_up by changing the target to something nonexistent)

Hope this helps, or at the very least gives you some new ideas on how to fix the problem! let me know if you get it working! there is without a doubt a better way to do this, i just can't think of it right now..


edit X2:

got SC4.5 correctly installed, but i find it almost impossible to get the cubes on the plate. Maybe cover the cubes in a clip brush to make them simpler?

i'll take another look at your version of the map tomorrow and play around with it.. i think you're pretty close to getting it to work.
avatar Instant Mix says: 26th May 2011, 14:03 PM
I think your mentioning of the change target could be a good idea..

I'm thinking of the up / down triggering a multimanager which would initially change the target to something nonexistant , do it's shit , and then change the target back when everything has been opened / closed.

only problem I see is that the cube could be taken off within this period and the button would be stuck on.

This is getting harder than I originally thought

Why is the cube's collision so shit? gah!
avatar Instant Mix says: 27th May 2011, 15:57 PM
Yeah the cube's collision is really bad, no idea why goldsrc is having such a problem with it.

Right now , on my "more-like-a-cube-button" button , it will only go into the actually button if I place it right at the edge. Not in the middle where there is a huge space , oh no , but actually clipping in to the side.

I must be making it too detailed
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