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By satchmo (See more)
23rd June, 2011

Portal 2
Hosted Externally - BSP

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A series of challenging puzzles that provide brand new ways of using the Portal 2 elements.

If you can solve this puzzle in less than ten minutes, consider yourself a genius.


avatar Archie says: star star star star 23rd June 2011, 22:39 PM
More portal 2 goodness!
I love that this game has re-ignited your mapping flair, Satchmo. I missed getting submissions to the mapvault from ya :D


Oh, okay. Slightly disappointed that there's no new puzzles here. You have, however refined the ones you already submitted and they work extremely well now.
avatar Captain Terror says: 24th June 2011, 00:38 AM
gah i need portal 2 and l4d2. it sucks not being able to play these maps. =(
avatar Archie says: 24th June 2011, 00:43 AM
Portal 2, absolutely. L4D2, not so much.
avatar satchmo says: 24th June 2011, 02:18 AM
Thanks to the various playtesters (including Archie), I was able to perfect sp_suspended and combine it with sp_gravity to make one level that contains most of the new Portal 2 devices. Many changes were made based on Archie's playtest video alone.

I modified some areas of the map, so it looks and plays better.

Igniting my mapping fever is a good thing for the gaming community, but not good for my personal well-being. I got up at 2 am and mapped until 5 am two days ago, which meant I was tired all day at work.

I am hoping this mapping streak would end soon, so I won't kill myself from skipping meals, bathroom breaks, and sleep.
avatar Dimbeak says: star star star star star 25th June 2011, 20:09 PM
I timed myself. I'm a genius!

Awesome map, dude.
(and it was close. 9:34)
avatar Trapt says: 27th June 2011, 07:57 AM
I don't understand satch, is there a way to take down the forcefield without using the turrets or what? The first time I'd already destroyed all of the turrets using the lasers and was left at a complete dead end. This shouldn't happen. Why not just have a box lying around somewhere?

Also, the wall behind the laser wall needs to be better lit, I had no idea it was portalable for quite a while whilst I walked around at a complete loss as to what I was supposed to do.

I'm not gonna rate it just in case there is a better way of doing it that I'm not aware of but I still really did not enjoy the suspended part of the puzzle, sorry satch.
avatar satchmo says: 27th June 2011, 18:40 PM
No, I am afraid that the only way to get to the reflecto cube is using the deactivated turret. I know they burn up when you laser them, that's why I provided four of them. I guess my tip is not to be vengeful with them earlier in the game.

I still don't want to have a cube lying around in the room, because that destroys part of the creativity of the level design. The point is to have the player figure out a brand new way of interacting with the turrets.

I tried putting a light on the ceiling next to the laser discouragement field, but Hammer gave me an error for having too many light sources on the brush surfaces. I have not encountered any other player who had difficulty realizing those are portable surfaces behind the laser field.

I appreciate the feedback.
avatar Archie says: 27th June 2011, 20:34 PM
You added the tube running under the top level. Why not make it have a small break in it and have regular turrets travelling through it? Trapt is right - the player should never be put in the position of having no way to progress.
avatar satchmo says: 28th June 2011, 00:08 AM
I have an idea for the laser field. In order for the player to see that the tiles behind it are actually portable, I will reduce the density of the lasers (having about ten lasers going across rather than 30).

As for the overzealous turret destruction, I am planning to leave it as is. I inserted an autosave point in the map just prior to capturing the last turret. This way, the player could always load the last autosave and get back to the point before all the turrets are burned up.

Archie actually felt bad about incinerating the turret by accident. I am hoping other players are merciful too.
avatar Trapt says: 28th June 2011, 06:37 AM
I'm with Archie, if you're going to force the use of turrets to block the lasers you need to either make the turrets indestructible or have some sort of turret dispenser.

I forgot to add that to a player who has played through Portal 2, those lasers automatically mean AVOID PAIN. You're basically relying on a player to test whether the lasers hurt or not and I can see why a lot of players would be reluctant to even try. Not to mention you have a laser wall which DOES cause damage... the inconsistency damages the player's ability to solve the puzzle intuitively I think.
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