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Anvus (compo 31)

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map screenshot

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By Rimrook (See more)
12th December, 2011

1.99MB - BSP

Last edited: 12th December, 2011


My competition 31 entry. Tried to use as many textures from the pack as possible. Also I attempted to make the make feel like it had a lot of purpose and presence.


avatar doggybag71 says: star star star star star 12th December 2011, 20:10 PM
I love this. I like the way you used different textures in the same "face" to make a new texture. Nice ambiance. Everything is nicely designed and it really draws me in. Not big but not too small either compared to other entries.

I cant see why this didn't make it in to the top 3. Well, except that you seemingly used decals even though that was not allowed. :P

Thanks for sharing anyways!
avatar Captain Terror says: star star star star star 12th December 2011, 21:28 PM
Agreed, this is breathtaking Rim! =0

I take a screenie of every map i review to include in my map archive, and it was REALLY very tough to pick just one, since every area in this is consistently so pretty!

Running through the map, I couldn't decide which awestruck me more: The masterful texturing or the Very pretty brushwork... just amazing. Both of those things together made the entire map almost look like it was rendered in another engine! =P

I can't really think of any critique, except possibly make all the doors lead somewhere(it was nice you had the "locking sound" for inaccessible doors though), and add some articulation to the lazer drill thingies to make them look less static(like joints in an robotic welder or some such). The lazer thingies could also have used some more texture variation possibly, but they still looked great.

Anyway superb entry sir, this is really top-notch.
avatar Rimrook says: 12th December 2011, 21:59 PM
Decals were not allowed? I never got this memo. If they really were, the brief should have been updated. I didn't follow the forum as closely as some.

At least I entered. I was surprised at the number of entries, and I will certainly take the time to play through them all.
avatar Captain Terror says: 12th December 2011, 22:28 PM
There were supposed to be a lot more entries <COUGH>Archie-muzz-tetsu0<COUGH>, but of course, you always have people drop out. Wasn't Daubs supposed to enter as well?
avatar Archie says: 13th December 2011, 08:12 AM
What are you coughing at me for? I never said I'd enter. :<

I truly think this should have got in the top 3, but that's not to say the winners weren't deserving. This must have been a real tough one to judge.
avatar Rimrook says: 15th December 2011, 04:10 AM
Its not like we win anything anyway. :<
avatar Strider says: 19th December 2011, 03:30 AM
It was very, very hard to choose between this and Ninja Defuse's entry. Ninja defuses entry only just edged this out because I think he managed to make something arty and unique with a texture pack that I didn't think was suitable. If there was a fourth place you definitely would've had a spot.

Oh, and the decals thing didn't matter, I wouldn't disqualify an entry for that. One of the requirements was actual gameplay but less than half of the entries actually had it, so we ended up ignoring that rule too.
avatar Captain Terror says: 19th December 2011, 12:51 PM
Yeah thank god almost nobody's map had gameplay; I figured i'd be instantly disqualified cuz mine also had none, so i was even more uproariously happy landing a spot.

Out off all the entries, Anvus was my favourite, closely followed by doggybag's de_Minestorm map.
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