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By Kasperg (See more)
5th October, 2013

Half-Life 2: Episode 2
Hosted Externally - BSP

Last edited: 5th October, 2013


Instructions: Extract the Fallingliquid folder to your steam/steamapps/sourcemods folder and restart Steam.

Remake of my Half-life 2 map from 2006, this time in mod format for Half-life 2 Episode 2 and with custom props.
Non-combat mod. Exploration only (but worth it :) )

Compiled with HDR lighting. Even though the LDR version works, I did most of the lighting adjustments and prop modifications to fit the HDR version.

You can replace the music tracks in the sound folder for other music of your choice and they will work as long as the files are still called track1 and track2 and have the proper bit rate for HL2 mp3 files.

If you find the Ep2 gnome and take a good screenshot of the map with the gnome visible in it, I'll add it to the More Screenshots section.


avatar Striker says: star star star star star 5th October 2013, 12:39 PM
Showed this to my mother. She said: "What can I say, it's like you're in there".

User Posted Image

Every mapper touches a point where using the skills acquired he gives something beautiful for the world to see. Eventually that point goes higher and higher, but for now I think you conquered a new peak, Kasperg.

It is not necessarily what you see that "makes" a map, but the whole ambiance is responsible for the feel it creates. Your accomplishment surpasses our everyday mapping chat-talk, and the criticism it should receive wouldn't be fair if it stayed in the same land of discussions.

This is a clear display of hard-work and dedication, and I'm not even referring to the modern architecture you implied which left me in awe. I'm talking about those minuscule details that create atmosphere, that usually only affect the subconcious. The numerous objects within the house, be it books, vases, desks, or even culminating with the vinyl player( wonderful jazz choice, you hit the nail with that one) are a mapping nightmare, yet they help create a unique setting that is this map.

User Posted Image
The surroundings are participating in creating that "real feel" and I have nothing to comment about them.

Although you chose a winter setting, the ambient sounds are a weird choice. I feel more like in summer with those sounds!
The texturing is good, but the lighting is a bit harsh in my opinion. It like that shade of bright yellow...yet it is a bit too.. bright!

I left out the gameplay element since it doesn't apply here, I also left out the "story" element since this is not a Dear Esther'eque map either.

Architecture: 95%
Texturing: 95%
Ambience: 90%
Lighting: 90%

Total: 92.5%
avatar Sajo says: 5th October 2013, 13:16 PM
Wow, Kasperg is back?
Looking awesome. I'll definetly give it a try this week.
avatar Captain Terror says: 5th October 2013, 18:05 PM
Velcome back Kasperg! Check this out as soon as i get home! =P
avatar DiscoStu says: 8th October 2013, 20:53 PM
AW YEAH. *downloads*

Every architect wants to see this.
avatar satchmo says: star star star star star 12th October 2013, 12:32 PM
Kasperg, I remember those days when you were making these creative and unconventional HL1 maps.

This "Falling Water" simulation was one of my favorites.

When I extracted the files, I can see the mod in the Steam library, and I can start the mod. But once in the mod, the background texture is missing and I cannot start a new game.
avatar Kasperg says: 13th October 2013, 11:51 AM
Is the error message related to the files "fallingliquid_bg1" or "fallingliquid_bg1_widescreen" ?
Both are included so maybe the files were corrupt in your download. I can't be sure.
If checking that or re-downloading doesn't help, you can always extract the materials, models, bsp and sound folder into your Ep2 folder structure. For it to work in Ep2 though, you need to set this parameter in the console before loading the map. Otherwise I think it won't load.

r_hunkalloclightmaps 0
avatar Striker says: 26th December 2013, 19:37 PM
Wow, I found this while stumbling: falling water
avatar desertfox30 says: star star star star star 5th July 2014, 10:31 AM
You did an awesome job, thanks ! :D It will be great with the oculus rift ! x)
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