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By Archie (See more)
16th February, 2017

Half-Life: Deathmatch
Hosted Externally - BSP

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My entry for competition 34. See if you can guess which map it's a subtle re-imagining of!

Still calling it 'beta' until we have a playtest on the server.

I know it's pretty lacking in detail, but if you were following the thread you know I hit that AllocBlock limit hard.


avatar Archie says: 16th February 2017, 20:14 PM
Currently playing on:
avatar zeeba-G says: star star star star star 17th February 2017, 05:33 AM
Great map! Had a blast playing it. Can't wait to play again. I'll write a better review soon.

Lol's at Jessie with the Gauss.

Good luck in the competition.
avatar Alberto309 says: star star star star 17th February 2017, 15:04 PM
tc_coreglow1.spr non found. Please update the archive. :3

I've played your map in the SnC server though. Found some minor issues like the water in the tunnel is too high and prevent you from jumping or longjumping. And the guy in the truck stops moving if you hit "E" on him. Try to use a different entity maybe. I also don't really appreciate the weapon placement, but overall is a damn good map. Good job Archie. ;)
avatar Archie says: 17th February 2017, 15:50 PM
Archive updated to include the missing sprite.

Cheers for the comments!
The water serves a purpose, so it's not changing. You wouldn't be able to jump or longjump underwater, so that's working as intended.

I wanted to use a cycler_sprite for the driver, but it keeps crashing Hammer. Anyone got a better suggestion?

Can you go into more detail about what you don't like about weapon placement?
avatar Admer456 says: 17th February 2017, 20:48 PM
I'd prefer not to rate because of my bottom-end hardware. Here's the summary:

User Posted Image

+1 point for humour :D
User Posted Image

Looks good so far.
The map is detailed (as with every map of today :P), and ambient sounds aren't lacking, nor they're overused.

User Posted Image
Afaik, you can align textures to each other by Alt+Left-click (at least in Hammer 4, didn't test that in Hammer 3x)
Jackhammer has Ctrl+Alt+Left-click (or Ctrl+Shift+Left-click, I can't remember well).
You could try that out sometimes :) I use it a lot.

User Posted Image
4fps, 3500wpoly and 3566epoly. Man, I usually get OK framerates at this poly-count.

This is the problem on my end:
User Posted Image
Aaaarrgh! The dynamic lights! R.I.P. my laptop.

User Posted Image
I guess the explanation for that is: Black Mesa developed high-quality, explosion-resistant glass.

Other than the bad framerates (and a couple of texturing mishaps), this map is pretty good :)
avatar Archie says: 17th February 2017, 22:36 PM
Cheers for the review. Your gamma is super weird - the blacks are grey.
avatar Trempler says: star star star star star 18th February 2017, 05:50 AM
I really enjoy the map.

Awesome job Archie :)

I actually like the new and fresh weapon placement :)

Mapping/Texturing and stuff is epic too! ( Still im not a fan of the textureset itself, it looks too clean/cartoonish for me )

Stuff you should change is:

1. Dynamic Lights, remove these in such detailed maps, slow gpu/cpu are having a hardtime. Even if they look cool, they are more for SP and not for MP.
2. You cant jump high on the helipad site... I loved to jump high in the air to avoid the nuke and also shoot rockets+grenades to the "pit". You could still do that, even if allocblock is full since its skytexture :D
3. NO secret? :D
avatar Admer456 says: 18th February 2017, 08:13 AM
"Your gamma is super weird - the blacks are grey."
Oh, that explains everything. That explains why are my maps so dark, because of my brightness settings :P

What can I say, I had to adjust it for night maps in Sven Co-op 4.8.
avatar Alberto309 says: 18th February 2017, 21:21 PM
For the cycler_sprite, try editing your .fgd like this on the cycler_sprite:


@PointClass base(Targetname, Angles, RenderFields) Studio() = cycler_sprite : "Sprite Cycler"
model(studio) : "Model / Sprite" : ""
sequence(integer) : "Animation # sequence (Models only)"
framerate(string) : "Framerate (Sprites only)" : 10


And about the weapon placements, it's just personal. I prefer the classic weapon placements of crossfire; that way I wouldn't need to play the map in a different way. :P
avatar Archie says: 18th February 2017, 22:26 PM
Excellent, i'll try the cycler_sprite tonight, thankyou!!

I don't want it to be played exactly the same way as Crossfire. Is there any specific weapon you feel is lacking or overly available in either zone? I'm willing to make any changes except adding the egon.

1) I liiike it :(
2) Will fix! :)
3) There are a few secrets!
avatar Alberto309 says: 20th February 2017, 18:02 PM
You're welcome. :3

No, nothing like that Archie. It's just that I thought the weapon placements was the same as Crossfire. Maybe I just didn't expect it but I guess it's ok. The map has no particular flaws in terms of weapon placements; I guess I'd just need to playtest it properly to be able to give you proper feedback on the weapon placements. Also, I could invite a couple of HL:DM/AG pros to play your map so they could give you precious feedback regarding everything on the map, not only weapon placements (gameplay and weapons firstly), but I guess you need to schedule another playtest for that to happen. Just let me know. You also have my Steam contact.
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