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By Silvertongue (See more)
21st November, 2017

Hosted Externally - BSP

Last edited: 21st November, 2017


"No. No, it's not Cloister. It's me, it's Lister! It's Lister the Stupid!"
-- Dave Lister, Red Dwarf Series I Episode IV, "Waiting for God"

A remake/rebuild/re-whatever of Cloister, a deathmatch map created by the Half-Life writer, Marc Laidlaw.

Cloister was never officially released but was retrieved (partially) from the leaked WC map pack, albeit not in an entirely playable state. As a self-acknowledged maker of monumentally poor decisions, I set about reconstructing the map and bringing it up to a higher standard of aesthetic quality, while preserving its play space to as reasonable an extent as possible. Marc seems understandably bemused as to why I'd pour my time into this, but as far as I can tell, the project has his approval--or at least, his world-weary tolerance.

Play is likely to be ideal with between 2 and 8 players, as the map is somewhat cramped and there aren't many safe places to spawn. All weapons make an appearance except the egon (because I'm a bitter soul). I've made an effort to minimize changes to the layout, but item spawns were largely just chosen by me based on whatever I felt would be best.

(The r_speeds are, of course, abysmal. I sort of went into this project knowing that I wouldn't be able to restrain myself. It's 2017 anyway, come on now)


avatar savvaisnotagirl says: star star star star 22nd November 2017, 13:41 PM
This map is awesome, ever since I saw MarphitimusBlackimus's video on it, I thought someone should just add some textures and make it working. You did more than that.

The lighting is really nice, the textures are superb, weapon placements look okay though I didn't get my friend to play deathmatch with me so I don't have an accurate review on that. I love the waterfalls and how nice it feels to fall into the water, you made water fun in an FPS, thats hard to do.

However there is a huge bug. The teleporter above the jetpack slows down my fps to 14 frames, which I urge you to fix as soon as possible, it might because of the overlapping textures. I know it is the teleporter because everytime I look at it, 14 frames, and when I don't, 150 frames. If you can fix this, that would be great.

Other suggestions I have include adding ladders on the slopes for quicker ascent to the third floor instead of using the long tunnel around, normally players don't want to take a long route just to get into another combat-infested zone. Also, if once you fix the teleporter, could you make it two-way? That way it wouldn't make the room as a camp zone when people are teleporting.

I would give this 5 stars for everything but the bug is a serious problem and you must fix it or else nobody with a slower computer will be able to play this properly.
avatar Silvertongue says: 22nd November 2017, 14:21 PM
That's... very odd. I played this map with a fair number of people and nobody else has reported this bug. I can't imagine what could possibly cause it, either. Are the effects rendering correctly? (i.e. does it look like
avatar savvaisnotagirl says: 22nd November 2017, 16:09 PM
Yes, it looks exactly that but everytime I look at it, it slows down my computer. I can make a video showing whats happening later, its weird that this happens.

EDIT: Here,

My computer doesn't do well with vid recordings but it shows that when I look at the teleporter particle, the fps drops a lot. It happens in any location and only drops when I see the particles.
avatar Silvertongue says: 26th November 2017, 03:50 AM
Hmm. I can't imagine why the particle effects would be responsible, but if there's a small chance they're causing this kind of performance hit then there's no reason why they can't be cut.

I've done a special build with end sparks disabled. Would you mind giving it a look and verifying that clears up the issue? (
avatar Bruce says: 27th November 2017, 16:37 PM
Great architecture but I also get the extreme slowdown bug, I think it's caused by the pulsing light effect. I think it happens on most machines...
avatar JeffMOD says: star star star star star 29th November 2017, 04:49 AM
Looks great and plays well. HLDM is pretty well dead these days, but this map is a worthy send-off to it, especially factoring in it's history.
avatar Bruce says: 30th November 2017, 11:19 AM
HLDM is far from dead and this map is unfortunately unplayable
avatar SourceSkyBoxer says: star star star star star 3rd December 2017, 17:07 PM
Nice map - PS Please add link to or drive of Google. Because I am very hostile to GameBanana because bad users have remove my thread qlumpy and makelt for creating wad files. I tried to explain but they are stubborn to me.

I want to have download link. Thanks!

// I found downloads for everything thanks I have tested map. Woah you're architect!!!!!!
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