This comment was made on an article that has been deleted.
This comment was made on an article that has been deleted.
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GTX 970
Been looking at these myself. Let us know how it goes!
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Jesus TJB, how do you even deal with that? That's horrible :(

I currently run 3 1080p monitors at work (like this), and I always think that it'd be nice to have more desktop space. I would go insane if I had to deal with 1024x768 :P

Has anybody ever seen those 1920p 1:1 monitors? They look a bit disturbing when you're used to 16:9 screens, but I reckon it'd be great for programming and probably mapping as well. So much screen space!
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It's not harassment if he enjoys it!
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Yep, I use the site @Tetsu0 linked to check out what options are available in the GPU world. I tend to go to the 'high end video cards', and look at the first 20 or so cards on that list and see what the best value ones are. (click the 'price performance' link once you're on that page)

If I was recommending any card, right now it'd be the GTX 970, though it's more expensive than your price bracket. The GTX 960 is still a decent option, and closer to how much you want to spend. (I'm not a fan of AMD cards so I can't recommend any, but a couple of the R9 cards spike on the value chart and might be worth checking out.)
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Ah, you mean NaziNet? Not a fan of some of their policies, to be honest.
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R6 Siege will be my next full price AAA game purchase, wait until then :P
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I would if GTA5 was free :P
I wouldn't play GTA otherwise, and getting to listen to your soothing accent making dick jokes just isn't worth that kind of money, Archie. Not when I get experience the same dick jokes for free when you upload it to Youtube.
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Maybe it's because of the dark background, but I found that the monospaced font of your blog site makes it really hard to read. I added this to make it a bit easier on the eyes:
.post-body {
    font-family: serif;
    font-size: 1.2em;
    line-height: 1.7em;
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Welcome back :)
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And you're deluded if you think Windows 10 enables anything new in that space that they couldn't do before. If it's in Win10 now, it's safe to assume it's in all supported Windows versions. MS are just aggressively pushing their new product so they can try to monetise using their app store and Microsoft account integration, plus they want to avoid people getting "stuck" on an ancient version, like what happened with XP. Take off the tinfoil hat, or just switch to Linux already and stop with the paranoid conspiracy theories.
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@Dim: The pirated games thing is almost certainly a tie-in to their app store, they're not trying to scan your hard drive for ISO files or something. If you try to launch an app store game on an account that hasn't purchased it, it'll tell you to buy the game. It's part of any standard app-store EULA, not just a Windows 10 thing.

Anyway Stu, the Windows 10 upgrade requires you to go through a basic wizard to approve the upgrade. If your updates are installed automatically, the wizard is probably auto-cancelling because nobody is around to click the button. In Windows 7 you can stop an update from coming through by finding it in the "pending updates" list and going into the right click menu. No Windows 10 upgrade has been automatically applied without somebody clicking the "Yes, I want to upgrade to Windows 10 right now" button.

Some people need to stop thinking everything is malicious...
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Don't feed the trolls folks... Everyone needs to calm down a notch or two.
Commented 7 years ago2015-07-31 11:46:01 UTC in journal: #8584 Comment #62713
I think he's being paid by Microsoft to post Windows propaganda all over the Internet :)
Commented 7 years ago2015-07-31 03:35:35 UTC in journal: #8584 Comment #62712
Windows 10 is looking like it'll be pretty decent, but definitely wait a few months before touching it, so they can work out the bugs.
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That's when you click the convenient "remove from friends" button :)
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Learning, full time. I'd take random university courses for the rest of my life. Philosophy, math, engineering, law. But primarily computer science: Programming theory, networking, compiler and language design. I'd create a programming language or get involved in the community of an existing one.

I'd learn to speak several non-English languages. Japanese, Korean, French, and perhaps German or some other European languages. Live the country while learning the language. I'd get involved in some fan translations of non-English media (shows/novels/games).

Get a job doing something I'm passionate about. Not full-time, and probably something I can do remotely. Perhaps for a non-profit that has ideals that I agree with, such as Mozilla.

I'd also finish by Steam backlog.
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There's always someone with more logins than you. Unless you're Mariowned.
Commented 7 years ago2015-07-04 03:05:21 UTC in journal: (~0b11101000) & 0xFF Comment #59145
Pretty sure it's 23:
(NOT 11101000) & 11111111
00010111 & 11111111
0001 0111
Happy 0x17th birthday!
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How much you being paid for this advertisement? :P
Also, that's a lot of guitars.
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I'd rather live in Canada than the US anyway, it seems like a much nicer place to be :)
I don't like hockey or maple syrup though, so I'm not allowed.
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Yup, it doesn't matter who we vote for in Australia, neither major party seems to support marriage equality :/

This is a good move for America, hopefully this gives other countries a kick in the ass to move forward with the leaders of the western world.
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While this is only tangentially related, I recently discovered the audio mixer in Windows 7. It's very convenient to be able to mute or reduce the volume only in one specific program. I'd never used it before so it was a nice discovery :)
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Yeah, I believe it'll be nuget-based so you can "Install-Package" in PowerShell to get your apt-get equivalent.
Commented 7 years ago2015-06-04 12:15:43 UTC in journal: #8555 Comment #62693
Windows 8 also added proper multi-monitor taskbars (don't need DisplayFusion anymore!) and native ISO mounting (don't need MagicISO anymore!), I'm sure there's more improvements as well. Of course, both those features are limited enough that you still need those programs for certain tasks, but it's a step forward anyway.
Commented 7 years ago2015-06-02 23:41:27 UTC in journal: #8555 Comment #62692
@Stojke: I've had to deal with Windows 8 (Server 2012) at work and I find it difficult and obscure to use. Don't pretend your opinions are fact, there's two sides to every coin. My desktop is not a tablet PC, covering my entire desktop with the application launcher doesn't improve usability for my use case. Especially when you have multiple monitors.

Nobody's suggesting that Windows 8 doesn't have performance improvements, but the usability changes it brings with it are not worth the performance upgrade. It's not an improvement for most people, it's just Microsoft trying to shove a tablet interface down the throat of desktop users. Windows 10 is looking a lot better in that regard.
Commented 7 years ago2015-06-02 22:26:40 UTC in journal: #8555 Comment #62691
Windows 10 is looking pretty solid; barring Windows 8 levels of failure, I'll probably move to it a few months after it comes out.
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Are you sure you're not just mistaken and you didn't actually have that much space available? Otherwise, a program like SpaceMonger will give you a good visual representation of what's taking up a lot of space on your drive.
Commented 7 years ago2015-05-22 12:04:38 UTC in journal: #8551 Comment #61225
Even ignoring the gaming advantages (you can bind to the extra mouse buttons), simply having the "back" and "forward" buttons on your thumb buttons is incredibly useful for regular browsing. I wouldn't be able to go without them now. In FPS games, I usually bind one thumb button to sprint (I use shift for crouch), and the other to the melee attack. Works quite well.

The gaming mouses also tend to have a better sensitivity so the action is smoother, but for casual gaming that's not so important.

A lot of people care about ergonomics as well. Depending on your mouse grip and handedness, finding the right mouse for your style can be difficult. The gaming manufacturers put a lot more effort into catering for individual ergonomics rather than the more generic one-size-fits-all manufacturers.

Those crazy ones with 15 buttons or whatever are for MMO players and hardcore multiplayer gamers who want 40 key shortcuts ready to go at all times :)
Commented 7 years ago2015-05-22 11:29:07 UTC in journal: #8551 Comment #61224
Razer every time for me because they're the only people who care about ambidex gaming models :)

I'm using a Razer Taipan at the moment. 7 Buttons is two better than 5 buttons!
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@Jessie: There really aren't many colossal animes. For the 5 or so that have been running for ages, there are 200 or so full- or half-season (25 or 13 episodes) new shows every year. I also prefer the shorter shows, if you want some recommendations, send me a message :)
Commented 7 years ago2015-05-14 09:25:28 UTC in journal: #8545 Comment #61695
No sane person is going to start watching anime if you just recommend shows that are 700 episodes long :P
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So, I had to look this up. The "Cosa Nostra" is what most people would call the Italian Mafia, and these are their "rules", so to speak.

Fortunately nobody in the actual Mafia would be dumb enough to call himself out as such. It's actually rule number 1 on the list. So we don't have to worry about ninja being involved with organised crime :)
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That's awesome, where can I get one?
Commented 7 years ago2015-04-05 23:19:32 UTC in journal: #8531 Comment #44064
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Nah, only I could do that. Not that I would, that would defeat the purpose of tracking statistics :)

This is your 25483rd login.
Commented 8 years ago2015-03-11 04:45:21 UTC in journal: #8518 Comment #61670
@Jessie, it's obviously a joke, don't be daft. Why else would he take a photo with the water running on the hardware? If it was for real, you wouldn't even bother with such a photo. Anyway, it made me smile, very amusing.

Also, people discussing safety of washing motherboards and so on are forgetting that most motherboards have a battery, which is not removable in some cases. Though I'm not sure if a small pill battery has enough power to fry a motherboard soaked in water. For the unaware, dusty computer hardware should be cleaned with compressed air.

This whole thing reminds me of this image, though I'm not sure if this one is a joke...
User posted image
Commented 8 years ago2015-03-03 06:30:35 UTC in journal: #8515 Comment #60127
This might be the OSS developer in me talking, but I honestly think that's an issue that the modder should fix. If the original creator no longer wants to support their software, they should release the source code so others are able to. I don't care if it's a mod, game, application, or any other piece of software. Compatibility issues happen, and the creator should be responsible for the fixes. In the case of a mod, the responsibility for a fix lies solely on the mod creator.
Commented 8 years ago2015-03-03 00:12:29 UTC in journal: #8515 Comment #60126
Yep, I have no idea how any modder could possibly think the workshop is bad. What used to be difficult and inaccessible is now simple and straight-forward - and custom content being exposed to many more people, so there will be more maps, more mappers, and a bigger modding community. Everybody wins, there's absolutely no downside to this.

I'd agree that TF2's item and trading is quite over-the-top, but I think there's an option for "classic servers", which has no items and just the original weapon loadouts. I don't know how many of these servers are active, though.

Aside from that: what Archie said.
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Commented 8 years ago2015-01-27 08:26:54 UTC in journal: #8500 Comment #62649
Depends on what you want to do. If you want to skip all the low-level engine stuff and just start doing gameplay programming, you can't really go wrong with Unity.
Commented 8 years ago2015-01-26 11:38:07 UTC in journal: #8500 Comment #62648
@Stu: I work on business software which deals with real-time user interaction, so best not to generalise :)
Not just a little bit as well, it's a full-on multi-user real-time client/server application! Written in JavaScript, of all things! And it still has all the business-y stuff like accounting and payroll and database tables and reports.

While working on business software I also made Sledge in my spare time, which deals with rendering, OpenGL, and other gamey stuff. You don't really have to limit yourself simply because you aren't familiar with the details. When I started on Sledge, I had no idea how work with shaders and other graphics crap. Learn by doing!
Commented 8 years ago2015-01-07 03:33:11 UTC in journal: #8490 Comment #46059
Totally disagree, Jeffmod. Stage acting is quite aware of the audience and the actors are speaking quite loudly so their voice is clearly heard in the theater, it has a huge impact on the feel and the sound of the acting. Movements and emotions are highly exaggerated so that even people in the back of the room can know what's going on.
Film acting, on the other hand, is generally supposed to feel like the audience doesn't exist, and since it's projected on the large screen with (hopefully) uniform sound around the entire theater, there's no need to cater for the size or shape of the audience.

Of course this is just my off-hand rambling, I have almost no knowledge of this stuff. AJ or Archie could explain further, I'm sure.
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Yeah, definitely just buy what you think is best value and don't let other people's opinions confuse you too much.

What I do is look at benchmarks to see what the better value between different things are. I use (The same company has a CPU benchmark site too)

For example, using two cards mentioned on this page:

GeForce GTX 970 - 8648 points - €363 (new) = 23.8 points per €
AMD R9 290 - 6530 points - €270 (used) = 24.2 points per €

We can see from this example that a new GTX 970 is almost exactly the same value as a used R9 290, so it's probably better to get the GTX 970 based on this example. You want to get the best value for money - sometimes that might mean spending a bit more, but it will last longer and give you better return on your investment in the long term.
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How dare you point out flaws in this perfect website! That's it, I'm taking you off the Affliates list, Archie!
Commented 8 years ago2014-12-18 03:19:42 UTC in journal: #8485 Comment #36107
Nah, the double articles will still be featured pretty often.

@CapT: The site is unrelated to TWHL, so we're not going to post i-x news/journals/forums/whatever spam here. Go to the site if you want to read it, there's even a little button for it underneath the onliners box :)