Commented 10 years ago2008-04-04 19:00:23 UTC in journal: #4951 Comment #40591
HAHA awesome stuff both! How long did it take to do the each?
Commented 10 years ago2008-04-04 18:56:22 UTC in journal: #4977 Comment #40601
I can't even graduate before the technology gets upgraded!
It sucks, no doubt about that, plus schools usally lag behind the industry in almost all fields unfortunately. = <

I'm worried about Dauby too... i hope he comes back soon. :\
Commented 10 years ago2008-04-04 14:38:11 UTC in vault item: Gearbox Hallway Comment #16549
p.s. screeneh does no justice... re aim down the hallway?
Commented 10 years ago2008-04-04 05:41:32 UTC in journal: #4981 Comment #40606
Really nice but your image is so big it broke my browser! At 2.5 megs that is a more than a little rediculous: I resized (InfranView) to 1600x10 and used 70% compression and the filesize is reduced to 137KB with no dicernable loss of quality except it's a tad darker. There's just no reason to have something that big/quality unless ur printing a banner or something! = >

i love looking at peoples nice concept art, I wish I could draw/paint like that! <whistles, looks around and coughs something that doesn't vaguely sound like "tutorial".


Commented 10 years ago2008-04-04 05:01:21 UTC in vault item: Gearbox Hallway Comment #16548
Ha Ha, as always superb attention to detail and use of ambient effects in ur maps! = )

+Superb detailing
Complicated trims, wall panels, flooring, everything is detailed nicely. I will say as much as i like detailing myself, it's a waste sometimes with the HL engine, as many times you can't appreciate the detailing unless you go in hammer and look at all the seperate brushes. (the doors for example are detail-brushed exquisitely, but because you can only look at them head-on, you can't see the details unless you walk right up to it. In these cases sometimes you can use stark texture changes for beveled areas/trims, and subtle lighting/shadow to make that nice detail stand out!

+Great Effects/sound
Your maps always have nice sound and other realistic effects... bravo!

You could use little textlights on the floor/ceiling incrementally down the hallway to give some nice shadows. I would also eliminate all the point lighting, xcept if you have some persisting weird shadows on your func_rotating gears, where in that case actually i'd make the texture of the gear itself a textlight at brightness of 1 to rid any harsh shadowing.

those beautiful gears in the walls but you can't see them through the glass because it's too opaque! Careful if you have your brigtness/gamma/contrast settings tweaked, you might be getting a different picture than we see! = )

To Conclude, I thought it was an awesome and inspiring map, despite some few issues. 5 stars for wicked attention to detail and hard work easily.


Commented 10 years ago2008-04-03 15:54:30 UTC in journal: #4977 Comment #40600
Having such high a praise from a professor--about your texturing skills--is, well you should be pretty proud ;)

As for the negative feedback, if it made you mad and/or was painful, then that's not necessarily a bad thing. I find I feel those emotions quite a lot when I'm learning or on the road to learning something important. = )

And even if you were the worst level designer or whatever on the planet, if you like doing something, don't stop or dismiss it because someone says you suck at it.
Commented 10 years ago2008-04-03 15:46:42 UTC in journal: #4980 Comment #38891
wow some beautiful sketches :0
Commented 10 years ago2008-04-02 12:36:59 UTC in vault item: Flat-Life Comment #16544
Yeah i didn't notice that and went for the rapidshare link (the filefront one is better with no hassles).

downloading... = )
Commented 10 years ago2008-04-02 04:34:45 UTC in vault item: dm_bulk Comment #16541
Wow, this is really cool, and refreshingly different from most HL maps you come accross these days.

+packed with detail items and background detail the player can never reach, but still very-much appreciate (like the catwalks above the security desk)
+nice varied layout with little nooks to hide and nice pass-throughs with those vents
+Beautiful/varied lighting--almost looks dynamic in places: Bravo!
+Nice and cleanly mapped: I saw no errors
+Nice texturing though still looks very black-mesaISH = )
+Nice doodads like the machines, lasers, and the nice iris door.

-I didn't like the 1 or two lifts, that tend to crush you when you try to activate them.

Superb work and a well-deserving motm winnar!
5 stars
Commented 10 years ago2008-04-02 02:59:38 UTC in vault item: Flat-Life Comment #16540
Seriously that hosting is horrid (i gave up after the third page and counter).

There's better hosting out there. one that's free and easy is gmail. open up a gmail account (you don't need an invite anymore) and go to this link:

You can upload up to 100MB of hassle-free hotlinkable goodness : )
Commented 10 years ago2008-03-29 02:39:10 UTC in vault item: 3_awsome_effects Comment #16519
twhl3 no edit comments... awww : (

Here's waht resgen says the bsp is calling for(make sure it's all included):
Commented 10 years ago2008-03-29 01:56:04 UTC in vault item: 3_awsome_effects Comment #16518
missing cs_havana.wad

if you use batch compiler, you can easily include the use textures, that is, you select the wads as normal, but it embeds only the USED textures into your bsp.

Also, use RESGen to quickly see what textures your map is using, or you could check in hammer (this is sometimes a pain because of long filenames in the hammer texture options window)

a more clearer description of what this map is an example of might be nice too! PM me when you fix it pleez. = )
Commented 10 years ago2008-03-29 01:48:59 UTC in vault item: Dm_absurdum Comment #16517
Utterly beautiful.

Maybe some more texture variation for different parts of the map, but it looks really great. I love the detailed bruswork though your wpolys rival 3500 in some places = )

I'd love to have a look at the source to offer some optimization tips, though it looks pretty clean.

Possible suggestions:
-sounds? (you might add some)
-add some rooms that look different like full of computer consoles or anything really.
-some doodads like a retractable bridge over that deadly liquid
-more height variation

the corridors are tight, but it's what you'd expect from a space theme.

I'm going 5 for the hard, precise work that went into this map. I don't care about playability or what have you, it's really neat ; )

Commented 10 years ago2008-03-23 23:34:16 UTC in journal: #4960 Comment #48691
cannot eat anything much harder than a ravioli
lol that eliminates many fatty snacks, best diet evar lol! = >
Commented 10 years ago2008-03-23 00:20:41 UTC in journal: #4960 Comment #48690
lawl u said \end novel


Commented 11 years ago2008-03-02 07:53:48 UTC in vault item: as_resident_evil Comment #16482
I wanted to check this out for motm: january, but the link says:

file does not exist!
This comment was made on an article that has been deleted.
This comment was made on an article that has been deleted.
Commented 11 years ago2008-02-29 21:24:09 UTC in vault item: Entity Challenge #2 Comment #16473

Playing it again, I marvel at how nice the brushwork is: The ramps, contraptions, and mechanisms are all very well built and clean.

The base map looks really nice too btw!

Under the paramaters of the challenge, I change my rating to 5 stars.

(I don't see an edit to adjust the rating, so I'll PM the Map Vault Moderators)
Commented 11 years ago2008-02-23 09:51:51 UTC in vault item: Entity Challenge #2 Comment #16455
Haha Excellent Redka!

Nicely sculpted world geometry, especially the spheres which appeared completely round... Sweet! The mechanisms work perfectly/smoothly. A nice base map and unique way to look at the map too. My only big complaint would be the textures are awfully flat.

For the terms of the challenge, I give you 4 stars. (If you update the textures I'll change it to 5)

Btw, I have no idea about that runtime error, but it sounds nasty!
Commented 11 years ago2008-02-20 23:38:47 UTC in vault item: fy_dustyworld Comment #16435
Hlife you've got to be joking...

this is most probably intentional spam to fill the the vault with garbage. I mean think, it's called "dustyworld".

Stuff like this should be deleted, and if it could be proved this is an intentional spam account, obviously should be banned permanently.

Scratch that, just rename the "Completed Maps" section to the "Epic Vault Of Utter Shit" and all will be appropriate.
Commented 11 years ago2008-02-20 23:30:39 UTC in vault item: ka_pitchblack Comment #16434
This is a joke that is not funny...

It's one thing for a beginner to post their map when they genuinely believe
it's good, but this is just stupid intentional spam imo.

It should be deleted, or at the very least put in the unfinished vault. Or, just create a "Stupid/Garbage/Bullshit" vault and put it in there.

Sorry for the rant, but come on now wtf...
Commented 11 years ago2008-02-18 22:05:21 UTC in vault item: de_household Comment #16424
I looked in this map using Crafty Object Viewer, since all the missing textures... It's utterly beautiful and detailed, and I'm sure it would look better with the textures tho!

I love maps of houses, and this one is extremely well-built! Get the wads sorted out!!!
Commented 11 years ago2008-02-18 21:43:23 UTC in vault item: Alpestrine Comment #16423
I saw somebody voted for this for map of the year, so I tried it.


It reminds me of the jedi temple outside portions from battlefront/battlefront II. Very sleek, pretty, and the layout is well thought out. You're impressed by all this, and then you look up and go "Whoa" seeing the backdrop, which was an excellent touch.

Map is excellent, but I'll try anyway to make possible suggestions for an Alpestrine 2:

1. I was listening to sigur ros on headphones, so I can't recall if there were sounds, but they couldn't have been too loud if they were. Maybe add more?

2.Add some nice statuary or fountains. I realize r_speeds are a concern.

3. Make it a tad bigger possibley.

4. Add more vertical gameplay possibly. You could make some of the up-high windows accessible, but would probably lead to nasty campers/snipers.

5. Perhaps add interior rooms>

Don't get me wrong now, even though I mentioned all that stuff, this map is still one of the best I've seen here. It's distinctly original, pretty, and well thought out, elegant.

5 stars, and I'm adding it to my vote for map of the year.
Great work! = )
Commented 11 years ago2008-02-18 20:20:10 UTC in vault item: HL2D Tetrisitis Comment #16422
figured it out, i didn't know you had to double tap!

Anyway that was a dirty trick making you crouch at the end! = ) with my keyboard config, I use the same finger to go backwards as to crouch, so I guess I need a backup crouch key!!

The hardest part was the 3rd set of blocks where you have to jump between the blue/red one, other than that, not too bad!
Commented 11 years ago2008-02-17 04:26:49 UTC in vault item: Hl:Fl Mission01-02 Comment #16405
I thought everything was fine except what hlife_hotdot said about the sound... all you can hear is the reloading sound and monsters.

Very well done and fun. I think it was funny/good that you chose to make walking through the duct so you hear but not see gordon. The challenges were a little tough at the end--I had to godmode for the last bullsquid and the other big guy = )

Excellent job, fun map, win.
Commented 11 years ago2008-02-17 03:38:40 UTC in vault item: HL2D Tetrisitis Comment #16404
You might flat and/or flat-life in the description, so people searching the map vault will find it (is flat-life the final name?)

anyway the map looks good but I can't jump hi enough to clear one block. NObody else seems to have this problem by looking at the comments, so what am I doing wrong!? = 0
Commented 11 years ago2008-02-14 18:46:06 UTC in vault item: Spiral Ramp Comment #16386
This is win... I wish you would join some of our geometry challenges: Looks like they'd be right up your alley! ; )

Excellent example.
Commented 11 years ago2008-02-07 20:51:22 UTC in vault item: Rube Goldberg Machine Comment #16348
Haha! Looks great! I have to play it again or no clip so I can see all the stuff better.

You might consider an optional camera to show different view points and mabye brightening a lil bit, but really good!
Commented 11 years ago2008-01-29 19:24:10 UTC in vault item: de_kalt Comment #16306
This is a good map. I like the textures and the little props like the tv and the fridge, and did you make that horse statue?! = )
Commented 11 years ago2008-01-29 19:14:18 UTC in vault item: awp_ferreiro Comment #16305
The requested URL /mapas/half-life/cs/awp_ferreiro/ was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
Commented 11 years ago2008-01-29 19:14:05 UTC in vault item: awp_ferreiro Comment #16304
The requested URL /mapas/half-life/cs/awp_ferreiro/ was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
Commented 11 years ago2008-01-26 10:14:24 UTC in vault item: 3 bend and T-joint Hollow pipe Comment #16290
Agreed, but this might help to which I just found/remembered, which I'm going to try in some of my maps with "sticky" edges.

it's the "-cliptype precise" switch for CSG.

Downside is it adds clipnodes, which maps like this usually have a lot of them already. Anyway, just a thought! = )
Commented 11 years ago2008-01-26 10:05:07 UTC in vault item: Digital Clock Comment #16289
Ok this is rediculous. I ran resgen which tells you the mapping resources:


Seriously, get it sorted out. Remove the xcess wads or use -nowadtextures. There is no reason to have all these wads, and you should NEVER have more than 8, because it can break your compile! : O
Commented 11 years ago2008-01-26 09:55:43 UTC in vault item: Digital Clock Comment #16288
Yeah I always use -nowadtextures in my as a compile option under CSG. This way, if you forget to take out extra wads, it's ok because they are included in BSP.

Trying it now!
Commented 11 years ago2008-01-26 02:57:43 UTC in vault item: Laser clock or timer Comment #16287
Absotively great.

I can't think of a way to "freeze" the timer, but that's not saying it can't be done and who cares anyway!

Did you experiment with a beep or timer sound every second?... might be cool.

Awsomely awsome. Win. Sir. = )
Commented 11 years ago2008-01-26 01:57:42 UTC in vault item: Digital Clock Comment #16285
It says it's missing a wad!

Can't wait to check this out. = )
Commented 11 years ago2008-01-19 20:27:25 UTC in vault item: Unfinished (nontextured) colum Comment #16263
Really original. Nice work but hope you finish one day!
Commented 11 years ago2008-01-12 21:53:54 UTC in vault item: 3 bend and T-joint Hollow pipe Comment #16231
Pretty sweet. I've tried to constuct a bended piple like this in the past, but I could never get it to work without "leaf-saw" and brush errors. Your's is clean and error free! bravo! = )

Note: the outer rim of the bended part is neat because you can run up and down like a skateboard on the smooth surface. The inside bend however you get stuck at the seams. I tried using the bevel texture on the seams of your pipe to fix this, but it didn't work. If there was a way to fix the "stuck" points on the inside bend it would be neat!
Commented 11 years ago2007-09-23 20:20:14 UTC in vault item: de_C5000merchant Comment #15664
The crinity link to your custom sky doesn't work either, lol, another reason you should include all the content you can in the download.

If you can't make the the 2mb size limit, there are tons of 3rd-party hosts...
Commented 11 years ago2007-09-23 20:15:10 UTC in vault item: de_C5000merchant Comment #15663
warning: couldn't open cs_cargo.wad

Other people have pointed this out, why not fix it?! I just spent 10 minutes dicking around with this map and re-downloading it to see if you updated.

It's not hard to fix. look in the tutorial section. there's a tutorial that tells you how to include every texture in the map or how to include just the non-standard textures used.

A quick look in hammer at the texture wads used--under options i think--will tell you all the included wads with your map.

Last rant: maps like this should be moved to another section for maps that don't work... I mean it is the 'completed' section.

Please PM me if you fix! It looks cool from the screenshot.