Commented 4 years ago2014-09-06 05:24:08 UTC in journal: #8427 Comment #39668
<signs the cross> Installing Dota II :o
Commented 4 years ago2014-09-05 16:34:17 UTC in journal: #8427 Comment #39667
Dang, I need to install Dota II just so i can play with these tools! :o
Commented 4 years ago2014-09-04 00:35:42 UTC in vault item: aim_berlin Comment #20433
Awesome work homie! plz add some screens for all the pleebs here who may not yet understand the awesomeness of CSGO =P

Map is running here:
(use votemap to select Berlin)

This map reminds me a lot of the original cs_bank(a good thing!)

Very nice mapping all around, the only thing I can think to add to the "story" is some more destruction/debris where the container has fallen, maybe even some smoking rubble and dust. (the weight/size of that thing would cause some MAJOR destruction)

Well done man, and best of luck in the contest!
Commented 4 years ago2014-09-03 13:43:09 UTC in vault item: mc2_rufee Comment #18338
Oooh, is that from A.I.?

User posted image

Also I guess these were mostly from SG-1 not SGA ;)
Commented 4 years ago2014-09-03 04:38:00 UTC in vault item: mc2_tetsu0 Comment #18341
I will be playing all these soon! Maybe it would be fun to combine all the entries into a cubicles-style mappack?
Commented 4 years ago2014-09-03 04:35:01 UTC in vault item: mc2_rufee Comment #18340
I love the colors for this, and it reminds reminds me of replicator DNA from Stargate Atlantis =P

Some really good diversity of entries for this, and what a great turnout! I feel like we are entering a new golden age of minicompos :)
Commented 4 years ago2014-08-25 22:23:59 UTC in vault item: Cel Shading Example Comment #18363
I'm going to try and submit something for the quad sixes =P
Commented 4 years ago2014-08-25 03:30:53 UTC in vault item: Cel Shading Example Comment #18365
Awesome, thanks for this! =P

Btw, this is map #6000, congrats! ;P
Commented 4 years ago2014-08-24 21:04:51 UTC in vault item: MC2_Brendamint Comment #18373
Thank you for uploading your WIP Breandanman, it looks awesome! =P
Commented 4 years ago2014-08-24 21:00:11 UTC in vault item: de_Old_Miserys Comment #18374
Ha, is this a nod to Donnie Darko?(love that movie) Cool-looking map, downloading! =P
Commented 4 years ago2014-08-24 20:58:30 UTC in journal: #8422 Comment #46257
Welcome back! =)
Commented 4 years ago2014-08-24 20:52:43 UTC in vault item: MicroChallenge#1 - Chalcedony Comment #18413
Thanky sir! =)
Commented 4 years ago2014-08-23 20:31:39 UTC in journal: #8421 Comment #40450
Nice zeeba, that is quite a large work area! :)
Commented 4 years ago2014-08-23 19:02:16 UTC in journal: #8421 Comment #40449
Oooooh that looks like the best one yet Stu, nice find! :o
Commented 4 years ago2014-08-23 15:16:18 UTC in journal: #8421 Comment #40448
The more I look into these, the more I think I'm gonna wait for them to improve more before buying one.. I like the precision of these more, but I'm sure these come with their own set of problems/quirks too..

Considering your field and hobbies, I'm sure it's a good buy for you zeeba-G :)

Commented 4 years ago2014-08-23 04:10:57 UTC in vault item: mc2_kachito Comment #18623
Looks intensely awesome, and that terrain is giving me doubles! Can't wait to play it! =P
Commented 4 years ago2014-08-23 04:08:06 UTC in vault item: MC2_TJB Comment #18625

Your entry looks incredible, and in GoldSrc no less? you really made some magic happen with this one mate, GREAT WORK! :o
Commented 4 years ago2014-08-23 04:04:19 UTC in journal: #8421 Comment #40447
I'd like my printer to be fast, print clothes and pizza as well, so maybe I'll wait just a few more years? PRIZZA PINTER:p
Commented 4 years ago2014-08-22 20:33:49 UTC in journal: #8421 Comment #40446
Yeah no matter what you could print some cool shit! I would love design/print my own paintball/airsoft/nerfwar guns...

Commented 4 years ago2014-08-22 19:20:20 UTC in journal: #8421 Comment #40445
Stu from what I understand, you can use high-density plastic for more strength. There is a guy out there that printed a m4 assault rifle! ;)

SOME parts like the firing pin and I think a few other things are still metal, but the lower receiver(the only regulated part of the gun) is entirely printed afaik)
Commented 4 years ago2014-08-22 17:26:44 UTC in journal: #8421 Comment #40444
I would love to have one of these too, you ever mess with these at all Zeeba?
Commented 4 years ago2014-08-22 14:18:00 UTC in journal: #8421 Comment #40443
Ghost, you ever try converting your mesh to papercraft?
Commented 4 years ago2014-08-22 11:46:25 UTC in journal: #8421 Comment #40442
Are you saying people print the parts to build another 3D printer zeeba?

I really want to buy one of these, but I'm afraid I'll use it twice and never touch it again... Another thing that worries me is that I'd want to print gun parts, which I'm guessing without googling about it is extremely illegal?

I WOULD like to get one eventually doe, AND I would like to get a wide-carriage laser cutter too very badly =P
Commented 4 years ago2014-08-21 20:38:04 UTC in journal: #8421 Comment #40441
I hate you =p
Commented 4 years ago2014-08-17 15:57:15 UTC in vault item: MU_Nightmare_Church_Final [Gmod Murder Map] Comment #18627
Dude c'mon, do it for the children ;)

Seriously you should port it to cs in-time for halloween, it would be an instant hit ;)
Commented 4 years ago2014-08-17 15:53:08 UTC in journal: #8418 Comment #40419
I'm rewiring some switches today, wish us luck ;P
Commented 4 years ago2014-08-16 10:10:06 UTC in journal: #8418 Comment #40418
User posted image
Commented 4 years ago2014-08-14 06:41:41 UTC in journal: #8418 Comment #40417
DP yields +2 protection(spiritual insulation) against potential lightning strikes ;P
Commented 4 years ago2014-08-14 06:33:18 UTC in journal: #8418 Comment #40416
I love swimming in the pool during rain/thunder, but this one is not trying to tempt fate..


Commented 4 years ago2014-08-13 11:04:39 UTC in journal: #8418 Comment #40415
does not want
Commented 4 years ago2014-08-13 04:17:36 UTC in journal: #8418 Comment #40414
Jesus Christ! <looks overhead for lighting> :P

Glad you're ok man, THAT has to be an extremely surreal experience! First Rimrook and now you, I'm seeing a pattern... =)
Commented 4 years ago2014-08-06 17:23:30 UTC in journal: #8417 Comment #67529
Well done mate! =P

I've tried a bunch of these recovery programs before, but I can't remember which.. I think I used Recuva and that didn't do shit, but a full version of EaseUS worked well--the freeware version didn't do anything I don't think.

I will definitely try TestDisk tho in the future tho! :)
Commented 4 years ago2014-08-06 00:51:56 UTC in journal: #8415 Comment #44010
D'aw! 9-pound, 6-ounce, wittle-baby Stridewh! =P
Commented 4 years ago2014-08-05 21:59:04 UTC in journal: #8416 Comment #58440
So many games... =P
Commented 4 years ago2014-08-05 15:42:35 UTC in journal: #8415 Comment #44009
I think if you use any alt codes, your message comes up blank now fsr ;)
Commented 4 years ago2014-08-05 15:32:02 UTC in journal: #8417 Comment #67528
Nice work, time for a new laptop! =P

I've used EaseUS before, and it worked REALLY WELL, though my loss wasn't the result of damage, as I accidentally deleted and full formatted my main HDD!(There were a bunch of externals hdd hooked up, and I formatted the wrong one! :P)

If EaseUS doesn't work to your satisfaction, there are many other freeware data recovery programs out there you can try like as Rufee said :)
Commented 4 years ago2014-08-04 19:53:45 UTC in journal: #8416 Comment #58439
Original for me ;)
Commented 4 years ago2014-08-04 17:02:56 UTC in journal: #8416 Comment #58438
That's display port is pretty neat! :o
Commented 4 years ago2014-08-04 09:49:54 UTC in journal: #8416 Comment #58437
Nice sir! =P

When I first tried that game on my old laptop, it ran at like 16 fps on the LOWEST settings, so I never tried it again.(this is 2 computers ago)

I should give it a try on my new rig now too ;)
Commented 4 years ago2014-08-03 13:58:34 UTC in journal: #8415 Comment #44008
Warmest congrats daddee and mommy to be! =P
Commented 4 years ago2014-08-01 19:43:53 UTC in vault item: MU_Nightmare_Church_Final [Gmod Murder Map] Comment #20695
NOW you can make the CSGO Defusal/DM version? :PP (though switching all the effects might be a bit of a PITA?)

Anyhoo, great map sir, this is probably my favorite DM map of all time, WELL DONE! =P
Commented 4 years ago2014-07-31 14:12:50 UTC in journal: #8412 Comment #65580
Happy Birfday Dimmeh!
User posted image
All drinks should be consumed out of a pimp cup today, with of course the swizzle straw of your choice! :P

Is that a T-800 wishing Dim birfday greetings?! =P
Commented 4 years ago2014-07-30 14:00:22 UTC in journal: #8410 Comment #42344
B-bbut dem wittle-baby meows doe! :P
Commented 4 years ago2014-07-29 23:55:09 UTC in vault item: Twelve Absent Men - Beta 3 Comment #20693
Woohoo, update! Will play soon as I can! =)

Rating Disclaimer
And for those complaining about rating a map before playing: I uprate any map that looks interesting or original, simply because TWHL has no thumb's up or "like" button.
Commented 4 years ago2014-07-29 23:39:56 UTC in vault item: MU_Nightmare_Church_Final [Gmod Murder Map] Comment #20692
Houston we have the final version, well done man! =)
Commented 4 years ago2014-07-29 19:42:41 UTC in journal: #8410 Comment #42343
D'aw! Come here little kiki so that I may pet you meow! =P
Commented 4 years ago2014-07-28 20:03:15 UTC in journal: #8409 Comment #38748
User posted image
Commented 4 years ago2014-07-28 03:09:07 UTC in journal: #8409 Comment #38747
Happy 31 Atom! =P
Commented 4 years ago2014-07-27 11:48:57 UTC in journal: #8408 Comment #40404
Omega Supreme! =P

I am a huge g1 transformers fan! Also Original 12" G.I. Joe, Star Wars, Robotech, and others.. I loved legos back in the day too! ;)

My favorite tranformers tho are the "universe" or deluxe versions of the g1 characters, whose bodies and transformations look exactly like the g1 cartoons! (tho I don't own any of them, yet..) :P
Commented 4 years ago2014-07-26 06:09:49 UTC in journal: #8407 Comment #52797
Noone expects the knight who says ekki-ekki-ekki-pitang-zoom-boing! :P