Commented 3 months ago2021-09-02 12:07:38 UTC in wiki page: trigger_playerfreeze (Half-Life: Blue-Shift) Comment #103700
It's a point entity, not a brush one.

If you open the map (BSP file) that correspond to Blue-Shift's outro (ba_outro.bsp) with a decent text editor like Notepad++ and you go to the entity lump or search for trigger_playerfreeze, you will notice that the entity does not have a model key/value pair.

All brush entities have a model key/value pair.
Commented 1 year ago2020-08-30 17:59:34 UTC in journal: Guessing game Comment #102880
Thanks Alberto and you are correct
Commented 1 year ago2020-08-29 17:17:31 UTC in journal: Guessing game Comment #102873
Thanks dimbeak :)

It's not Doom SNES's source code but the answer in the end is still correct.

Westwood Studios
Commented 1 year ago2020-08-03 06:22:31 UTC in journal: I lifted a cinder block today Comment #102849
Happy birthday!
Commented 1 year ago2020-08-03 06:22:18 UTC in journal: It's that time again Comment #102848
Happy birthday!
Commented 1 year ago2020-07-29 22:02:02 UTC in journal: More of this... Comment #102818
Happy birthday!
Commented 1 year ago2020-05-24 20:42:08 UTC in wiki page: Vlatitude: Airstrike a la Crossfire Comment #102740
I still can't figure out what sound Valve used for the explosion though.
Looking at the BSP file of crossfire itself, it's a combo of 3 ambient_generic entities sharing the same settings (targetname, flags...) The only differences being the sound itself and the pitch value which are as follows:
The flags value for all of these is "49", this means "Play Everywhere", "Start Silent" and "Not Toggled" are enabled and the rest is disabled.
Commented 2 years ago2019-09-02 22:47:04 UTC in journal: Just one of those days I guess Comment #102243
Thanks to everyone
Commented 2 years ago2019-08-29 08:53:28 UTC in journal: Just one of those days I guess Comment #102225
Thanks Urby, and yes, the answer is right even if you've found an alternate way to guess it.

For one, it's the "greatest handgun ever made". - Reference to Revolver Ocelot in Metal Gear Solid 1
For me, I programmed it. - The Colt Single Action Army in Half-Rats: Parasomnia.
I carry 4 of them. - Between 0 and 6 * 4 = 24 since each revolver can carry 6 bullets maximum.
Fully loaded they are. - 6 * 4 = 24.
Commented 2 years ago2019-06-12 19:37:04 UTC in journal: Gaming PC for my son Comment #102091
284 FPS on HL2:LC at max settings on 1920x1080 seems good. Any result with "modern" games?
Commented 2 years ago2019-06-05 22:42:20 UTC in journal: Gaming PC for my son Comment #102066
The build you made looks good to me for a "first gaming PC", I don't know if it will handle VR tho since I don't interest myself a lot on this subject.

For the GTX 1060 GTX to GTX 1660, I trust my fellow TWHLers.

If you are going with the Gigabyte motherboard you posted, 2600 MHz is the max. frequency supported for the RAM so the 3200 MHz in your original build won't work.

I highly recommend a SSD as well, Windows 10 seems to be known to give HDD a hard time if the OS is installed in there. Trust me, it's always painful to see "Disk usage" at "100%" in the task manager when your laptop has a 5400 tr/m HDD because of Windows's core processes.

As Crollo mentioned for Windows 10: grab an USB stick or HDD with at least 8 Gb of space, download the Media Creation Tool from Microsoft's website, pickup your poison (edition, language...), let the tool do the job, boot on it, install and profit. If you are in dire need of a DVD-ROM burner/reader, a cheap one (and external one mentioned by Alberto) will do the trick. Or if you have another PC/laptop that could read/burn them, keep your precious money.

As for the license (product key), you have 2 choices: the first one is to use Windows 10 without a license. In this case, you won't have Microsoft's support, the "Activate Windows" watermark will always be there and your son will be limited in terms of customization (wallpaper, colors, sleep screen...). The second choice is to buy/grab/use a license which seems to be cheap nowadays.

I'm joining Crollo's opinion about AMD: unless you have a "strict budget" or "non-gaming" policy, stay away from it.

The old AMD Duron I had died, the old AMD Sempron I had died as well, the ATI Radeon 9550SE had tons of problems with it's drivers towards legacy OpenGL. Old drivers would let me create GoldSrc maps but wouldn't allow me to change brightness/contrast in some games, new drivers is the entire opposite (even the "atioglx.dll" hack wouldn't work).

My dad's laptop has an AMD GPU and last time I tried to upgrade the drivers it would BSOD Windows 7. I know some friends and colleagues who also had problems with AMD but I'm surprised that it just works for one of my brothers as well as some people in the HL1 modding community.

I don't know if it's bad luck for those who had issues with AMD and/or good luck for those who it works. But I'm personally sticking to the Intel/NVIDIA sides since I never had any problem even if it means more money to spend.

When your son will get his shiny new computer for his birthday, would it possible to share some "benchmarks" on how it's performing in games? Because I have some people seeking gaming builds as well and I could reference the build you made for your son if it works well.
Commented 2 years ago2019-04-12 12:05:18 UTC in journal: optional objectives Comment #101948
Far Cry 2 also has that system.

Whenever you had a main objective, your prefered buddy would call you to meet him/her in a house. He/she asks you to do a favor and in exchange he/she simplify your main objective assuming you agree and do the favor.

The problem with Borderlands 2 side objectives is that some of them aren't "logic" and are more like "challenges" (kill that bad guy with a pistol, kill 50 guys wuth critics...)
Commented 2 years ago2019-01-10 10:18:27 UTC in journal: Magento 2 Certified! Comment #101719
Congrats! ^^
Commented 3 years ago2018-09-01 19:56:23 UTC in journal: Maths time! Comment #101493
Commented 3 years ago2018-08-31 19:37:13 UTC in journal: Maths time! Comment #101487
Commented 3 years ago2018-03-28 21:06:35 UTC in journal: #8922 Comment #63009
Windows 10 here as well, follow Penguinboy's advices and you shouldn't have any problems at all.
Commented 3 years ago2018-01-10 19:10:06 UTC in journal: #8898 Comment #53044
You are aware that you wouldn’t need to buy anything for this arrangement? All you’d do is join via a code (which I would give everyone) through
That changes everything! I'll see if I can join.
Commented 3 years ago2018-01-10 10:39:24 UTC in journal: #8898 Comment #53043
Forgot to mention that the Discord invite has expired.
Commented 3 years ago2018-01-10 10:38:33 UTC in journal: #8898 Comment #53042
23€ for a single pack is a bit expensive IMHO.
Commented 4 years ago2017-11-30 11:01:48 UTC in journal: #8891 Comment #53026
For me, the second one would be better (Frenchies share the same time zone as Germans).
Commented 4 years ago2017-09-26 08:48:06 UTC in journal: #8869 Comment #66639
Agree with NineTrine, add micro-transactions and/or anything unlockable in a multiplayer game and most people are playing to unlock rather than playing the game itself.
Commented 4 years ago2017-08-29 21:50:59 UTC in journal: #8857 Comment #61576
Thanks everyone ! ^^
Commented 4 years ago2017-07-24 18:29:26 UTC in journal: #8838 Comment #51117
Happy 22nd birthday!
Commented 4 years ago2017-07-19 22:02:02 UTC in journal: #8831 Comment #61552
Wow so many answers ! Thank you for the replies guys ! ^^

@Admer : even with music I can't find the motivation or will to work on the projects. And when I do, I'm not the kind of guy that gets distracted by social media or whatever.

@Windauz & @Penguinboy : same, I started my IDE (Visual Studio or Qt Creator), open the project, open a source file, stare at it for 10 seconds, then close everything.

@Snehk : From a programmer's point of view, I would like to post more W.I.P. or even PoC (Proof of Concept) but most of them require specific assets like models/animations and I don't have the skills to do that. I did tried to learn one or both of them but no luck about it. So my only solution is to use assets from other mods/games and since they are protected by copyrights and licenses, I can't showcase them (even if I do tell they are placeholders and used for demonstration purposes).

@Loulimi : I think you are right, maybe if I had one project at a time, I wouldn't be here complaining about that. But back then, I was a stupid kid that was excited about programming things and would say "Yes" without hesitation. Right now, this is no longer a problem, I can say "No, I've already got those on my hands." even if it pains me to say so. About the "progress report", I do have "TODOs" laying around my own code (and my IDE reminds me about it), for some projects we even have a Trello board and aside from organization, it doesn't help a lot (also it can be easy to forgot to update the board).

@Kachito : engine's limitations aren't really a problem for me. I know right from the start that I can't ask Gold Source to perform as well as an Unreal Engine 4 game.

@Urby : I share the same feeling as you do.

@rufee : you are right about the "loose interest for repetitive tasks" part and I realize this with "Half-Rats: Parasomnia". It was more fun (re)programming the "core" systems (FMOD, shop system, mutator system...) rather than working on the major gameplay stuff like NPCs (except for their special traits) and weapons, but I always kept sight that those repetitive tasks is what make the project shining it's light. @Half-Rats: if you do read this, don't take it the wrong way, I enjoyed (and still enjoy) working on Parasomnia ^^

@zeeba-G : even stuff like that didn't helped to bring (back) motivation to work on a project. I remember sometimes preparing a cup of coffee, starting the tools, staring at the code for 15 seconds and shutting everything down.
Commented 4 years ago2017-06-21 05:44:21 UTC in journal: #8823 Comment #67870
The reason for the switch from BSP to models is because BSP was fine in the early days when the level was simple without too much complex architecture. Remember why 3D Realms switched from Quake engine to Unreal for Duke Nukem Forever between 1998 and 2003? They had trouble rendering the Neveda desert at a stable framerate.

In other words, BSPs nowadays would be more appropriate for physics collisions and models for rendering.

If you can't live without BSP and Hammer, for $50 you can have an Unreal Engine 4 plugin called HammUEr that allow you to get a VMF (Source 1 Hammer 4) file as a level in UE4 (with materials and such).
Commented 4 years ago2017-06-19 20:53:11 UTC in journal: #8822 Comment #51105
I'm sorry to hear that, I wish you good luck with your "backup" plan.
Commented 4 years ago2017-06-07 19:49:09 UTC in journal: #8814 Comment #52998
@Admer : it's been like 3/4 years since I haven't logged on GameBanana.
Commented 4 years ago2017-06-07 15:16:23 UTC in journal: #8814 Comment #52997
It's very sad indeed that we live in a world where you can't take the "paths" that interest you because they are not following the "norm". Like the SnC people, I respect you as a fellow TWHL member even after reading your story and I understand that real life isn't easy especially in your situation.

I'm just happy for you that you have a " safe heaven" here and with the SnC folks.

Final words: I would like to say that you should stay strong and keep confidence in yourself. Don't be weakened by all those stupid "préjugés" and people that can't work their brains for at least a second.

EDIT : not on topic but any chance of a TWHL gaming parteh on HLDM, CS or anything else ?
Commented 4 years ago2017-06-06 21:03:55 UTC in journal: #8813 Comment #67409
I'm following the same principle as Urby, depending on the game/mod, I also use bots for gameplay testing purposes.
Commented 4 years ago2017-05-31 15:58:57 UTC in journal: Updates Comment #52984
Before going the SSD route, check with Windows's task manager if disk usage is really the culprit. If yes, then I agree with other TWHLers that getting a SSD is a priority before upgrading the rest.

Looking at your current configuration, your PC seems to suffer the same problem as mine : "disk bottleneck".
Commented 4 years ago2017-05-15 14:35:36 UTC in journal: #8807 Comment #68149
Any role in particular ? AI ? Engine ? Gameplay ? Console/PC port ?
Commented 4 years ago2017-05-14 21:42:41 UTC in journal: #8807 Comment #68148
I'll make up for it by toying around with C++ at home, lol.
Nowadays, C++ is more used for video games, some "specific consumer applications" and teaching concepts of a low level programming language. If you are aiming at a "developer" career like myself, then common web languages (HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, SQL) and high level programming languages like Java and C# is where you need to go.

Also, techniques, terminology and other stuff in programming is way more important than the language itself because the "client" has the final word on the languages and technologies you work on (and he don't care if you like it or not)
Commented 4 years ago2017-04-23 22:22:34 UTC in journal: #8800 Comment #67399
So now we have to choose between a "banking guy" which is basically an "expansion pack" of our current president that everyone cried about these past few years or a "female racist" that is gonna initiate the Frexit, get us more trouble with the terrorists.

I do have the feeling that everyone voted Macron because of the media and/or he was "handsome", I think we frenchies have reached the point where stupidity is over 900%.

About Mélenchon Archie, his "leaving the EU" was his plan B, plan A was "negociate with the EU members".
Commented 4 years ago2017-04-14 21:22:49 UTC in journal: #8796 Comment #66226
Vaping is also common in France.

I remember when I transfered to a new highschool during one of my education years ago, the group of friends I met were all smokers and cigarettes and such were a common subject of discussion. It was quite hard to get myself acquainted with them so I did tried to smoke one and I didn't had the "need" to smoke another one.

One of my step-sister was a smoker but stopped because my bro isn't smoking, love can sometimes change the mind of a person.

If you have a girlfriend (or boyfriend) that has a strict zero policy on alcohol, cigarettes and vaping, don't do any of these under his (her) back. Trust me, you would be amazed how much damage to the person you love for years.
Commented 4 years ago2017-04-13 06:31:40 UTC in journal: #8794 Comment #61537
@Ghost129er : It's "putain" ^^

To remember it easily, think of "Vladimir Putin" and just add an "a" between the "t" and "i". ^^

And yes, that image is true, people only recognize our wine and food, speaking of food, here's one of our popular desserts, the "Paris-Brest" :
User posted image
Commented 4 years ago2017-04-12 15:53:21 UTC in journal: #8794 Comment #61536
@Penguinboy : translations are correct assuming your theory of sarcasm is 100% right xD

@Jessie : Perfect for the first one with "today". Same for second. Third, the something is "maps" ("levels" is accepted as well. Fourth, perfect as well.
Commented 4 years ago2017-04-12 10:59:22 UTC in journal: #8794 Comment #61535
This is a "french convention" to leave a space before certain types of punctuation. In English, this is considered as an error except in certain circumstances like sentences ending with an URL. let me give you a few examples (if you know what the sentences means, then you are good ^^ ) :

Avez-vous envoyé votre rapport à l'administrateur aujourd'hui ?

Urby et Archie sont les développeurs de The Core. C'est quand qu'on pourra y jouer ?

Mon dieu ! Gordon est encore en retard pour l'expérience. L'administrateur va encore s'énerver.

TWHL possède des niveaux intéressants et par conséquent des gens talentueux.

Quelle est l'heure française pour les diffusions en direct de Tetsu0 s'il vous plaît ?
Commented 4 years ago2017-04-12 06:52:24 UTC in journal: #8794 Comment #61534
Thanks to everyone ^^

@Jessie : Very nice, just 2 minor things :

"cartographie" is female so you have to use "la" instead of "le".

You have to add a space before ? and !
Commented 4 years ago2017-03-15 22:27:48 UTC in journal: #8785 Comment #68122
I hope Internet Wayback Machine is monitoring TWHL ^^
Commented 4 years ago2017-03-15 01:28:00 UTC in journal: #8785 Comment #68121
As long as everyone had a great moment and such, that was kinda great.

I follow Archie's opinion about why this "challenge" instead of the school trip, those are quite rare in France (but I don't know how it is in Bosnia and Herzegovina).
Commented 4 years ago2017-03-13 16:27:20 UTC in journal: #8784 Comment #66216
This is one of the major reasons that I don't like this game, I knew that technically speaking it was bad and it would follow quite the same path as PAYDAY 2. I think Ubisoft should have sticked with Unreal Engine 3 (Rainbow Six Vegas 1/2 were cool on the PC, the consoles versions seems to have suffered the same issue) or moved on to Unreal Engine 4 instead of wasting time on a dedicated engine.

Looking at the netcode analysis video you provided, especially with the first experiment with the shooter/victim, it seems that the game trust client's data, during my lessons in network programming, I've been taught to NEVER trust client's data so we hit a compromise here.

The thing that reveal player's IPs is also stupid in my opinion, it's a mix between P2P (Peer 2 Peer) and client-server architecture.

This is why I disable client prediction whenever I can, I would rather see players lagging and have a true confirmation of hit/non-hit instead of smooth player movement with "false hits".

For me, the best Rainbow Six game is still Raven Shield along with it's extensions.
Commented 4 years ago2017-03-10 12:51:14 UTC in journal: #8783 Comment #58547
User posted image
Commented 4 years ago2017-02-09 23:16:46 UTC in journal: #8775 Comment #68095
Admer, please read the following, I made a mistake and I don't want that it happens to you with your future PC.

In multiple TWHL journals, I spoke about replacing my dead desktop computer. And I did it in July/August 2016 (I never had the time to write part 3 of the journal). Here are the specs of it:

Intel Core i7 6700k 4,0 Ghz
4 x 4 (16) Gb of DDR4
Gigabyte Gaming G1 GeForce GTX 1080
Western Digital Red 1 Tb HDD
Windows 10 Pro x64

It's an amazing build you could say that, I can play a lot of games and I'll last a lot of years before I'll be forced to change. However, there is one problem: "disk I/O usage".

Every time I start my computer and I open the task bar right away, Windows 10 always report a 100% disk usage. In other words, when it comes to install Steam (software/games) updates, start multiple applications at the same time or start a single light application (like Opera) or huge application (Unreal Engine 4), my HDD can't keep up just because it's a mechanical HDD. I have considered buying a SSD but I'm patient man (I can still endure the 4/5 minutes loading time in Unreal Engine 4), maybe I'll buy one once a get a salary and during sales.

Morale of the story: SSDs can make a huge difference, even in fast PCs.

WARNING ABOUT YOUR BUILD : Your RAM's speed DDR4-2400 doesn't match the one of the motherboard (DDR4-2133), you should use RAM that matches the speed of your motherboard (the RAM won't work or you will get serious speed loss).
Commented 4 years ago2017-02-08 18:11:11 UTC in journal: #8775 Comment #68094
One of the things you could is disable Aero (aka use the Windows Classic theme), you will gain some performance.

Seeing the bottom right of your task bar is kinda weird, you have a lot of things in there. Aren't you running useless applications ?
Commented 5 years ago2016-10-27 18:34:08 UTC in journal: #8766 Comment #58545
For all questions, I assume both tested VR sets and both games.
  • How long did you try ?
  • Did you get any "motion sickness" or anything else that is bad for health ?
  • Between HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, what are the cons/pros ?
  • Do you have any favorite VR set so far ?
  • Did you had a weird feeling of wearing the VR set on your head ?
  • Did you know the specs of the PC used for the demonstration ?
  • Do you think we should stick to 2D/3D gaming as it is now or everyone should move to VR (or stereoscopic 3D with glasses) ?
  • After that try, would you recommend VR to your family, friends, folks at TWHL... ?
  • Will you invest into VR ?
Commented 5 years ago2016-10-26 09:45:23 UTC in journal: #8765 Comment #61285
Happy birthday
Commented 5 years ago2016-10-19 15:10:49 UTC in journal: #8761 Comment #52944
I agree with Ross Scott, VR is just ice on the cake and it's more of a market rather than anything else. Standard 3D is more than enough and I think there is still a lot to explore.
What I don't understand is why isn't it easier to be able to play 3D games with a 360° vision, optionally in 3D? It's already possible to use a smartphone to get a 360° vision, so it's technically supposed to be very simple.
Even if you do have the fastest PC of the world, you would loose a lot of FPS on modern games. We live in a world of WYSIWGR (What You See Is What Gets Rendered), 360° means killing that because it would require more cameras, more cameras = more scenes to render, more scenes to render = more CPU/GPU work, more CPU/GPU work = lags.

UPDATE : AFAIK, VR developers have a set of standards to respect in order to prevent motion sickness, so it's either the standards are bad or the developers don't care.
Commented 5 years ago2016-10-09 22:13:40 UTC in journal: #8760 Comment #68542
Like Instant Mix said : start with "high level programming languages" such as Java and C#, they are both great for learning purposes and also great if you plan to do some applications/games that don't require too much "real time" stuff.

C is a "low level language" meaning that your program is "close to your computer" rather than depending on a CLR for C#/JVM for Java, it's a nice "jack of all trades" for video games but you will have to do more work, Java and C# does many dirty job for you (memory allocation, garbage collector...) but this isn't the case of C.

My suggestion would be to learn the 2 types of languages, start with a "high level one" (Java/C#) then move on to a lower one (C). One mistake that newbies made and you should be aware of : don't rush things and don't use your game project for learning languages, in other words, don't be that guy that knows nothing about programming and start writing an OpenGL renderer (I'm not kidding, I already saw people trying to write an OpenGL renderer and they couldn't even declare a variable).

Another friendly hint: if you have an error during the compilation of your programs the case of errors, don't have the "search on Google" reflex, you look at the error itself, the solution is explained to you very often.
Commented 5 years ago2016-10-04 16:12:57 UTC in journal: #8757 Comment #65960
Happy birthday ^^
Commented 5 years ago2016-09-28 11:44:17 UTC in journal: #8752 Comment #49725
Happy birthday ^^