Commented 5 years ago2015-03-15 19:54:46 UTC in journal: #8521 Comment #50469
10 years is quite a while. Happy tenth cakeday!

And yes the journal page is pretty well hidden. Perhaps the mythical TWHL4 will bring easier access.
Commented 5 years ago2015-03-13 21:09:24 UTC in journal: #8520 Comment #65649
Edit blocked and call for spam.
Commented 5 years ago2015-03-13 20:04:15 UTC in journal: #8520 Comment #65648
That's indeed the entirety of it.
Commented 5 years ago2015-03-13 01:46:32 UTC in journal: #8520 Comment #65647
No. I refuse.
Commented 5 years ago2015-03-12 19:20:53 UTC in journal: #8519 Comment #49628
I'm a little over 3/4 of that.
Commented 5 years ago2015-03-11 02:26:26 UTC in journal: #8518 Comment #61683
...April fools? On 9th of March? I can't even...

Like AJ said, washing electronics is an inherently stupid idea. The problem with that is not the water if they're off, the problem is drying the boards. There's lots of crevices that make it really difficult to dry, so even if you let it sit for a while, some parts may still be wet.

If this is not serious, I don't entirely understand what this is about.
Commented 5 years ago2015-02-28 17:45:55 UTC in journal: #8514 Comment #51065
I was 21.

And I never understood why would ANYONE change Windows to Comic Sans.
Commented 5 years ago2015-02-26 18:02:21 UTC in journal: #8513 Comment #60119
Win10 will be free? Not even Microsoft is that pessimistic. Or they wouldn't have released Win8 at all.
Commented 5 years ago2015-02-26 17:58:08 UTC in journal: #8512 Comment #62665
Thanks friends!
Commented 5 years ago2015-02-25 20:49:39 UTC in journal: #8513 Comment #60118
I do get why. It's like they tried to pull off a Windows XP except the colours they chose this time around are way uglier.

Is it called "This PC" in Win8? They went from "My Computer" to "Computer" to "This PC"? Sounds like a step backwards.
Commented 5 years ago2015-02-21 22:12:04 UTC in journal: #8510 Comment #65636
"You know your nation's gone down the gutter when your president's press secretary has to spend every day talking to the press about oral sex."

If only the biggest problem of other presidents was just sex.
Commented 5 years ago2015-02-20 20:18:35 UTC in journal: #8510 Comment #65635
Oh... so that's the building that gets constantly blown up in movies. :P
Commented 5 years ago2015-02-17 21:49:26 UTC in journal: #8507 Comment #67628
Or... you know... unless you're handwriting every brush and entity of a map in notepad, you could set an fgd file that would put them all on the list for you.
Commented 5 years ago2015-02-17 21:47:59 UTC in journal: #8508 Comment #44049
What... how... why...
Commented 5 years ago2015-02-16 19:55:58 UTC in journal: #8506 Comment #49616
Odd looking heatsink. My heatsinks tend to be bigger. Though the newest heatsink I have belongs to a Pentium IV. Got a laptop after that. Haven't taken this one apart yet.
Commented 5 years ago2015-02-16 19:49:17 UTC in journal: #8507 Comment #67627
I'm not sure what you mean by copying "the string of the chosen entity to paste in whatever field that needs this bit of info"

What string and what bit of info?
Commented 5 years ago2015-02-10 03:02:45 UTC in journal: #8505 Comment #61652
Then man invented torches.
Commented 5 years ago2015-02-09 03:06:52 UTC in journal: #8504 Comment #51056
The great part is that I didn't need the explanation either.
Commented 5 years ago2015-02-03 18:02:08 UTC in journal: #8503 Comment #46090
As far as I know, Samsung makes the best screens out there, by far. This is most obvious in cell phones, as it's a fast changing market, but if you look, you can see it everywhere. They're shit at firmware though, so try to avoid anything "smart" by them. It's just the hardware they're good at, or "dumb" devices.

Don't take my word on this, but from what I've heard in the past, Viewsonic is a bit like Mac. They're good, but they're not outstanding, yet they have a devote, almost cult-like following customer base that pretend they're better than they are.
Commented 5 years ago2015-02-02 20:49:52 UTC in journal: #8503 Comment #46089
Never heard of this fancy G-sync thing. But there's a review on the PB that says it fails to wake up after sleep and it needs to be manually turned off and back on. That's about the only thing I can have an opinion on :P
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Happy birthday Zeeba! You too are 4 watts per 350 cubic metres!
Commented 5 years ago2015-01-30 01:34:17 UTC in journal: #8500 Comment #62658
Oh I remember that. Might ask him.
Commented 5 years ago2015-01-27 22:08:01 UTC in journal: #8500 Comment #62657
It's pretty amazing how far rendering has come. What was once a titanic task, now is only an included library away, and more complex things can be done with less work. While I do believe it must be fun to tinker with all the low-level stuff, I think it would take me too long to set up a good enough rendering base, and it would probably not be necessary considering there are plenty of already refined solutions out there. I'm not saying it would be a waste of time, I would undoubtedly learn a lot from it, but it's not exactly what I'm after right now.

Unity looks interesting, I might give it a try. I also thought of Unreal at some point.
Commented 5 years ago2015-01-27 06:46:05 UTC in journal: #8500 Comment #62656
Been looking at OpenGL programming. It's both amazing and terrifying. It's a bit TOO low-level. I NOPE'd so hard out of there. I'm probably better off finding a nice engine and working from there.
Commented 5 years ago2015-01-26 23:53:43 UTC in journal: #8500 Comment #62655
Good advice indeed. Actually I have been thinking of writing it all down, if only to clear my mind.

I need to find some real game code to look at and get an idea of how things are normally handled.
Commented 5 years ago2015-01-26 20:52:24 UTC in journal: #8500 Comment #62654
Oh Penguinboy. That's uplifting! I have to try it while I have time. It will definitely take some time. Making a map for EP2 is taking me quite a bit, so the idea of tackling a whole game all by myself feels overwhelming.

And what I meant by real-time user interaction was that user interaction with business software is generally not as complex as with a game. Business software often does a lot of things at once at the click of a func_button. Games do a lot of relatively simple things that are tied to a key press, and many of them happen at the same time or not depending on what the user did, and, and... I don't know. I once made a Pong-type game in VB6 and the controls sucked :P
Commented 5 years ago2015-01-26 11:14:47 UTC in journal: #8500 Comment #62653
It was almost seven years ago (!!) and in any case, the company did business software, which as complicated as it may be sometimes, doesn't ever deal with real-time user interaction, rendering, DirectX/OpenGL, or any of that gamey stuff. It's all accounting and payroll and database tables and reports and realllly dull stuff. I don't think I'm anywhere near game design, not to mention I totally suck at models and textures.

I should try to learn more about all this. But first I should probably finish a two-to-three-map pack for EP2 I started several months ago and never have time to work on.
Commented 5 years ago2015-01-17 21:26:53 UTC in journal: #8497 Comment #65625
Break a leg!
Commented 5 years ago2015-01-17 10:11:11 UTC in journal: #8496 Comment #52853
Commented 5 years ago2015-01-16 04:17:01 UTC in journal: #8496 Comment #52852
I like. Can I have a question mark block?

...actually, someone should make a mod that adds working question mark blocks that you can hit from below and get something out of.
Commented 5 years ago2015-01-10 03:12:37 UTC in journal: #8492 Comment #65921
Striker is smart. Happy non-birthday then :P
Commented 5 years ago2015-01-10 02:56:40 UTC in journal: #8493 Comment #54612
Careful, it's still raw. You can tell because it still has fur around it.

J/k. Congratulations, you have a new best friend for the next 15 years. It's a beautiful experience.
Commented 5 years ago2015-01-09 22:38:42 UTC in journal: #8492 Comment #65920
I was about to say 15 but I'm leaning more towards 25.

Happy birthday!
Commented 5 years ago2015-01-08 04:07:49 UTC in journal: #8490 Comment #46071
Archie is smart and knows this anyway. :P
Commented 5 years ago2015-01-08 00:32:42 UTC in vault item: Plug and Socket Comment #20803
Thanks. Neat workaround for the repeatable option. I couldn't get it right myself. I'll definitely be doing something like this.
Commented 5 years ago2015-01-07 21:41:10 UTC in journal: #8490 Comment #46070
Well said, Ant. I disagree on one thing, though: We may look up to Spielberg, and Spielberg looked up to different things. But we too can go further back and look at the things Spielberg looked at, and learn from both.
Commented 5 years ago2015-01-03 22:24:05 UTC in journal: #8490 Comment #46069
I looked at the thing and thought a thing about it.
Commented 5 years ago2014-12-28 02:22:46 UTC in vault item: Cs_Canbunk Comment #20790
At least NINE years of intrigue.

People that MIGHT be able to put an end to this:
Commented 5 years ago2014-12-24 02:10:26 UTC in journal: #8488 Comment #67446
I'm not sure I understand your suggestion, Elliot. Are there any options besides LCD/LED? Because CRTs have been out of production for almost a decade.
Commented 5 years ago2014-12-23 21:58:36 UTC in journal: #8488 Comment #67445
LG monitors were very good once upon a time, but from what I've heard lately, everything LG sucks.

Samsung makes the best screens as long as they're not smart TVs. Actually, the screens are probably good on those too, it's just the rest (that being firmware) that's terrible.
Commented 5 years ago2014-12-17 21:05:31 UTC in journal: #8484 Comment #49607
Dat gif... SO 1995
Commented 5 years ago2014-12-17 02:46:07 UTC in journal: #8484 Comment #49606
Congratulations! Now you officially have the power to change the world... use it wisely. Be great.
Commented 5 years ago2014-12-16 16:15:34 UTC in journal: #8483 Comment #46046
Just look at it this way: He had the computer everyone here wants. But it wasn't awesome enough for him so he went and got an even better one.
Commented 5 years ago2014-12-15 22:03:46 UTC in journal: #8483 Comment #46045
Well, my current desktop is a single-core (obviously) P4@2.4GHz / 2GB RAM I bought in 2004 that doesn't even support SATA2. So I wouldn't refuse to win it at some compo but really, shipping it would cost quite a bit so I'll have to pass.
Commented 5 years ago2014-12-15 09:10:29 UTC in journal: #8483 Comment #46044
So... what are you going to do with the old junk again?
Commented 5 years ago2014-12-11 20:55:54 UTC in journal: #8481 Comment #51050
It doesn't have to be Apple branded! That would cut your costs down quite a bit. Pro: It's portable. Good for demos and who knows, waiters.
Commented 5 years ago2014-12-11 02:48:39 UTC in journal: #8481 Comment #51049
That is a brilliant idea! Don't forget sometimes there are regulations on these things though.
Commented 5 years ago2014-12-06 19:08:25 UTC in journal: #8479 Comment #48413
*350km in 2 hours by train. In Spain. You have slow trains :P
Commented 5 years ago2014-12-04 21:37:25 UTC in journal: #8477 Comment #40488
What exactly needs that shape in concrete? :P
Commented 5 years ago2014-12-04 03:53:36 UTC in journal: #8477 Comment #40487
Some 3D printers do have a pretty high resolution.