Commented 7 years ago2012-11-08 23:00:47 UTC in journal: #8021 Comment #44884
Really awesome.
Commented 7 years ago2012-11-07 10:00:10 UTC in journal: #8019 Comment #44982

The first part was a joke, the second part is truth. Romney should be locked in a cave.
Commented 7 years ago2012-11-07 08:34:23 UTC in journal: #8019 Comment #44981
Only in America do they repeat elections because the president is black plus the second candidate is mentally retarded.
Commented 7 years ago2012-11-03 20:58:23 UTC in journal: #8017 Comment #65268
Skals y u so evil to little kids? :D
Commented 7 years ago2012-11-03 19:11:52 UTC in journal: #8017 Comment #65267
Pretty interesting, cool job. :)

Now you know how it is and can proceed to make more models and have even more fun. Good luck!
User posted image
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Commented 7 years ago2012-10-27 20:14:13 UTC in journal: #8010 Comment #43828
Lol i wish i had a car to talk about cool shit and film my self.
Commented 7 years ago2012-10-25 11:11:10 UTC in journal: #8007 Comment #61020

Happy birthday Jeffy boy!


Logic > Second Minute Hour
Non - Logic > Minute Second Hour
Commented 7 years ago2012-10-25 06:19:31 UTC in journal: #8006 Comment #43822
Lighter wont cut it, it will just mess it up beyond repair.

As a man you should have a decent soldering kit in your house.
That includes:

1. Soldering iron - 5$ maximum
2. Soldering paste for chemical cleaning - 3$
3. Soldering wire/Tinol - ~5$ (depends on purity)
4. Isolation tape - 3$

Maybe pliers and a scalpel.
The whole soldering process is a piece of cake, it just takes time to master to do it fast and clean. And it helps around certain household items. Its much better to replace a toaster cable than trow it out, or replace an inexpensive headphone jack with a new one instead of buying the whole thing again (if the headphones are middle class and not cheap junk that cost less than the jack it self). Since the quality headphones have a removable jack and cable.
Commented 7 years ago2012-10-24 21:19:33 UTC in journal: #8006 Comment #43821
Lol, he can just cut the wire, buy a quality jack and solder it all together in a few minutes.
Commented 7 years ago2012-10-24 20:40:15 UTC in journal: #8006 Comment #43820
Meh, I just said that cause I'm used to using 5.25 jacks. Me Jerksta.
Commented 7 years ago2012-10-24 19:02:53 UTC in journal: #8006 Comment #43819
Why are you using a half assed microphone with a half assed 3.5 jack?
Commented 7 years ago2012-10-21 09:36:42 UTC in vault item: de_octogon Comment #15042
Really awesome map! The textures are cool, well aligned, the theme is awesome and i like the size of it.

Cool job.


Its possible to exit the map on this location:
User posted image
User posted image
This is how i did it:
User posted image
Its also possible from in front of the building near the angled ground.
Commented 7 years ago2012-10-20 18:54:19 UTC in journal: #8005 Comment #58185
What the hell is this crap? All of it should be in campus/faculty building. Unless its a specialistic laboratory or test/work area, such as a workshop.

Thats stupid.
And its not your fault its this far, don't get angry over that so easily.
Commented 7 years ago2012-10-20 10:51:14 UTC in journal: #8004 Comment #34810
Devin ftw.
Commented 7 years ago2012-10-15 19:31:56 UTC in journal: #7996 Comment #43795
Capitalism and Democracy Skals my man, what can i say :D
Any way, good news, i got the cash. Stoopid laws.

"Carrying ID at all time is obligatory in some countries."

Yeah, but here it actually ads to your wage as a police man, so they are all hyper ultra crazy and always write you down.
Commented 7 years ago2012-10-15 12:59:45 UTC in journal: #7996 Comment #43794
Just got a criminal charge to either pay 50$ or go to jail for 14 days because of ID card misplacement. Can any of the yanks in the local area just pop in and fund me out. Cheers.
Commented 7 years ago2012-10-12 08:33:05 UTC in journal: #7994 Comment #55970
Of course it could! Gold Source be hard core.
Too bad after some point, no matter how good the PC is, it will still LAG.
Commented 7 years ago2012-10-11 19:30:08 UTC in journal: #7994 Comment #55969
Wpoly 9000
Commented 7 years ago2012-10-11 09:10:29 UTC in journal: #7994 Comment #55968
CTRL + E is a great command! Thanks CT :D

Also, i never used paste special :o
Commented 7 years ago2012-10-08 19:40:05 UTC in journal: #7993 Comment #61002
@ Jeff

Maybe he was about to, but then you blew him off with the magical back to normal middle finger command! Lol.

@ Captain T

Ohh yeah! ... Not your babe :D
Commented 7 years ago2012-10-08 14:54:09 UTC in journal: #7993 Comment #61001
Its the shadow of your future self! It has come to warn of you of great horrors that await! Noooeeess!
User posted image
Commented 7 years ago2012-10-04 15:36:42 UTC in journal: #7987 Comment #42127
Happy birthday dude, dont spend it all on one place :D
User posted image
User posted image
Commented 7 years ago2012-10-02 04:50:20 UTC in journal: #7986 Comment #54171
Heh, interesting.

Sound editing is a pretty cool profession. Good luck!
What Uni did you start?
Commented 7 years ago2012-09-25 12:43:50 UTC in journal: #7980 Comment #45792
Well, I'm just saying :D
User posted image
Do be careful on how much you drink though.
Commented 7 years ago2012-09-24 15:33:51 UTC in journal: #7980 Comment #45791
We did start off a bit extreme, as usual lol.

But the thing i want to say is that drinking too much is bad. I can of course understand drinking a few, every one does.
But seeing as he, who actually has it going well in life, drinks so much that it made him sick is dumb.

I only once drank as much as to loose full motor control and i fell out of a terrace. Luckily I fell into a bush. It didn't affect the way i think and i remember everything. It was funny, but barfing near a tree for 15 minutes wasn't that fun :D

Ever since than i never touched alcohol drinks, its just dumb. Not only does it make me feel sick, but its plain bad.

Crazy stuff.
Commented 7 years ago2012-09-24 14:49:37 UTC in journal: #7980 Comment #45790
I'm not lecturing you about anything, I'm simply expressing my line of thoughts.
And no, by that which i said i compared to your example of why you're drinking.

What i am trying to say is that there are much better ways to chillax and have fun than drinking like crazy and feeling like a bag of broken hard drives tomorrow morning.

I am against alcoholics and too much drinking due to those who enjoy such behavior usually dont think before they act.

Also, just as you said my enjoyment of drawn animals is bad because it isn't socially acceptable for some reason, the same i can say for your pictures and alcohol.
Commented 7 years ago2012-09-24 14:05:52 UTC in journal: #7980 Comment #45789
Wow! Let us all poison our body with too much alcohol so that a few girls no one cares about think were cool. I like that idea.

Seriously, what happened with being a man and attracting girls that way? As if its cool to be reckless today.
Commented 7 years ago2012-09-24 13:34:41 UTC in journal: #7980 Comment #45788
I wonder why do people drink like that.
Commented 7 years ago2012-09-20 15:35:48 UTC in journal: #7976 Comment #44870
Yay! Its talk like rapists and murderers day!
Commented 7 years ago2012-09-14 19:41:30 UTC in journal: #7968 Comment #58155
TJB use torrent, im at 2MB/s now. 95%.
Commented 7 years ago2012-09-14 19:27:04 UTC in journal: #7968 Comment #58154
Now I'm at 1.0MB as well, yay.
Commented 7 years ago2012-09-14 18:58:11 UTC in journal: #7968 Comment #58153
Not possible Archie, since all seeds are shared.

Im now at 300kB/s , uploading at 150kB/s.
Commented 7 years ago2012-09-14 18:33:20 UTC in journal: #7968 Comment #58152
Torrenting at 30kB/s, make that 11kB/s...

This is so lame.
Commented 7 years ago2012-09-13 17:33:37 UTC in journal: #7967 Comment #43752
I hope it doesnt turn out to be a disappointment.
Commented 7 years ago2012-09-12 07:27:50 UTC in journal: #7966 Comment #63322
People make games too complex and not dynamic now days. Lots to learn for those.

Give info on anime.
Commented 7 years ago2012-09-10 19:45:23 UTC in journal: #7964 Comment #40302
Mechanical/electrical force makes the clocks go tick.
Commented 7 years ago2012-09-10 15:47:13 UTC in journal: #7964 Comment #40301
I was referring to a real existing Klein bottle.
Until 4th Dimension stuff is proven possible and usable i will consider thinking about it.
Commented 7 years ago2012-09-10 14:22:25 UTC in journal: #7964 Comment #40300
Commented 7 years ago2012-09-06 19:21:41 UTC in journal: #7962 Comment #48280
Since when was 560TI beastly Skals, lol :D

Awesome card, and awesome friend! Do some bench testing :D Cool.
Too bad it ain't Gainward.
Commented 7 years ago2012-09-03 05:21:23 UTC in journal: #7960 Comment #45737
Cool, good luck with your job, stay focused :)
Commented 7 years ago2012-09-01 05:15:30 UTC in journal: #7957 Comment #55391
Don't tell me some people cant hear mouse clicking?

Also i was doing the same thing too 4 years ago, but it wasn't as nasty feeling lol.
Commented 7 years ago2012-08-31 18:13:20 UTC in journal: #7956 Comment #45728
There was also a "time" when jokes were funny.
Commented 7 years ago2012-08-31 04:41:15 UTC in journal: #7956 Comment #45727
And those who dont understand what the heck did he write.
Commented 7 years ago2012-08-30 08:25:41 UTC in vault item: deathrun_sandlab Comment #18677
Well excuse me princess. At least mark it as noob-unfriendly.