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Bosanski Jezik . . .
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Poor those social connections if they required smoking or drinking.
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It´s all in the strength of character. If you decide against something - that´s that, you will follow trough no matter how hard it is.
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Needs more atmosphere on some areas of the map. Also it is obvious as CT, but as T it is irritating that it seems you can go down but you cant. I would move the ground up to the fence level or some how integrate a bottom floor as well.
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Too bad that Autocad wont work on linux.
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I thought it was a large big wooden Japanese style house structure with many nice blue roofs :D
Would be awesome to make something like that a huge wooden house castle complex where you surf on roofs and walk on terraces with trees and stuff around.
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Aren't you a tad bit too young for a middle age crisis?
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Oh my God Admer just go and do it with someone already, the more you bore it the less real reason you will have latter.
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Duke Nukem 3D is in my opinion the game with best atmosphere, ever.
If they were to release as good of an modern engine, with RoR ability,
and the same style with additional goodness it would be the game of the year easily.
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I am very curious as to where will you find those components at such a price in BiH.
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  • Hold on guys just give me a few minutes to take this upper level off so we can game on the lower one...
  • Oh, you went back up again, hold on guys just give me a few minutes to place this upper level on so we can game on that one...
  • Oh, you went back down again, hold on guys just give me a few minutes to take this lower level off so we can game on the lower one...
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Missed that part :D
Do back it up definitely. Acronis can help you make an identical copy if you can access an desktop computer with two free sata ports.
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Connect a different power cable to it and observe will it continue happening.
Commented 2 years ago2017-06-13 19:20:38 UTC in journal: #8818 Comment #62943
Extremely easy with acronis true image if, that is, your hard drive is still healthy (with out slow/no response sectors).

Some times drives click on their own when they realign their heads, or if they lost power for a fracture of a second. Check your hard disk power supply as well.
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HL probably has a whole lot more of things left unexplored and hidden away.
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I suggest not to get involved in any kind of porn, real or not.
One thing is liking a drawing due to its contours and resemblance of a human body, another is wasting time with "falling in love" with it.
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That's a pretty cool idea. I like how the trains look nicely detailed and the way the basic geometry is in old style with low poligon and low res textures. Nice map idea.
Would like to see something similar for CS GO for low player numbers.
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My father was a heavy smoker for 40 years, 3 packs a day minimum. Quit one day few years back just like that.
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Whos the bride?!
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Commercial disks last around 25 years. And that is due to reflective coating oxidizing due to air around it.
Golden coating disks can last up to 100 years.

What is more important than some glass disks is a disk writter or burner, it has to be high quality and you have to use good quality disks. Not hyped Verbatim or other crap. Popular brands were TDK, Sony Japan, Maxell, etc.

If they want long lasting pictures they should make an album.
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Looks pretty good.
Commented 3 years ago2016-08-11 16:54:26 UTC in journal: #8731 Comment #48432
Have a good time.
Commented 3 years ago2016-08-11 16:53:07 UTC in journal: #8733 Comment #65951
The Whole Journal Life
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Animation is more logically something that was going to be used for models, as in animate their movement/animation frames. Since they could not implement it properly or was too complex they simply made ALL models animate as they are placed into hammer.
Commented 3 years ago2016-08-08 15:37:52 UTC in journal: #8730 Comment #38799
Hack all the hammer dialogs!
This comment was made on an article that has been deleted.
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Don't have any illusions, if somebody is special at something they are already discovered and being worked on. Anyone and everyone can always be better at something than someone. It is important to realize how much you can realistically make and how much do you need to have a proper life.
You can do anything if you like doing it, don't ever think that you can't, but it is something only to do when you are in free time. 0.1% of people really do what they like doing as a way of income (and from that to have enough for all expenses).
Find something you can do to earn money and have enough room to do what you like to do. Some people even take vacations to play games because they otherwise can not.

Game development is too shaky of a foundation to base your working carrier onto. Unless you plan on working day and night of course :)
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Not a single person is like another person. Every one is different somewhere.
Being different is natural, trying to become similar, in good things, is positive.

Do not run trying to become something you already are, run to find out what reality is, and you will never know reality until you see and understand some one else's point of view.

Every time you feel like you should react, but see no reason why, ask your self, stop and think.
Only by your self you will get no where, only with some one else will you truly get somewhere. Rejecting somebody because their opinion differs than yours and letting go of the opportunity to spend some time with and teach because you feel like they do not understand is truly a waste of time, not the other way around.

To give is to have, to let go of something you like for some one else is the only way to make some realize and change.
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Where you come from don't mean shit, how you treat things is where its at.
Commented 3 years ago2016-07-20 07:14:45 UTC in journal: #8722 Comment #39679
Sounds cool.
Commented 3 years ago2016-07-19 09:50:15 UTC in journal: #8722 Comment #39678
Commented 3 years ago2016-07-04 04:12:16 UTC in journal: #8717 Comment #67616
Why are you using default compile tools when there are 15 years newer ones, and why in the name of all thats holy are you using textures of size 1024x1024? It is impossible for HL engine to process these textures the conventional way and there is absolutely no need no matter what you think for a beginner to use such texture size.
Commented 3 years ago2016-07-03 21:17:52 UTC in journal: #8718 Comment #62880
So instead of installing c++ runtimes that take like 3 minutes to do you spent hours on getting the vm to work? Genius @work.
Commented 3 years ago2016-07-03 17:33:03 UTC in journal: #8718 Comment #62879
VM? Ha, lame. Current setup:

Asus A7V333
1GB Samsung PC3200U-30331-Z CL3
3DFX Voodoo 5 5500
Sound Blaster Live CT4620 + CT4660
Windows 98SE

Future setup:

3DFX Voodoo 5 5500
Diamond Monster SOund MX300
Windows 98SE
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Some win with their own hand, some when others did all the work.
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Superglue (:4O)< Pengy~san
Commented 3 years ago2016-06-24 04:37:01 UTC in journal: #8714 Comment #61276
This isnt at all unexpected if you had seen the Allpha 0.52 press release and the old documentary videos of valve at the.
A lot of changes were imployed back them as well as a complete remake of half life all together midway in development.

I will soon try Half Life Day One on an Voodoo 5 5500 graphics card as I am interested how well will the game perform with minigl drivers.
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Pengy is just jelly hes not a link [link]master[/link] like us.
Commented 3 years ago2016-06-21 06:38:25 UTC in journal: #8713 Comment #49699
One does not simply stop mapping
Commented 3 years ago2016-06-21 06:38:00 UTC in journal: #8712 Comment #42414
Good will :)
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Commented 3 years ago2016-06-17 05:42:42 UTC in journal: #8710 Comment #68037
So instead of doing some research and presenting your parrents an well thought of option that will both cost less and provide more you decide to get less?
Dumb logic, very.

Your parrents are not irrational (at least I asume as thats usually the case), if they see that you have decided to conserve both their founds, time and show that you are capable of doing a complex task such as that they will definitely agree and even praise you for your work.
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Because you will want to eat oranges again tomorrow.
R7 250 passmark is still only 1404(average).

For the amount of money that you want to buy a computer a barely decent one can be bought. A real, true quality, computer would cost anywhere from €1500 to €5000.

I am only telling you this because I would like you to realize how important it is to properly analyze something before buying, or doing, anything.

Especially in Balkan countries where you can get cheap german/euro shit every day only if you look a little.
Commented 3 years ago2016-06-16 05:43:28 UTC in journal: #8710 Comment #68035
R7 240 barely surpasses GT630 if we were to base our analasys on Passmark benchmark Average G3D Mark, and those values are:

R7 240 : 962
GT630 : 794

While an R9 270 has an Average G3D Mark score of 4252.

If it werent for testing and experience in computer service over the years I would not have been so sure as to say that in todays games a graphics card is all that matters.
Nina has an E6850 Core 2 Duo (Average CPU mark 1969) and an R9 270X she can run any game on mid/high settings today.

You are confusing smart invesment with spending your budget at once. Smart invesment is getting parts overtime so best deals would appear with high chance of getting quality items.
I would rather wait a few months to build an pc than buy some 3rd grade crap right off the bat (right away).
Just as I bought an e5-2670 CPU and am waiting for a nice cheaper X79 motherboard to appear (As they are currently only found new for insane ammounts of money but can be found used or even new from 3rd party sellers for 100 to 200 euro).

Dont jump into her bed just because she took off her gloves, have some self respect.
Commented 3 years ago2016-06-15 19:20:02 UTC in journal: #8710 Comment #68034
R9 270X costs ~€120 used with existing warrenty.
Commented 3 years ago2016-06-14 20:02:41 UTC in journal: #8710 Comment #68033
Retro gamer? Such a pc with an slight cpu upgrade and for example an R9 270x could play any game that is currently on the market in mid/high settings.

Every PCI Express card is compatible with every PCI Express slot, only the speeds differ.
Commented 3 years ago2016-06-14 19:44:52 UTC in journal: #8710 Comment #68032
I found the following for €150:

GA-41T LGA 775 motherboard with DDR3
4GB of RAM
Quad Core 8200 (Easily sold for €20, E5450 costs around €30)
GT630 1GB
400W quality PSU
And a cool case + DVD burner + Installed Windows operating system

Much cheaper than anything a laptop can offer in that class.
Commented 3 years ago2016-06-14 08:16:00 UTC in vault item: saddam_village Comment #19112
Dont overcomplicate the roofs, just make em simple :)
Commented 3 years ago2016-06-13 17:15:43 UTC in vault item: saddam_village Comment #19116
Love the palm trees. You should add roof to the buildings as it is only plain bricks now. Also you can climb onto some roofs easily via hostage or two players ontop of eachother.