Commented 1 week ago2022-01-19 21:45:32 UTC in vault item: The Crystal Mission Comment #104025
Impressive! very nice map
Commented 2 weeks ago2022-01-11 19:51:03 UTC in vault item: Clash_b1 (Beta version) Comment #104005
Great looking geometry. Got stuck in it though, can't tell where
It would be good if you could take a screenshot of where you got stuck. Thanks for the feedback.
Commented 3 weeks ago2022-01-03 23:33:09 UTC in vault item: Clash_b1 (Beta version) Comment #103961
The brushwork/geometry looks impressive, but the texturing is somewhat bland. Maybe that rock texture works better when it's scaled up so that it complements the geometry instead of making it look repetitive? Or perhaps you can find a rock texture with different layers, like the real mesas such as here or here. The center of the map could also use some changes to make it more 'readable' - a couple of big boulders separated by patches of sand should be easier to navigate than a big mass of brown rock.
I also feel that this map needs a clear landmark to make it more memorable and to prevent all sides from looking too similar. Maybe a radar tower or some other man-made structure, something distinct
Thank you for a very helpful and constructive response. These are the kind of quality propositions I was expecting. The map is still an outline, so more detail will be added
Commented 4 weeks ago2021-12-29 22:00:50 UTC in vault item: Clash_b1 (Beta version) Comment #103931
I didn't record anything but Admer said he might upload something from the night we played this and other maps. Are you on TWHL's Discord? If I knew your name there I would have pinged when we started playing
Very good, I will wait. I'm listed on discord as Eternity
Commented 4 weeks ago2021-12-29 20:27:04 UTC in vault item: Clash_b1 (Beta version) Comment #103925
Tried it with 6+ players, it looks fantastic! but it needs... something to make it more fun. Thought crossbow was OP at first but since it lacks ammo it's fine.
Thanks for the feedback! I'll try to add maybe new passages to interesting places, change the location of weapons.
I would like to see your gameplay that would understand in what direction to move. I would be grateful for at least a small video