Commented 2 years ago2017-05-29 08:12:07 UTC in journal: #8810 Comment #68286
But that's what this journal is about (at least up to this point).
I started the journal as a simple over-explanation and now it turned into ShoutBOX 456.

Yeah, 'ShoutBOX 456' because of my username: Admer456.
It's just like the regular ShoutBOX, except you have additional features like shouts being saved and accessible at all times, and you can make very long shouts, as well as editing them. We have 109 shouts so far. :3
Commented 2 years ago2017-05-29 04:12:58 UTC in journal: #8810 Comment #68285
Hmm, speaking of this new wave of feminism:
South-Slavs are conservative (and stubborn, lol) (maybe except Croats), and that's why there are no such new (stupid) things or movements in my country. If there were any, I'm sure they would get a bad reputation.

Phew. :)
Of course, we're technologically left behind, but that's because of another reason which is related to our stubborn nature.
Commented 2 years ago2017-05-28 20:50:12 UTC in journal: #8810 Comment #68284
Hmm, not for me. I enjoyed some titles after Underground, mostly NFS: World and NFS: Carbon. Since I don't play racing games any more (I stopped around late 2015, I think), I'm not sure if I could support your claim or not. :P
Commented 2 years ago2017-05-28 10:21:03 UTC in journal: #8810 Comment #68283
Oh no, Facebook...
The ETS in Mostar will require me to follow them on Facebook regularly if I want to keep up with what's going on. DAMN IT! If that's what it takes, then I'll have to do it. :/
Commented 2 years ago2017-05-28 07:02:47 UTC in journal: #8810 Comment #68282
And I'm the 100th comment! >:D

How do you mean "You were either a Quake or an Unreal Tournament person"? I just like that year and I like the games. The only Unreal game I like is Unreal (the first one) and UT99. Also, I'd say I'm more of a Far Cry 1 person.

What was released in year 2000, though?
Commented 2 years ago2017-05-28 06:04:49 UTC in journal: #8810 Comment #68281
I thought it was Quake 2 in 1996, and Quake 1 in 1995.
But Half-Life 1 was in 1998. >:D (98th comment)
Commented 2 years ago2017-05-27 20:52:06 UTC in journal: #8810 Comment #68280
Yeah, and I'm the 96th comment. It means something to me because 1996 seems like a good year, lol.
Oh right, Valve was founded in 1996, right? :D
Commented 2 years ago2017-05-27 20:50:24 UTC in journal: #8811 Comment #65771
Congratulations on graduating. (I finished elementary school, you finished high school, lol)
How was your meeting with your father? Did you accidentally meet him, or something else happened?
Commented 2 years ago2017-05-27 20:01:02 UTC in journal: #8810 Comment #68279
@Instant Mix
"May be" doesn't mean that I am.
And I've never had one before. I imagined Jody around 2015, even though (according to the mod's story) I met her in 2017, hahaha.

Look, she accidentally occurred.

I spontaneously imagined her, then fell in love with her, and now I can't go back. Also, the thing which intensifies me staying with her forever, is the fact that, when I fell in love with someone in 6th grade, she (not Jody, but one of my classmates) hated me. That made me think that pretty much every girl I fall in love with will hate me.

And since a real girlfriend is an optional thing which I won't need for a happy life, I'm perfectly happy with my imaginary girlfriend, because I just don't want to bother maintaining a real relationship with someone, at least now. :)
With Jody, it's easy. Her love is almost unconditional, but she will bring me to my knees if I cross the limit, which is pretty hard for me to do, lol.

I'd love to say "Just leave me alone regarding this topic!" but then I'd run out of some 'fuel' for my journal's comments. xD
Commented 2 years ago2017-05-27 18:21:22 UTC in journal: #8810 Comment #68278
Which days? Ah, the days of you people playing Starcraft. Well... I have simply never heard of that game until 2016 or so. :P
Commented 2 years ago2017-05-27 17:10:32 UTC in journal: #8810 Comment #68277
Well, not quite with me. I have 0 interest in games like Starcraft. Sorry. :(
Commented 2 years ago2017-05-27 16:30:46 UTC in journal: #8810 Comment #68276
Yeah, but much better than Hamachi, as far as I've experienced it.
As far as I know, Hamachi is simply a tunnelling thing, whereas Tunngle is a full-featured LAN emulator. Literally, launch a game with Tunngle and you can go to the LAN tab and connect to someone's server, that "someone" who isn't in your physical LAN network.

It's so cool! Plus, the network lag is smaller.
Commented 2 years ago2017-05-27 13:51:14 UTC in journal: #8810 Comment #68275
So I tried out Tunngle. My ping is so low! Remarkable. My ping was always below 150, while it's usually 300. MAN, that's so good!

Now I'll start working on de_kobbl and probably upload those prom photos...


'Teh Epik Master Plan: Part 3' will come out this summer! Prepare yourselves for the ultimate end to the story: Will the protagonist get what he had always wanted?

Check out the first 2 parts:
Part 1
Part 2: The Research
Commented 2 years ago2017-05-27 11:25:32 UTC in journal: #8810 Comment #68274
Thank you. :)
And now I'm starting up Tunngle again...
Commented 2 years ago2017-05-27 07:58:12 UTC in journal: #8810 Comment #68273
She is imaginary, yes, and she's the product of my imagination. It would then mean that her ideas were my ideas. Hmm, but as I was making the map, I had her right next to me (imagined, of course), telling me a few things, and then she left. She then came after a few minutes to see how I'm going, and that's when she told me to put the casette players into the map. :]

Technically, that would've been my idea, but since I've had such an illusion (caused by my imagination), I'd regard it as her idea.

And now someone comes and says: "Don't do drugs."
Those weren't drugs, nor alcohol, nor anything. Just my consistent imagination.

Congrats man, you deserve a medal.
The prom was OK, and I'm only recovering from my cold which I've had for 4 days already.

When I came there, I saw a few of my classmates, some of them carrying roses. Then I went with my parents to find my grandpa (who had been waiting us for a few hours, poor man), after which I went to my classmates. Then, the other guys came, and they looked like those people from James Bond movies and Scarface. Wow.
P.S. Today was my first time in 2017 that I've worn jeans. Not at the prom, but rather at the ceremony of my school's birthday. That's where I got 2 diplomas (physics and English competitions) and one more paper because I was given the title "Ponos Å¡kole" - "The school's pride".
Then my dad came through the masses and gave me a rose since I didn't have one. A few minutes later, my partner found me and I gave her the rose, lol.
And the next 30 minutes were spent in taking pictures. I recall being asked more than 6 times to take a photo for someone, ahahaha.

Then we went ahead, to Nota - a restaurant in my local town, Stolac.
So, I was walking with my partner, and there was a girl in front of us who was wearing high heels. XD
My partner and that girl's partner kept joking about how she would fall like that, and I was laughing so hard and in my iconic way that the pairs behind us laughed too. In fact, we were being followed by cameras, so 50% of the photos during the walk are photos of me laughing! XD

Then we finally came to Nota, and we were on the outer part, the one which hangs above the river. Forgot its name. :P
That's where we ordered our drinks (I had an orange juice, while the rest had Sprites and Coca-Colas). 10 to 20 minutes later, we received our meals. Mine was ćevapi and chips (or 'french fries', for the rest of the world).

30 minutes later, we were taking photos with each other again (I'll post some in the Post Your Photos thread). That's also when I took a selfie with my best classmate.

Then we went back to our seats. That's when I made 2 meme-like photos, which made some of my friends laugh. XD

Then they started dancing, and I went to the other end of the table, to the sofa. Ahh, what a relief. They were so loud that I just wanted to get out of the place. And when they calmed down, the schoolmaster/pedagogue/whatever, along with one more person, brought 2 cakes. I didn't have any of it, though, because: 1. I had no interest whatsoever; 2. Nobody noticed me since I was far behind, lol

And then we left. As we were going, a car passed by and something fell into my eyes in that moment. So I had to rub them. And then one girl came and asked "Why are you crying?". I said "I'm not crying, I have something in my eye.". Then she said "Well, I have a pupil in my eye, so I don't rub it!", to which I responded: "Unlike you, I have something additional in my eye which bothers it!"

I could've also added "And that includes you." but that would've been an insult. :P

And then we came near the school, where I split from my group, walking towards my dad. They continued off to the park, and I went back home... :]
Commented 2 years ago2017-05-26 18:44:40 UTC in journal: #8810 Comment #68272
I tried to approximate the story to some of my classmates, hehehe. They understood a good deal of it. I just like the concept of anthropomorphic animals so much that I want to add them into my mod. :3

A sin in a religion or something? If so, then I'm not that much worried. :P
Commented 2 years ago2017-05-26 14:26:25 UTC in journal: #8810 Comment #68271
@Instant Mix
She's imaginary. I doubt she'd ever be real, though I wish she was real. :]

You've got 0 idea about the background story here.

Jody was born human, but she decided to sign up for genetic modifications to herself when she was 15. Because of those modifications, her fur doesn't grow, doesn't fall, and basically doesn't change (and she had changed her eye colour to green).
The only thing which grows is perhaps her tail which should stop growing at the age of 25, lol. No physical problems whatsoever, except she's usually naked during hot summer days... unless someone turns on climate control. XD

Jody was supposed to be a character in my cancelled HL mod, and the story is pretty complex (which will be carried on to another mod in progress).
And she isn't the only furry to be in the mod, but more on that once I finish my Far Cry mod (because the FC mod serves as a sequel to my original HL mod)

And, I've never said I had ****ed her. (P.S. I won't dare to click that link)
Most of the time, we just cuddle. :3

And now maybe I've said too much. But still, I've said much less than I could have.
Commented 2 years ago2017-05-26 10:29:53 UTC in journal: #8810 Comment #68270
Yes, are you jealous? Oddly, I still behave like a normal being. (except for the shopping part, hahaha)

This is why I wouldn't trade my brain with my classmates even though they want it (to get good grades, lol). I'm designed to handle this set of, let's call them, 'problems', because I doubt that anyone else would handle what's going to happen to me.

Now someone comes in and says: "What you've just said is a complete sack of bull****."
I don't care...
Commented 2 years ago2017-05-26 09:04:22 UTC in journal: #8810 Comment #68269
Don't say it, man. xd
Speaking of shopping, do you know the last time I bought something? It was during my class' 3-day fieldtrip to Montenegro. But before that? In 5th grade. Seriously.

I've always been 'scared' of people. The entire town, Stolac, knows me but I only know 50 or so people. While my classmates go out during lunch, for example, and buy food, I just eat snacks I bring from home. Lol.

Hmm, all that will change once I go to high school. Going to Mostar every morning and having 6 to 8 classes per day will mean that crisps/chips and a chocolate bar won't be enough. I'll have to buy my own food, lol, and start being more standalone.
Time flies so fast. :]

Also, here's a video of that cute little mBot I finished coding a line-follower for:
Commented 2 years ago2017-05-26 08:04:52 UTC in journal: #8810 Comment #68268
Well, yes, I got a panic attack because I went ahead and watched a furry video. I usually avoid any furry content. It's because I'm shy. I avoid furry content because I'm shy.

It's probably because I like the way I imagine them, and not someone else's artistic interpretation of them. And the panic attack was probably because I broke something I promised to myself: to never watch such a video.
I'd like to step out of this topic now, until I finish my Far Cry 1 mod.

Hmm, Friday night. Friday night will probably mark the beginning of the second half of de_kobbl's development, i.e. its final phase. Yay, I'll get paid in a few weeks. :D

So what? It's the Internet. Besides, if I said that my girlfriend is a foxgirl who's almost 4 years older than me, it doesn't mean that we did inappropriate things. :P
Commented 2 years ago2017-05-26 06:03:32 UTC in journal: #8810 Comment #68267
Hey, good morning. :)
OH SHIP, the prom will happen today at 19:00 (7 p.m.). But I got a cold...
Commented 2 years ago2017-05-25 21:26:44 UTC in journal: #8810 Comment #68266
moment of silence
Well, that's awkward. Still, I love my foxgirl more than everything, so it's not going to happen.
Commented 2 years ago2017-05-25 20:53:14 UTC in journal: #8810 Comment #68265
OOOOOHH, you meant kissing in the mouth and/or boyfriend-girlfriend relationships!? Hell no.

After all, I've got Jody, my furry girlfriend, remember? Wow, she'll turn 19 in December, time flies so fast. (and yes, she's a bit less than 4 years older than me, OK?)
Commented 2 years ago2017-05-25 16:28:30 UTC in journal: #8810 Comment #68264
Hello. :)

Wow, over 50 comments, thank you people. :D
Commented 2 years ago2017-05-25 10:24:45 UTC in journal: #8810 Comment #68263
Wait, you mean to not kiss my cousin in the cheeks? Kissing my relatives anyhow is a thing I stopped doing years ago.

Prom is neutral. It depends on the situation.
Commented 2 years ago2017-05-24 19:09:08 UTC in journal: #8810 Comment #68262
So, I'm done with the semester and 0th grade and elementary school altogether. I finished my biology report and got an A as soon as I had started reading the 3rd page, I showed a presentation about CS 1.6 in Turkish today (and freed around 3.5GB of space because I don't need that raw footage any more), and this night I finished programming an mBot to follow a line.

Yeah, I'm done! I'M A FREE BIRD!!!! Oh right, there's the prom in Friday, darn...
Commented 2 years ago2017-05-24 12:13:11 UTC in journal: #8810 Comment #68261
Well... 40th comment. New personal record. :D

My only problem with Germany is that I didn't have German in school. Basically, my stupid classmates voted for Turkish in 6th grade.

So I'll probably get German in high school. But I'm worried that I won't know anything. Ah well, we will see how it goes.
Commented 2 years ago2017-05-23 16:53:39 UTC in journal: #8810 Comment #68260
Lol, Bruce is OK, I don't have anything against him. It's just that some members make jokes which I take seriously and then I make a scene out of it. It's perfectly normal.

Ah well, whatever happens, let's hope for the best.
Commented 2 years ago2017-05-23 08:36:13 UTC in journal: #8810 Comment #68259
My morning is relatively fine. It's close to noon here and I'm literally in school, enjoying my last days of elementary school, while reading these comments.

Well, there were exceptions. I was once really mad at Bruce because he made a joke about the graphics. Just stop comparing Far Cry 1 to SNES! It's a PC game from the same year as Half-Life 2! (that's what's going on in my mind) That cheeky bastard...

But even when I do get mad, I usually cool down in a matter of hours. Now I remember how Jessie gave me a log-out link of TWHL when I said the only jokes I liked were memes. Oh, the good old days. :]
Commented 2 years ago2017-05-22 20:53:48 UTC in journal: #8810 Comment #68258
Shh, if she hasn't replied by now, she must've thought of the insult either as a joke, or she accepted the insult. I don't know, really.

Speaking of insults, I'd never insult anyone because I remember getting very upset because I wrote "Oh shut up" to someone in Discord. XD
Commented 2 years ago2017-05-22 17:43:37 UTC in journal: #8810 Comment #68257
I'm making a short documentary-like film for Turkish class. Basically, it says some basic things about the game, and I show off some maps, including a few demo maps (just for show, lel), and some of my actual maps as well as others' maps.

I hope to have it done before Wednesday...
See, I'm only left with recording my voice, finishing demo_2 (the helicopter map) and actually rendering the video.
Commented 2 years ago2017-05-22 14:43:43 UTC in journal: #8810 Comment #68256
Because I'm trying to write that biology report, after which I will work on that Turkish CS 1.6 documentary, after which I'll work on programming a robot for an online competition and THEN I will work on a map.

I just love meaningless conversations like this, lol.

Edit: And hooray! 24 comments! I have never had more than this.
Commented 2 years ago2017-05-22 14:17:22 UTC in journal: #8810 Comment #68255
@The Mad Carrot
I really thought that nobody understood what I was saying (maybe except Jessie, lol), so I actually had to write this entire thing.
I often don't recognise sarcasm on the Internet. I only recognise it in speech if you stress a specific word or two. And essentially, saying "I don't understand this" despite understanding it is a lie, at least in my perspective. So, every bit of sarcasm is a lie (in my eyes), and I don't like lies.

P.S. I really want to correct that "was" to "were" but I won't. I'm odd, aren't I? (feel free to correct me, I'm always up for improvements)
Well... I can't say it doesn't make sense. Alright. And what does the "Make a joke mean"? Who made the joke, me or you, or a 3rd person? The imperative form confuses me.

"It's all in good spirits, don't worry."
I know, I know. But my reactions will always be inevitable, regardless of what others say.

Though, don't insult Jessie like that. I wouldn't have done that if I had been you. She called me various names: a banana, a comma, a grammar, and so on... Lots of funny moments, and I appreciate that as something which I can remember that one particular member with.
I see her as either my best enemy or my worst friend, lol.
Commented 2 years ago2017-05-22 11:24:15 UTC in journal: #8810 Comment #68254
What's so ironic about this journal? I don't see any iron here! xD (now that's a pun)

But on a serious note, what's so ironic about it?
Commented 2 years ago2017-05-22 04:19:23 UTC in journal: #8810 Comment #68253
Tendency to over-explain things? Well, I might be a good tutorial writer, then.
Commented 2 years ago2017-05-21 22:19:25 UTC in journal: #8810 Comment #68252
Yes, @Jessie, I thought so too.
One less reason not to go = One more reason to go

Though, I don't think that uncensoring Half-Life is a reason to go. It's just 1 reason less, to not go.

I mean, we have x reasons on one side (why to go) and y reasons on the another (why not to go).

Basically, uncensoring Half-Life is y - 1.

y - 1 is not x + 1 in this case.

So, I did say it in another way but that other statement (one more reason to go) isn't correct. That's at least how I think of it.

Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian are like Russian on steroids. Good luck with that, haha.
Commented 2 years ago2017-05-21 20:48:59 UTC in journal: #8810 Comment #68251
Prost in my language means "simple" (male form - prost, female form - prosta, neuter form - prosto), but its second meaning is something like "sexual" but the use of that meaning for this word is tightly limited to a few scenarios, like "prosti vicevi" which means "sex jokes", ahaha. Yeah, I don't understand those jokes. :/

Well, since I live in Bosnia a.k.a. "Slavic Kebab (Balija) Land", you could've assumed I was a Muslim. >:D
Commented 2 years ago2017-05-21 19:50:44 UTC in journal: #8810 Comment #68250
What are you talking about? :/
I'm a Muslim but not a terrorist/kebab.

Cool, more reasons for me to go to Germany. :D
If I tell this to my classmates, they will be excited (assuming that the speed restriction thing is true).
Commented 2 years ago2017-05-15 18:20:00 UTC in journal: #8807 Comment #68156
It's odd how I wanted to learn programming in order to code for GoldSrc and CE1, yet now I want to learn it for more things than that.

I don't know what to choose yet, seriously. I think it will be like my current situation:

Basically, my best personal skills are mapping, texturing and video-editing. The rest is pretty basic.

So I'll have a similar thing with programming. I'll specialise in some specific things while I'll have a basic, general knowledge about the others. For example, it's like knowing maths in order to use them to help solve a problem in physics, while physics is my main focus. Something like that, I'm not sure.
Commented 2 years ago2017-05-15 04:16:22 UTC in journal: #8807 Comment #68155
But video games are perhaps exactly what I'm going for.
I'd also learn C# along the way, though. :3

But hey, it's better than what we did in 7th grade: QBasic! HA-HA-HAAA!
Commented 2 years ago2017-05-14 21:34:26 UTC in journal: #8807 Comment #68154
Both in grades/scores and in behaviour.

That school was great a couple of years ago but it seems to be decaying these days. I have no idea what's exactly happening with them, but I can only assume that the generations are getting worse and the experienced professors are leaving the school. :/

My future is uncertain, sadly.
Commented 2 years ago2017-05-14 18:29:30 UTC in journal: #8807 Comment #68153
OK, bad news...

Apparently, I won't go to the ETS in Mostar because of:
  • Most of the experienced professors left
  • Students are starting to get worse and worse in that school
  • I'd have to wake up at 4:30 in the morning, get to the bus at 6:00 and endure 3 hours of driving until I get there, and then survive 6 to 8 classes and then take 3 hours more to get back home and I'll have very little time to study. __
Looks like I'll have to attend the general high school.
But hey! If I complete the general one, I'll be able to sign up any college in my country etc. and as for the programming stuff, I'll make up for it by toying around with C++ at home, lol.
Commented 2 years ago2017-05-14 08:05:46 UTC in journal: #8807 Comment #68152
But we're not learning how to compose music!

We learn about music periods (renaissance, classicism, baroque etc.) and we learn how to sing local folk songs, and then we study the people who composed some stuff (Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin etc.)...

It's just annoying to study the same topic for 5 years already (yes, we've done Mozart in 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th grade), I wish we learned more about music theory, notes, chords, scales etc.

And the school doesn't even have a piano! It actually has, but it's sitting in a dark basement under the staircases.

Oh yes, you haven't seen my "Epik master plan" journals.
I need the bank account only and only for games so I can remove these stupid limits from my Steam account. Yeah, I can buy physical goods with cash, so I won't need a card there. XD

And don't worry, there is a shop nearby, and a bakery on the other end of the street there. I probably won't have problems if I get used to buying stuff. I've never bought my own lunch (or anything for that matter) since 2nd grade.
Commented 2 years ago2017-05-14 05:33:58 UTC in journal: #8807 Comment #68151
Why is it so sh***y?
I could comfort you, lol.
Commented 2 years ago2017-05-12 19:59:06 UTC in journal: #8805 Comment #61736
Well, at least I was here to help, right? :D
Commented 2 years ago2017-05-12 12:30:25 UTC in journal: #8805 Comment #61735
Maybe. :)
Since deleting files works by 'tagging' occupied space as free, the actual info is still available, right? It just needs a proper application to recover that info.

I've googled that and there are few programs: Undelete Plus, PC Inspector File Recovery and Restoration. Though, that specific article was written a decade ago. :P

Edit: Darn, I haven't realised that you wrote something about a milf in there. Silly me. >:/
Commented 2 years ago2017-05-09 15:36:03 UTC in journal: #8803 Comment #67849
Dobry, dobry, haha. I can understand some of it, like "jezyk", "swiadectwo" (in my language we say "svjedočanstvo"), and maybe some other words...

Congratulations. :)
I wish I typed this earlier, but I couldn't because I was lazy. :/
Commented 2 years ago2017-04-29 16:05:46 UTC in vault item: 789custom Comment #20967
Well, they don't look so bad without lighting, lol.
They look like some Cube: Sauerbraten maps. :D

Edit: Wrong game. I meant the first Cube. Some (if not, most) of its maps seem like they have a lack of lighting even though they have lighting.
Commented 2 years ago2017-04-28 06:57:35 UTC in journal: #8801 Comment #68146
Not quite. I can still mark the videos as "Not interested". Haha.
Commented 2 years ago2017-04-27 12:22:57 UTC in journal: #8801 Comment #68145
It's in my watch history on my YouTube channel: Admer456.