Commented 7 months ago2022-01-10 15:47:15 UTC in journal: HL2X Comment #104003
I'm starting to believe the server didn't kick me out. But it got shut down for some reason. The admin was gone from GitHub and chipsnapper haven't responded to me when I tried to communicate. They where probably not allowed to work on any tools.

This better not be anything related to Gabe's console hating cause that would be sad.
Commented 7 months ago2022-01-07 10:38:01 UTC in journal: Twitts Comment #103986
Commented 7 months ago2022-01-04 08:00:45 UTC in vault item: BLUE. Comment #103962
Commented 7 months ago2022-01-03 18:38:05 UTC in journal: Twitts Comment #103956
Got around to draw with free hand.
I need to learn it.

It turns better :)

Rezzy MesaRezzy Mesa
Commented 7 months ago2021-12-25 15:22:31 UTC in journal: HL1 Alpha comic? Comment #103904
Yeah I also read that one when young. On note, I've made a documentary of this character for my website.

Not really Half-Life related but still
Commented 7 months ago2021-12-24 08:31:55 UTC in journal: Hunting Down the Holidays Comment #103900
Merry f****d up faces to everyone!
Commented 7 months ago2021-12-23 18:04:58 UTC in journal: HL1 Alpha comic? Comment #103898
With a different colour scheme, she could almost pass as one of the early German(?) models.
The censored version?


I recently drew this for the comic.
User posted image
If I would get to work on this comic then I would want it to get as little attention as possible.
Commented 7 months ago2021-12-23 07:06:33 UTC in journal: HL1 Alpha comic? Comment #103896
But I'm still afraid if it gets popular and people starts to draw it while I can't tolerate it. Half-Life is famous and it can bring me some unwanted attention thanks to the common opinion. I like my work too much to be ruined by others.

This is the character I'm gonna use for it. An early design I believe.
User posted image
She was for something else but I thought she could have had a place in a fun comic.
Commented 7 months ago2021-12-22 08:33:42 UTC in journal: HL1 Alpha comic? Comment #103894
Didn't know about that. But I was gonna draw everything instead of taking screenshots off an in game area for my comic. Interesting knowing about that.
Commented 9 months ago2021-11-19 16:56:23 UTC in vault item: Gordon scientist Comment #103841
In the first screenshot. Gordon is yelling at Gordon.
Commented 9 months ago2021-11-12 20:57:25 UTC in vault item: Room Comment #103834
I guess your maps are playable without the episodes?
Commented 9 months ago2021-11-11 11:51:30 UTC in journal: Hello! Comment #103820
Commented 9 months ago2021-11-08 06:56:00 UTC in vault item: CIVO Comment #103817
Without lighting yes. I had some maps for the game but I'm waiting for the proper compilers to work with.

The Playstation 2 version of Half-Life 1 can run custom content as well. Did anyone try that?
Commented 9 months ago2021-11-03 13:04:09 UTC in journal: HL2X Comment #103813
I can't help it. If someone finds it open and with the Xbox compiler tools then can you give them to me? I can't ignore this.
Commented 9 months ago2021-11-02 06:55:55 UTC in journal: HL2X Comment #103810
There was a Lego Rock Raiders reddit page?

Does it have anything to do with the PS1 version that grew with?
Commented 9 months ago2021-11-01 21:29:03 UTC in journal: HL2X Comment #103808
Can someone find it elsewhere?
Commented 9 months ago2021-11-01 15:32:58 UTC in journal: HL2X Comment #103806
Where would they be then? Did someone shut them down.

They worked on compiler tools for Half-Life 2 on Xbox and successfully made it work. But now when I don't get access to it I don't know what to do with my HL2 Xbox mod. (It is meant for Xbox so I recommend getting a hard modded Xbox)

I found this link to their discord server. I can't access it so I must ask if someone can go there for me and see if it works and if I was banned.
Commented 9 months ago2021-10-20 19:54:42 UTC in journal: HappyFaces Update Wanna Comment #103785
Town RaymanTown Rayman
Commented 10 months ago2021-10-18 05:51:00 UTC in journal: HappyFaces Update Wanna Comment #103768
It's from my old account.
Commented 10 months ago2021-10-16 07:16:29 UTC in journal: Oh hai Comment #103763
I've felt better recently. Forgot to say that.
Commented 10 months ago2021-10-13 19:11:16 UTC in journal: Oh hai Comment #103759
It's obvious that I got issues and are too clueless to do anything about them. People hating me for my mistakes is making me worse.
Commented 1 year ago2021-05-29 14:00:14 UTC in journal: Finally a Gmod Ragdoll Comment #103581
I'm gonna try making faced models and animate. Is controllers (As in head rotation and aiming) still a thing in Source?
Commented 1 year ago2021-05-29 13:56:29 UTC in journal: bought a house Comment #103580
Mr House