Commented 1 month ago2021-05-10 21:46:12 UTC in vault item: Canyon Comment #103564
and the long awaited canyon 2 has finally been released after 6 years :crowbar:
Commented 1 month ago2021-05-08 23:48:20 UTC in journal: Birthday! Comment #103562
thanks all! :crowbar:
Commented 1 month ago2021-05-07 16:20:29 UTC in vault item: Canyon 2 Comment #103552
very good map
Commented 1 month ago2021-04-17 16:42:52 UTC in vault item: HECU House Comment #103524
that could work, thanks!
Commented 1 month ago2021-04-17 11:20:52 UTC in vault item: The Beytah Pack Comment #103521
Commented 2 months ago2021-03-31 12:30:25 UTC in vault item: HECU House Comment #103482
thanks for the review! i'm glad you liked it :walter: :hammer:
Commented 2 months ago2021-03-18 16:19:46 UTC in journal: [DATA SENT] Comment #103433
happy birthday!
This comment was made on an article that has been deleted.
This comment was made on an article that has been deleted.
Commented 3 months ago2021-02-23 11:55:23 UTC in journal: 0x0013 Comment #103343
happy birthday! :combines:
Commented 3 months ago2021-02-18 16:54:55 UTC in journal: I dream of Deleted Scenes! Comment #103331
good luck with the FGD! can't wait to use it when it releases :combines: :hammer:
Commented 3 months ago2021-02-16 11:57:19 UTC in vault item: Gunner Gargantua Comment #103322
is that model from gunman? it looks familiar
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Commented 4 months ago2021-02-03 12:59:36 UTC in vault item: Half-Life Decay: Solo Mission (DEMO 1) Comment #103245
really great mod.
Commented 4 months ago2021-01-13 22:55:34 UTC in vault item: New Mesa City Comment #103190
Architecture — 10
Texturing — 9.5
Ambience — 10
Lighting — 10
Gameplay — 9

this is a really nice map. i really like the look of the level, it just nails the GoldSRC aesthetic very well. the lighting was also very nice, it blends together with the architecture perfectly. the ambience was also really good, the ambient sounds throughout the level, the train that would sometimes drive through the tracks in the background, and the cute "low poly" brush cars that were also in the background, it was great. now the texturing - i'd give that one a 10 too if there weren't some weird problems, like in the room where you meet the assassins the cables on the wall looked pretty weird. now the gameplay was pretty solid, i liked the combat but i feel like it wasn't as fleshed out as the rest of the level. overall, this is a very good map, i recommend anyone who has the free time to play this map.
Commented 4 months ago2021-01-13 22:29:37 UTC in vault item: Tunnel Vision Comment #103189
Architecture — 8
Texturing — 9
Ambience — 9.4
Lighting — 9
Gameplay — 9.5

a pretty solid map pack! a bit more detail in the level would've been cool but it's just my usual nitpicking :D the levels looked good and i liked the look of the outside areas. now what matters the most (atleast for me) is the gameplay and it was really solid but kinda falls a bit on the easy side (i played on normal difficulty) but i liked the combat sequences, my favourite would have to be the one with the 2 helicopters, that one was really cool. i also liked the secret gauss gun this map pack was longer than i expected, took me around half an hour to beat, but it was a good half hour spent.
this map pack is worth playing.
Commented 5 months ago2021-01-06 18:31:46 UTC in journal: The adventures of BurekTech pt. 2 Comment #103183
this is really cool! good luck with your engine and game! really looking forward to this :crowbar:
Commented 5 months ago2021-01-02 23:03:12 UTC in vault item: Car Assault v1 Comment #103177
not gonna lie, this is a pretty fun map. really cool spin on the classic Assault!
one very minor gripe though, the map could use some more detail :)
also it would've been cool if the player could lead the hostages through the vent :D
Commented 5 months ago2021-01-02 20:57:02 UTC in vault item: TWHL Kart 2020 Comment #103176
really great lookin map i gotta say! i really like the theme too, really fits the func_vehicle jam, driving in the track was also pretty cool (when the server didn't lag lol) and the gameplay was solid. i don't really care for the bugginess of the vehicles as it made for some really hilarious moments (like my car getting stuck in a wall at one point)
Commented 5 months ago2020-12-19 09:27:51 UTC in vault item: (DE)Warehouse Wonder (V1 CS1.6/CZ) Comment #103141
this looks pretty good!
Commented 5 months ago2020-12-15 20:02:12 UTC in vault item: ve_tractoriade Comment #103136
Simply a masterpiece. Encountered a bug when player dies the sound of a flying rocket starts, loops forever and is really loud, but other than that the map was really cool, i really liked the big rock that the player could drive at the end
Commented 6 months ago2020-11-14 01:38:24 UTC in vault item: An interpretation of the Half-Life subway (NOT THE ORIGINAL) Comment #103036
nice job!
Commented 1 year ago2020-05-08 19:07:48 UTC in vault item: Desert Eagle with rear and front sights Comment #102704
Nice work! Now the deserteagle looks much better!
Commented 1 year ago2020-04-28 22:08:42 UTC in vault item: HECU House Comment #102693
Thank you so much for reviewing my map! I'll take the feedback to improve my later maps that i'm going to make.
  • The map does actually have an ending, you just have to walk up to barney, but the ending is nothing special, it just shows a message saying "you saved barney, thanks for playing" and kicks you out into the menu.
  • The "glass" block made of meat in the back of the truck in the beginning of level 2 was actually supposed to be a body bag, i couldn't find a suitable texture for a bodybag so i just resorted to a glass texture.
  • The guard near the prison cells says that line because i just wanted to use that unused voice line somewhere in the map.
Commented 1 year ago2020-04-24 21:37:03 UTC in vault item: Open The Door... Comment #102683
Nice job with the map! I got down to 6 buttons and then i gave up, maybe i'll try again another time